Bulk Quantity Exporter of Cumin Seeds from India

Cumin seeds are one of the routinely used ingredients that are widely used in India, the Middle East, and North Africa etc. This cumin and other value-added products from cumin are used in food flavoring and perfumery. Cumin contains cumin aldehyde i.e. the major active principle and volatile oil. It helps to form the main component for many spice mixes and curry powder. Additionally, there are also various health benefits of cumin seeds.

The scientific name of cumin is Cuminum cyminum L and is known as Jeera, Zeera or Saffaid Jeera in Hindi. The exterior of the fruit has 5 primary edges and the plant is 15-50 cm high. The flower of the plant is white or rose-colored. Cumin seed is one of the popular Indian spices and indispensable flavoring agents that is been used in different cuisines of the world.  It gives a warm feeling of cooking like certain soups, curries etc.

Different health benefits of cumin seeds can be explained as follows-

  • Cumin seeds are known for its antioxidant, anti-flatulent, carminative properties. They are an excellent source of dietary fiber.
  • The active principles of cumin help in digestion by augmenting gastrointestinal juice (enzyme) secretions.
  • It has an excellent source of minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and many more.
  • Different minerals present in the seeds have various benefits like copper for production of red blood cells, iron for the formation of red blood cell, zinc regulates growth and development and potassium helps in controlling of heart rate and blood pressure.
  • It contains B-complex vitamins and anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin A, E, and C.
  • Cumin seeds are a rich source of carotenes, zeaxanthin, and lutein.
  • Many components of cumin reduce the growth of foodborne bacteria and different kind of infectious fungi.
  • It has an aromatic odor, bitter taste and is used as a condiment and seasonings in cakes, bread, cheese etc.
  • It is also used as a stimulant, stomachic and astringent.
  • It plays an important role in ayurvedic medicinal traditions like cumin along with ghee has various health benefits.
  • A great herb for digestive disorders and plays an important role with its anti-bacterial property

These qualities of cumin seeds provide antioxidants, iron and potential benefits for controlling blood sugar. Other benefits include weight loss, improved blood cholesterol etc. There are also other health benefits of cumin seeds. For high-quality seeds, we at Altrafine Gums are bulk quantity exporter of cumin seeds that are useful in various industries. Along with this, we are also exporter and manufacturer of guar gum powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, Psyllium husk powder etc. For high-quality product contact us today and know more about how they are used in different industries.

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Application of Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder in Shale Gas Industry

Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder also known as quick hydration guar gum powder is used in different industries like paper, textile processing, explosives, Oil & Shale Gas Industry, and many more industries. This guar gum powder achieves more than 85 % of viscosity as compared to regular guar gum powder. This the main reason for fast hydration guar gum powder is been considered as the best ingredient for oil and shale gas industry in order to increase the production. It belongs to the category of industrial grade guar gum.

Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder in Oil & Shale Gas Industry

  • Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder works as a surfactant, deformer, and synthetic polymer for all rheological requirements of water-based and brine-based drilling fluids
  • It is also been used for all industrial needs of oil well drilling, diesel slurry, and constant manufacturing
  • In the industry like oil well drilling, fast hydration guar gum powder performs multiple tasks like viscosity control, water loss control and lubrication
  • It helps to reduce friction significantly reducing the power cost of the overall drilling process.
  • Due to the high viscosity of fast hydration guar gum powder, it is used for cooling of drill bits, cementing slurries, mud drilling where instant hydration and viscosity is required.
  • Along with its function of viscosity it is also been used as thickener, stabilizer & suspending agent in oil well stimulation, mud drilling, oil well manufacturing including different industries as well.
  • Fast hydration guar gum powder contains hydrocolloids that are considered as great thickeners and is used to mix with starch for oil & gas recovery
  • It prevents water loss thus reducing the cost and improving the production rate

Impact of Fast Hydration Guar in Oil Exploration Sector

Properties of Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder –

  • Soluble in Cold Water
  • Exhibits Strong Hydrogen Bonding Properties
  • Has excellent thickening, emulsion, stabilizing and film forming properties
  • Stability to control rheology by water phase management

These qualities of fast hydration guar gum powder help to increase the industrial capacity to sustain oil recovery. It is been considered highly cost-effective in the oil extraction process. Altrafine Gums offers fast hydration guar gum powder so as to grasp and helps to meet the diverse needs of the customers. We offer a product with excellent features like long shelf-life, transparency, and precision composition. Thus, our effort satisfies the diverse needs of the market competently. Our other products include guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, tamarind kernel powder, sesbania gum powder, fenugreek gum powder, and many more products. To know more about the product contact us today and also get acquainted with other products been used in different industries.

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Comparison between Guar Gum Powder & Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

Guar plant is majorly grown in India and Pakistan since several thousand years as a vegetable, and a forage crop. After World War II, due to major scarcity of locust bean gum in textile and paper industry, the guar gum received commercial attention. At that time, the technology of guar extraction was commercialized in many countries. And their application started in various industries like Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Tobacco, etc due to its distinct properties such as thickening, viscosity, emulsifying and solubility in cold water.

Guar Gum Powder – Evolution& Applications

  • Guar gum was introduced in oil industry as it is viciousness in nature. Though its usage was less exhaustive till 2005 as it delayed to provide viscosity in substances.
  • Necessity is truly a mother of invention. The evolution of guar gum took place to enhance its usability. Resultantly, fast hydration guar gum powder (FHGGP) wasinstigated in the economy.
  • FHGGP is obtained by processing guar gum with certain additives which can boost its viscosity.It is also known as rapid hydration guar gum powder and diesel slurry guar gum.
  • It is used to increase the production of oil & gas and in industries like well drilling, oil & gas drilling.
  • It is commonly used for applications where quick hydration and high lethal viscosity is required. It fulfills the rheological requirements necessary in water-based and brine-based drilling fluids.
  • During drilling, it is important to maintain the balance the viscosity level, the rapid hydration guar gum not only helps to balance viscosity level but also allows a smoother operation with reduced friction in the holes.
  •  FHGGP promotes efficiency in process with minimal water loss and less consumption of power. It is also used to cool drilling bits, cementing slurries and continuous fracturing in the oil and gas drilling industries. Thus, it enables easy and rapid oil derivation utilizing less time and resources, leading to more financial gains to producers.
  • Today, 80% of guar gum produced in India is used in Shale oil and gas extraction.

Guar Gum Powder

Important Factors for Guar Gum Powder & Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

The easy and precise explanation of differences is displayed below:

Factors Guar Gum Powder Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder
Introduction It was introduced as a substitute of locust bean gumwhich was in scare. It was introduced to make it usable in oil industry.
Viscous&Quick Hydration It takes almost two hours to provide viscosity to any suitable substance. It starts providing viscosity to substance within few minutes.
Health Benefits It helps in relieving certain ailments and promotes weight loss. It is not suitable for food grade due to its high viciousness.
Application Food grade, Paper,Textile, Cosmetics, etc Geological drilling, Oil and shale gas industry, etc
How does it work? It works asbinder, stabilizer, and thickening agent. It also retains moisture in various items. It works as surfactant, synthetic polymer, defoamer and fracturing agent in industries.
How does it help industries? It helps industries to preserve products and make the products attractive. Thus, it improves profitability of industries. It increases the industries’ capacity to sustain oil recovery.

The evolutionof guar gum has not been curbed yet.  The processors undertake various measures to enhance its properties to widen its scope in unexplored areas.

About Altrafine

Altrafine is one of the foremost procurers, processors and suppliers of guar gum in India. We have come from a long way, as we came into existence in 1982.We offer a wide range of products which includes Guar Gum Powder, FHGGP, Cassia Tora Powder, Sesbania Gum Powder, Psyllium Husk Powder and many more. We have advanced infrastructure, inquisitive R&D department, and resourceful staff which promoted us to bring innovations in the industry whichhas made us renowned worldwide. We believe in fulfilling strong commitments, by delivering quality supplies and unmatched customer support at competitive rates to our valued customers across the globe.

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Trend Analysis of the Guar Business and Future Insights

Guar gum powder is also known as guar flour, procured from seeds of Guar plant. Since many years, it has been cultivated in countries like India and Pakistan but to meet the increasing demand of guar gum powder, countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Australia and USA (Southern states of USA such as Arizona and Texas) started importing guar gum and its derivatives.

Why Guar Gum Powder is Trending Worldwide?

  • One can witness the usage of Guar Gum powder in almost every growing industry.
  • Visible growth has been seen in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry or oil and gas industry.
  • It is quite cost effective as compared to other stabilizers and thickeners.
  • In short, one can conclude that the Guar Gum powder has great importance in wide industrial applications.guar gum powder in India

Industrial applications of Guar Gum Powder

It is used and applied in various industries such as:

  • It is used as stabilizer, water retention agent and thickener in food industry and in other industries like pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetics, paper manufacturing and more.
  • Used in baked food, frozen products, dairy, pet food, feed additives and etc.
  • Used as stabilizer, thickener, viscosifiers and suspending agent in the oil and gas industry.

Consumption of Guar Gum:

Guar gum and its derivatives are consumedin different industries:

  • The consumption of guar gum is 20% in food industry.
  • Guar gum is consumed 10% in industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paper and etc.
  • Major consumption is seen in oil & gas industrywhich is 70%.
  • It is used in oil & gas industry for:
  • Drilling in well, water and geological.
  • Reducing friction in holes which ultimately saves power and water
  • Removing drill waste from deep holes.

Trend Analysis of the Guar Gum Industry

  • 2014: A significant decline in the exports of guar gum was observed due to depreciation of Russian currency.
  • 2015: A notable increase in demand of guar gum was witnessed due to fall in the prices of guar seeds.
  • 2016: A bearish trend was observed in the market of guar gum as the petroleum industry cut down the usage of guar gum due to reduction in oil prices.
  • 2017: In this year, the guar gum was able to achieve its past glory as its demand increased due to demand of gluten free baked products.
  • 2018: Since in this year, the price of crude oil has been raised to a prominent level, the requirement of guar gum is booming.


  • The demand of guar gum is seen to be fluctuating in economy.
  • he development of alternative energies resulted into stable rates of guar seeds, increase in price of oil and many favorable factors resulted into increase of sales of Guar Gum powder.

Future Insights of Guar Business

  • According to studies of a research firm, there is a significant increase in the use of Guar gum in the manufacturing of drugs as it is beneficial to manage health disorders.
  • The demand and supply of guar price not only rely on oil prices but also on production of guar seeds which again relies on natural elements and geographical spread.
  • With widening of geographical spread and awareness about guar, its prices are now moderate which has made it as feasible preference for purchasers.
  • The studies show that the global gum market would surpass US $ 1300 million by the end of 2026.

If you want to experience the best customer service, contact Altrafine Gums.
Altrafine Gums is one of the leading processor and supplier of guar gum powder since last 36 years.  We provide a wide array of products which includes Guar Gum, Cassia Gum, Sesbania Gum Powder, Psyllium Husk Powder and many more.

  • The prime objective of our company is to provide quality products after inspection and quality tests. We use hi-tech machineries to maintain its quality and enhance yield.
  • Our company has set the benchmark by winning the award of Gujarat’s biggest exporter.
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How the Usage of Fast Hydration Guar Has Made Impact in Oil Exploration Sector

The fast or quick hydrating guar gum powder (FHG) is a derived from the guar plant, but unlike the ordinary guar gum powder which causes viscosity in a period of two hours; this achieves almost complete viscosity in just a few minutes. The powder belongs to the category of industrial grade guar gum powder.

Impact of Fast Hydration Guar in Oil Exploration Sector

FANN Viscosity Readings
The FANN viscosity reading is the widely regarded as the standard for measurement of viscosity for the drilling fluids. They are also used in measuring the gel strength of the drilling mud. The viscometer is a rotational cylinder and bob instrument. It has got two operational speeds of 300 and 600 rpm. It is referred to as the direct reading or direct indicating because at a given speed the dial reading reflects a true centipose viscosity.

The viscosity at 2% KCL solution, with 0.48% solution of the guar gum powder on the fann viscometer on 300 RPM at 250 c and stirring at 1500 RPM) is a minimum of 25 CPS in 3 minutes to 45 CPS in 3 minutes.

Color Characteristics
This powder can be separated from the food grade guar based on the color. The food grade guar is usually white in color while the fast hydration guar is pale to off white color.

  • Thixotropic properties of the fast hydrating guar means it has high gelling rate as required in oil extraction.
  • Apart from the gelling properties, the powder is required to create a gel that is thin enough for easier pumping into the well, while the gel strength increase as it moves through the well and to support the proppant sand and effectively flush it deep into the rock fissures. The gel then has also to be loose enough to flow back and recover the fracking fluid while leaving the proppant behind. This chemical process is very important and to break the gel, chemicals such as Guar + boron + other proprietary fluids are used to accomplish this process.

This unique characteristic is very important in the production of oil and gas during the drilling process. It is applied where quick hydration and high viscosity is required.

This natural slurrible guar is non ionic and a polymeric viscosifier that is slurrible up to 50% of solids in diesel fuel systems and other similar applications. When the product is used in oil fracturing, it yields excellent pump ability, good hydration, good thermal stability and enhanced shelf life of the petroleum products.

The product is mainly used as a surfactant, an artificial polymer and a defoamer which is a critical requirement for water and brine based drilling fluids.

Other Important Uses 
With the primary function of the guar being that of viscosity, it has been seen to function effectively in cooling of drill bits, mud drilling and cementing slurries where these properties are required.

The fast hydration guar has also been heavily used in industry as a stabilizer, thickener and suspending agent in the oil well fracturing agent.


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Issues That Have Hindered the Full Utilization of Cassia Gum Powder in Industry

The cassia gum is well suited for usage in the manufacture of gels mostly in combination with other colloids and it is generally accepted for usage in the food industry. Further functional effects include thickening, emulsification, foam stabilization, moisture retention and texture improvement.

Utilization of Cassia Gum Powder

Through a wide range of toxicological studies, it has been demonstrated that the product is not toxic to animals. These studies include sub chronic, reproductive, teratogenic and genetic toxicity studies.

Presence of Anthraquinones
The presence of anthraquinones has also been a subject of discussion and a limitation to the utilization of the cassia gum powder in certain food and feed formulations. Some theories have stated that certain anthraquinones have been found to be present in animal products. These are bound to the sugars in form of glycosides, with the glycon occurring in the reduced form such as the diathrones or the oxanthrone.  Despite this, only one type of anthraquinone has been detected in the cassia gum powder. Several risk assessments done on the level of carcinogenicity have however concluded that the level of risk is very low compared various other natural ingredients.

According to some research, there has been a level of muscle toxicity associated with the components of cassia obtusifolia, although the cassia Occidentalis appears to be more toxic when present in the mixture. Active steps must therefore be taken to ensure that the cassia gum does not contain harmful levels of muscle toxins resulting from the presence of harmful levels Cassia Obtusifolia among the seeds.

Macroeconomic Indicators
There are certain indicators that directly influence the global cassia gum usage. These are related to growth in markets such as the dairy ingredients usage, confectionaries market, pet food market and usage in the manufacturing industry.

Supply Challenges
With the production of cassia gum being largely done under natural and rain fed conditions, the production capacity is limited to presence of favorable weather conditions and when these are not met, then the availability of the product is limited.

 Research and Development
With the cassia gum exhibiting similar characteristics to other hydrocolloids, it would have been expected for the powder to compete at the same level with others such as the guar gum. However, this has not been the case. There has been limited research and marketing information to create a sufficient demand pull for the cassia powder. Heavy industrial consumers for the hydrocolloids such as in the shale exploration still opt for other types of hydrocolloids.

Standard Processing Method
In the major producers such as China and India, there has been a pronounced absence of rules and regulations that address the productions and processing phases. This has an effect on the final quality of product reaching the market. This has had an impact in the marketability and usage of cassia gum.

With regulations and approvals in various countries around the world and innovations in the cassia gum formulations, there is likely to be more awareness in the potential of the cassia gum powder for industrial usage.

Currently, companies are increasingly utilizing the cassia gum powder in new products mainly in pet food, baby food and production of confectionaries.

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Challenges and Strategies for Development of Guar Gum Market

From the year 2005, there was a rapid shift in the usage patterns of the guar gum. Before then the major demand sectors for the guar was the food grade which consumed over 50% of the domestic production. There was also some demand for the fast hydration guar gum powder used in the paper and the cosmetic manufacturing.

This however changed when guar gum usage was directed to the oil and gas drilling operations. This industry now forms the bulk of the demand for the guar gum. Demand for the product has reached up to 70% of the total production. The rest is taken up by other industries such as textiles and food processing.


The prices of this product have a very high positive correlation with the shale gas exploration. Negative price movements have had major impacts on the overall well being of the industry.

guar gum powder in India

Current Challenges

  • Price uncertainties; these have caused mixed reactions among users which compel them to develop alternative products and processes to achieve the same goals.
  • Supply challenges; the production of guar plant is much dependent on the monsoon rainfall. When these get delayed, forecasting the production levels becomes very difficult, thus creating instability in the market.
  • Quality product; this is a very important element especially in the food grade guar gum powder. Slight contamination leads to serious consequences including product withdrawal, and export bans especially from Europe and the UK.
  • Usage of proplant; the guar gum is used in industry for increasing the viscosity of the proplant. Market uncertainties have caused the users to consider using slick water that requires less guar usage. This will have serious effect on the future of this product.
  • Earlier calls for reduction in oil and gas exploration have also been a major factor affecting the market of the guar gum.
  • The emergence of other gelling and emulsifying agents such as the synthetic LFC – C4, developed in the UK, will cause a definite shift in the demand curve of the guar.

Strategies for Market Development

To counter the effects of these forces, strategies must continue to be developed that will help maintain the demand of the product.

  • There is an urgent need to diversify the market to other major oil producers and other places where oil and gas exploration is emerging.
  • Greater resources must be put into research and development to discover other uses for the product.
  • There is also need for continued research on better processing technologies that will eliminate challenges associated with poor quality. These include production using high quality seeds as well, proper production practices, good extraction technology as well as packaging , branding and market promotion.
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Why Manufacturers are Shifting to Fenugreek from other Hydrocolloids?

The fenugreek seed has the galactomannan content ranging between 35- 50 % of the total weight of the seed. The main chemicals in the seed include the galactomannans, steroidal sapogennins and isoleucine.

The fenugreek is unique than the other gums in that it has a higher rate of galactose substitution with a ratio of 1:1 mannose to galactose. This makes it have a higher solubility in cold water than all other galactomannans. The polysaccharides content in the gum ranges between 60 – 80%.

 The gun has a typical structure of 1→4 linked β-D-mannose backbone with a single unit of galactose side chains alpha linked at the 0-6 oxygen.

Fenugreek versus Guar Gum

The fenugreek produces lesser viscosity when compared to the Guar Gum, but exhibits high hydration rates. Thu gum has a mannose to galactose ratio of 1:1, allowing it to have a higher affinity to water, while the guar has the ratio of 1:2, and therefore lesser water affinity.

The product yields low viscosity compared to other hydrocolloids due to the low molecular weight and has lesser tendency to form molecular aggregates.

Choice of the Fenugreek over Other Hydrocolloids

The gum is very efficient at reduction of the surface tension more than any other existing gums; it also has a greater inter facial activity than any other known galactomannan.

Compared to the other hydrocolloids, it is highly efficient in decreasing this inter facial free energies. Manufacturers are therefore shifting their attention to the fenugreek to provide the much needed emulsion stability as well as increasing the viscosity.

Fenugreek in the Food Industry

When compared to others in the food industry, the gum has good concentrations of minerals such as phosphorus and sulphur. Research has also showed that curry made has high amounts of calcium, Iron and zinc. Other important nutrients contained in the fenugreek include vitamin c, Beta-carotene, thiamine, riboflavin and folic acid. They are also rich sources of dietary fiber, where 100 grams of seed can provide more than 65% of fiber.

Ongoing research has also showed that the gum has an ability to help lactating mothers to release more milk for their babies.

The importance of the fenugreek in foods can be summarized as follows.

  • Sensory properties, texturization and colorization of foods
  • As anti microbial agent in foods

Health Advantages

  • Treatment of constipation and colon irregularities
  • Nutrient requirements enhancements
  • Management of diabetes symptoms
  • Antioxidant activity in the body
  • Lowering of cholesterol levels in the body
  • Reduction of body weight and obesity
  • Anti carcinogenicity effects
  • Galactogogue action in the body

This serves to show why the gum is more preferred by nutritionists as compared to other forms of hydrocolloids.


With the increasing availability of this plant product and considerable affordability, the fenugreek is headed to becoming the preferred galactomannan among its class. Compared to other hydrocolloids such as the guar, it has lesser viscosity but higher hydration potential, which is a very important attribute in industry.

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Reactive Response Shown by Fenugreek Gum Powder in Food Preparation

Food Preparation and Preferences

The seeds are preferred for food preparations for the following aspects,

  • To attain spicy flavor
  • To obtain texture and appeal to the food product
  • For gelling and thickening requirements
  • For disease preventive properties.

seeds preferred for food preparations

Carbohydrate and Mucilaginous Fibers

The seed powder contains rich carbohydrates called mucilaginous fiber which is comprised of galactomannans. They contain 50% fiber and 30% soluble and 20% insoluble fiber. These fibers are good for overall digestion process and helps in lowest rate of glucose absorption.

Fenugreek seeds & Fenugreek  Powder

Chemical Composition and its Advantages

Fenugreek seeds contain a long list of constituents which are rich in medicinal properties. They contain Fenugreekine and Steroidal sapogenin. The steroidal sapogenin helps to inhibit cholesterol absorption and synthesis. In addition to that it also contains components like lecithin and choline that helps to dissolve cholesterol and fatty substance. The seeds are rich in dietary fiber that helps in moderate metabolism of glucose in digestive tracts and therein reduce glucose absorption in the intestines and controls blood sugar. Clinical study proved that it declines cholesterol level in human serum by considerable and regular consumption of fenugreek seeds in food. Apart from that food consumption adding the seed or powder form of seeds as ingredients shows the following results,

  • Slows down carbohydrate absorption
  • Inhibits glucose transport in humans
  • Increase erythrocyte insulin receptors
  • Peripheral glucose utilization
  • Improved pancreatic function
  • Presence of Trigonelline –exerts hypoglycemic effects in healthy patients without diabetes

Fenugreek seeds contain a long list of constituents which rich in medicinal properties

Constituents of Fenugreek Seeds which Support for Reactive Response

Fenugreek gum powder contains lysine and L-tryptophan rich proteins and mucilaginous fiber, saponins [rare chemicals like saponins, phytic acid, scopoletin and trigonelline, presume therapeutic effects,etc. In addition to that it contains high occurrences of calcium, zinc and iron which had been reported in research report made on curry dish prepared with fenugreek seeds. When it comes to presence of micronutrients in the seeds like vitamin C, riboflavin and nicotine acid and β-carotene in high amount, they are found to show realistic effect in terms of helping for body composition. Therefore, this has been proved by consumption of food prepared by using seeds and the reactive response was shown in terms of improving body composition and balancing body fat percentage.

Reactive Response of Gum powder of fenugreek Seeds in pickle Preparation

The raw seeds contain maple flavor and it helps to enhance the food preparation, wherein, the whole seeds are fried and the extracted powdered and included in the preparation of pickles, because they provide gummy texture and balance the effect of other spices like chilly, oil, etc.

Reactive Response of Gum powder of fenugreek Seeds in pickle Preparation

How it works for Intestinal Safety?

When added to food preparations, the presence of seeds helps to protect colon mucus membrane from cancer causing toxins present in other ingredients or vegetables. It helps the intestine to absorption lowest glucose rate and enhances glucose level tolerance as well. However, the consumption has to be practiced regularly. There have been several researches done to justify the reactive response in various people and the results say that recommended usage of seeds in diet can be helpful in experiencing all the medicinal properties for those who are not allergic to food ingredients.


Before stating the medicinal aspects, fenugreek had been used in food preparations since ancient times for the wonderful properties it contained favoring health. Firstly, it contained natural food fiber and other important nutrients (both macro and micro nutrients) and vitamins. Apart from that the chemical compositions have extensive health based advantages when added to food preparations.

This Article has been written & posted by .

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Fast Hydrating Goma Guar – Great Gelling Additive In shell Gas Production

Innovation is critical to development, and this has been proven in oil and gas production. For oil to fully develop in aquifers, it takes a long time and there would be a great scarcity of the product. Therefore fracturing techniques and the discovery of the goma guar have been instrumental in increased oil production.

Global Use In Gas Production

The global rush in oil exploration and production has put increased demand on the production and processing of the goma guar. In the united states alone the demand for the product is over 300,000 metric tones per year. In the fracturing process, it is estimated than one oil well consumes an average 9 metric tonnes. This demand is set to rise as oil production companies engage in the fracking process to gets as much as possible from a well.

Fast Hydrating Goma Guar - Great Gelling Additive In Shale Gas Production

Processing For Hydraulic Fracturing

To improve the flow characteristic, chemical modification of the structure is necessary. It leads to the formation of a structure containing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic chains. Cost considerations are made while determining how to modify the original product. Crosslinking is the preferred method than increasing the amount of the polymer in the fluid. Studies have observed a universal concept in hydration of polymers; When a soluble polymer gets hydrated, the viscosity increases with increasing concentration exponentially. Cross linking is done using borate to achieve the required flow characteristics.

Color and Purity of the Goma Guar Powder

The color and purity of the Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder is an indicator of the level of purity. Product used in the oil field industry has a white to off white color, thus highly purified. The quick hydrating pale white powder exhibits very high viscosity and used in oil drilling as a friction reducer for easier rotation of the drill bit as well as a hydrating agent.

Packaging and Delivery Methods of Goma Guar Powder

Where can you get Goma guar?

With the seeming rush for the product, a good, stable and reliable supply is important. The capacity of a supplier and quality are critical factors to consider when looking for a constant supply. Altrafine Gums, India have a stringent quality management system for processing of the goma guar. Quality assurance and testing is done continuously to ensure the end product meets customer specifications.

Packaging and Delivery Methods of Goma Guar Powder

Multiple market requirements have prompted manufacturers to develop innovative packaging and delivery models. Packaging is done in consideration of factors such as stacking, transport and storage conditionsas well as to avoiding atmospheric contamination. The product is packed in multi walled bags that do not easily break even under tension or compression forces.

Guar Powder Application In Hydraulic Fracturing Additives

The shell or sedimentary rock contains mud, rock and organic matter. Left alone to release gas and hydrocarbons would require thousands of years. To hasten this process, vertical, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing is done. In fracturing, water, sand and additives are pumped under high pressure to create cracks in the rock. Goma guar thickens the water, allowing the sand to be suspended for delivery to the cracks. The sand causes cracks to remain open and allow crude to flow to the well bore.


Goma guar has gained global usage in the oil production industry. The demand continues to grow as the hydraulic fracturing process becomes the way to go for oil and gas exploration. It is fast hydrating and easily combines with water to create a thick liquid best for the oil fracturing process.

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