How Hydrocolloids are used in Food Industry for Thickening Additives?

Hydrocolloids are been used in a wide range of food products as a thickening agent and have significant benefits. It contains a group of long-chain polymers that have the property of forming gels when dispersed in water. Studies showed that a large number of hydroxyl group increases the affinity rendering to form a hydrophilic compound.  Hence, they are appropriately been termed as ‘hydrophilic colloids’ or ‘hydrocolloids’.

Hydrocolloids are used in the food industry in order to modify the rheology of the food system. It includes with its two basic properties of food system namely as flow behavior and mechanical solid property. Various foods like sauces and toppings, salad dressings hydrocolloids are been used as a food additive so as to obtain desired viscosity and mouthfeel. Other than this they are also used in jellies, desserts, ice cream, and jams etc. so as to create the desired texture. Hydrocolloids used in baking increases shelf life, dough conditioning, prevents lump formation, retards staling of bread etc.

In the food industry, hydrocolloids have an array of functional properties as –

  • Thickening
  • Gelling
  • Emulsifying
  • Controlling Crystal Growth of Ice
  • Stabilization

Hydrocolloids in the Food Industry

The process of hydrocolloids been used as thickening agents involve the non-specific entanglement of conformationally disorder polymer chains. It acts as a polymer-solvent interaction. Hydrocolloids used in the food industry include starch, guar gum, locust bean gum etc. The thickening effect depends on the type of hydrocolloids, the food system in which it is used, pH value and food temperature of the food system.

Health Benefits of Hydrocolloids in Food

Along with these properties, there are also various health benefits of hydrocolloids that include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and help to treat type2 diabetes. Hydrocolloids contain dietary fibers, when taken in food reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease also lowering down the cholesterol level. Different hydrocolloids like guar gum, cassia gum (cassia tora powder), locust bean gum powder, Deoiled tamarind kernel powder (tamarind gum), fenugreek gum powder, linseed gum powder etc. can be taken as intake for high dietary fiber. Studies revealed that dietary fiber such as Psyllium, guar gum etc. helps to decrease the amount of glucose in the body when taken in a sufficient amount.

Other application of hydrocolloids is to be used to produce edible films on food surfaces as well as food components. This edible film acts as an inhibitor of moisture, gas and lipid migration. Hydrocolloids materials including polysaccharides are used in the formation of edible films and coatings.

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Applications of Guar Gum Powder for Vegans

Guar gum powder is widely been used in the food industry. It includes different uses like making gluten-free pastries and ice cream. There are various benefits of using guar gum powder in vegans. Here are some of the applications where guar powder is used as vegans.

Salad Dressings, Soups, and Sauces

Guar Gum Powder is one of the most potent natural thickeners used in the food. This is the reason why the variety of industries uses guar gum powder.  When the guar gum powder is added to sauce it controls the thickness level giving a smooth and silky texture. You can add a ¼ teaspoon and stir it immediately in order to prevent clumps in the sauce. It can also be sprinkled into the salad dressing. For creamy and bean soups, guar gum powder added to soup benefits with its thickening ability. Stir well and mix it up fast in order to prevent clumsiness.

guar gum powder in India

Gluten-Free Baking

Guar Gum Powder is considered a highly efficient agent for perfect baking. It is used for gluten-free and vegan baking. When added with non-wheat flour, it makes your baked goods fluffy and soft. It also helps to increase the shelf life of the dough. Vegas can also use guar gum powder as a substitute for eggs.


Noodles are one of the yummiest eateries for all and mostly children. Guar gum powder, when added to noodles, helps to improve the texture as well as the shelf life of the noodles. It makes the process of making noodles faster and easier. Noodles, when boiled, won’t get runny and will be a better choice to eat.

Ice Cream

Guar Gum Powder in ice cream gives a smooth and creamy texture. Along with this, it also helps to reduce the rate of ice crystal formation. Due to this reason, it is also been used in frozen goods production.


Your day starts with your breakfast with your bread and jam. Guar gum powder is the common thickener been used in jams. It helps to increase the consistency of fruit jelly, fruity goodness smoother that will easily get spread on the toast or bread.

There are various other benefits for guar gum powder when added to a dish as it is pure water-soluble fiber. Its substance viscosity and thickening properties make it more interesting to be used in the food industry. Along with this guar gum powder has health benefits like it is a great source for fiber, reduces cholesterol level, and stabilizes your blood sugar and various other health benefits.

Altrafine Gums offers high-quality guar gum powder that is been used in different industries like food, textile and many more. Along with this, we also provide with fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, sesbania gum powder, and many more products. To know more about guar gum powder contact us today and get acquainted about their uses in different industries and also know about our other products as well.

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