Reactive Response Shown by Fenugreek Gum Powder in Food Preparation

Food Preparation and Preferences

The seeds are preferred for food preparations for the following aspects,

  • To attain spicy flavor
  • To obtain texture and appeal to the food product
  • For gelling and thickening requirements
  • For disease preventive properties.

seeds preferred for food preparations

Carbohydrate and Mucilaginous Fibers

The seed powder contains rich carbohydrates called mucilaginous fiber which is comprised of galactomannans. They contain 50% fiber and 30% soluble and 20% insoluble fiber. These fibers are good for overall digestion process and helps in lowest rate of glucose absorption.

Fenugreek seeds & Fenugreek  Powder

Chemical Composition and its Advantages

Fenugreek seeds contain a long list of constituents which are rich in medicinal properties. They contain Fenugreekine and Steroidal sapogenin. The steroidal sapogenin helps to inhibit cholesterol absorption and synthesis. In addition to that it also contains components like lecithin and choline that helps to dissolve cholesterol and fatty substance. The seeds are rich in dietary fiber that helps in moderate metabolism of glucose in digestive tracts and therein reduce glucose absorption in the intestines and controls blood sugar. Clinical study proved that it declines cholesterol level in human serum by considerable and regular consumption of fenugreek seeds in food. Apart from that food consumption adding the seed or powder form of seeds as ingredients shows the following results,

  • Slows down carbohydrate absorption
  • Inhibits glucose transport in humans
  • Increase erythrocyte insulin receptors
  • Peripheral glucose utilization
  • Improved pancreatic function
  • Presence of Trigonelline –exerts hypoglycemic effects in healthy patients without diabetes

Fenugreek seeds contain a long list of constituents which rich in medicinal properties

Constituents of Fenugreek Seeds which Support for Reactive Response

Fenugreek gum powder contains lysine and L-tryptophan rich proteins and mucilaginous fiber, saponins [rare chemicals like saponins, phytic acid, scopoletin and trigonelline, presume therapeutic effects,etc. In addition to that it contains high occurrences of calcium, zinc and iron which had been reported in research report made on curry dish prepared with fenugreek seeds. When it comes to presence of micronutrients in the seeds like vitamin C, riboflavin and nicotine acid and β-carotene in high amount, they are found to show realistic effect in terms of helping for body composition. Therefore, this has been proved by consumption of food prepared by using seeds and the reactive response was shown in terms of improving body composition and balancing body fat percentage.

Reactive Response of Gum powder of fenugreek Seeds in pickle Preparation

The raw seeds contain maple flavor and it helps to enhance the food preparation, wherein, the whole seeds are fried and the extracted powdered and included in the preparation of pickles, because they provide gummy texture and balance the effect of other spices like chilly, oil, etc.

Reactive Response of Gum powder of fenugreek Seeds in pickle Preparation

How it works for Intestinal Safety?

When added to food preparations, the presence of seeds helps to protect colon mucus membrane from cancer causing toxins present in other ingredients or vegetables. It helps the intestine to absorption lowest glucose rate and enhances glucose level tolerance as well. However, the consumption has to be practiced regularly. There have been several researches done to justify the reactive response in various people and the results say that recommended usage of seeds in diet can be helpful in experiencing all the medicinal properties for those who are not allergic to food ingredients.


Before stating the medicinal aspects, fenugreek had been used in food preparations since ancient times for the wonderful properties it contained favoring health. Firstly, it contained natural food fiber and other important nutrients (both macro and micro nutrients) and vitamins. Apart from that the chemical compositions have extensive health based advantages when added to food preparations.

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Ayurvedic Research Studies about Cassia Tora Powder

History of Herbal Application

When we go back to herbal way of curing, we could identify how ancient people considered cassia tora for medical assistance. In Madhya Pradesh both rural as well as tribal people traditionally applied this plant parts for different kinds of aliments. Next to Indian herbal healing, Chinese system of medicine also has reliable proof about application of cassia seeds and leaves in drug preparation. However, most of the research works done over healing aspects were carried on using the seeds and the activities of leaves.

Historical Glance about Cassia Tora in Ayurvedic Systems

Caesalpiniacea or c.tora, a weed form of crop is analyzed since ancient times and found to contain acrid, laxative, anthelmintic, ophthalmic, cardiotonic and expectorant properties, says Ayurvedic records. One of the major or important features for considering this particular weed for medicinal applications is the presence of chemical components like chrysophanol, emodin, obtusifolin, chryso-obtusin and glycosides.

Historical Glance about Cassia Tora in Ayurvedic Systems

Important Formulations

Some of the important formulations in Indian herbal health system are,

  • Nimabadi curna
  • Kasi sadi Ghrta
  • Maha Vrisaghana
  • Tvaka
  • Varnaprasadakaram
  • Tvacya, etc

Cassia Tora –Consideration in Ayurvedic Medicine Systems

When it comes to medicinal value cassia tora is found to bear medicinal property in all its parts starting from leaves to seeds. The leaves and seeds especially have been identified to play curing role in treating plethora of skin ailments like ring worm, flatulence, colic, leprosy, etc. The ingredients extracted from this plant is processed and considered for blending with herbal drug preparations.

Cassia Tora- Consideration in Ayurvedic Medicine Systems

Cardiac Disorders

Pharmacognostical studies on the leaves and seeds of the whole c.tora family show relevant proof about curing when they are mixed with other medicated herbs and plants in Ayurvedic medicine preparation. This combination appears to have good effect in treating cardiac disorders, cough, bronchitis, etc. It is found to be one of the most important ingredients in Ayurvedic formulation called Chakramadha Tailam.

Cassia Tora - most important ingredients for Cardiac Disorders

Hypotensive Properties and other Traditional Records of Application

The Cassia Tora Seeds are found to show elicit hypotensive effects when it was experimented in rats. The experimentation was conducted after studies and justifications were analyzed in ancient herbal treatment methods. In other words, traditional usage has strong proof concerning the medicinal properties and subsequent healing effects. Some of the traditional usages and justifications include,

  • Curing or clearing heat and liver fire
  • Large intestine channels
  • Improving vision and
  • Bowel movement
  • Nourishing large intestine
  • Treatment of conjugal Congestion, etc.

Hypotensive Properties and other Traditional Records of Application

Chinese Healing Methods Shows Equivalent Application in Indian Herbal Treatment

The seeds have great usage in Chinese healing method for treating the following health issues such as,

  • Blindness
  • Xerophthalmia
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Vision Improvement
  • Antiasthenic
  • Asperient
  • Blood Pressure reduction, etc

Scope of More Research

Due to the high amount of medicinal properties the seeds and leaves of this plant have been taken into account for further research explorations by scientists. Therefore future or scope of research is found high when it comes to cassia tora.

Buying Resourceful Raw Materials

Altrafine , a leading supplier of plant seed extracts like guar , cassia, sesbania, fenugreek, and many more varieties is a reliable destination where pure cassia tora powder can be purchased.


There are several proofs and historical records showing the effective healing properties of cassia tora seeds and leaves. Ayurvedic system appear to have considered this plant in combination with other ingredients to health varieties of health issues.

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