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We offer Hydrocolloids, Natural Gums, Food Grade Thickeners & Gelling Additives, Stabilizing & Emulsifying Additives

Consumers have historically cherished and responded to brands that are established by virtue of their performance, exactness, availability, and development. On the one hand technology and on the other changing lifestyles have together been effective catalysts in determining consumer behavior. As a result there is a marked transformation in not only product quality, scope of merchandising, and economic tactics hewn out of management strategies, but also a sudden rise in corporate values. Products, therefore must possess an edge called inherent market potential that is fairly responsive to the demand for the correct alternative promised by any market entrant. Penetrating markets in paper manufacture, food processing & textiles, Altrafine Gums has carved a niche to confirm its position by characteristics that govern sustained quality. Such concerted attitude and endeavour, manufacturing standards, and customer concern have become synonymous with the corporate aims of Altrafine Gums, the rapidly growing Company offering Food Grade Thickeners, Natural Gums for Textile Printing & Sizing, and Organic Paper Gums manufactured to international standards.

Altrafine Gums present a product that must supremely contend with existing additives, thickeners and synthetic substitutes that proliferate a highly competitive market. It has state-of-the-Art infrastructure to produce eminent products, having an optimum quality. The company’s aggressive professionals are restless and determined to endeavor new technology, thriving to reach to the crest of producing quality products. Consumer centric organization possesses a drive to satisfy prospective clients from diverse industries. We deliver products to entire array of industries relentlessly, with uncompromising control on quality parameters and prompt services. The products are environmentally controlled and chemically tested by proficient personnel’s following bacteriologic statistics important for every food processing industry.


Research & Development

Our team performs in-depth research to provide cost effective and outstanding services

Our research and development team performs in-depth research for exploring new products and technologies with cost effectiveness and outstanding services. The team is qualified and well equipped with having hands on experience in the same field since decades. To keep up with technological trends and product innovations an intensive research is essential but consequently the quality of the product remains undeterred. Each and every stage of production is inspected with accuracy to maintain quality standard of products. Quality, service and innovation are the main objectives on which the company survives enabling it to reach to the threshold in production.

Scientifically analyzing the product specifications, yielding new product trials and its widespread uses are determined carefully by our fortified R and D division hence giving an additional room for expanding the business. For producing germ-free guar gums depolymerization is performed by our research and development team.


History Of The Company

Originated in the year 1982 Located in Gujarat in the city of Ahmedabad

The company originated in the year 1982 Located in Gujarat in the city of Ahmedabad the company was named as Altrafine Gums. We as a company are always on the move to emerge as pioneers compared to the industries in the similar line of business. From the heritage of seeds business, we have expanded our horizons in the business of Guar Gum, Guar Gum Powder and many such other products since a long time. We have conceived and emerged as lantern, while pouring oil in it at regular intervals, hence developing a funnel of rapid growth with each progressing year. We are always on the drive to explore new technologies and implementing it in our each processing stage, with utmost accuracy, hence yielding better in terms of return on investment of the company.


Fostering a Greener World

Being committed toward environment friendly approach, Altrafine infrastructure is equipped with latest technology and tools to be operated with eco-friendly wind power and other means harnessing the power of nature.


Awards, Rewards and Recognition

First award winner of Gujarat as Biggest Exporters

Setting a ground-breaking mile stone, the company is the first award winner of Gujarat as biggest exporters, mounting benchmarking examples for the industries in the same business line, with its 41 years of celebration in the industry.

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