Application of Guar Gum Powder in Making Kefir

Guar gum, chemically, is an exo-polysaccharide that is composed of the sugars- galactose and mannose. The backbone of the structure is a linear chain comprising of β 1,4-linked mannose residues to which galactose residues are 1,6-linked at every second mannose. As a result, they form short side-branches. Guar gum has the ability to withstand high temperatures of 800c for around five minutes. The presence of extra galactose points makes the guar gum more soluble in water. There are a number of other properties of guar gum powder that makes it suitable for wide industrial applications. Guar gum is used in the food industry, textile industry, paper industry, explosives industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics & toiletries industries, hydraulic fracturing.

What is Kefir?

Kefir is a type of fermented milk drink, which is quite similar to yogurt. It first originated in the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and Russia, and was prepared by inoculating cow, goat, or sheep milk with kefir grains. The grains of kefir are fermented overnight at ambient temperatures that yields sour, carbonated, and slightly alcoholic beverage having taste & consistency similar to yogurt. It contains a symbiotic culture of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts embedded in a matrix of proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides. This pattern resembles that of small cauliflower grains and is formed due to the result of microbial activity.

During the fermentation of kefir grains, the ingredient composition changes. Lactose or the sugar present in the milk is converted into lactic acid by the bacteria causing acidification of the product. This lactic acid is further broken into propionic acid. Other compounds that play a major role in flavor addition of kefir are pyruvic acid, acetic acid, diacetyl, acetoin, citric acid, acetaldehyde, and amino acids.

guar gum powderGuar Gum Powder in Kefir

Guar gum powder is used as an additive in making kefir. It is an important component for making dairy products. It is used in making cheese and improves its texture and tenderness. Guar gum powder also adds a mouthfeel to the dairy products and hence is widely preferred in the industry.

Guar gum powder is used in kefir as a thickening agent. Apart from kefir, it is preferred as a thickener in milk, yogurt, and liquid cheese products and help to maintain the homogeneity & texture of ice-creams. The structure of guar gum imparts it a number of properties that makes it suitable for numerous applications as gelling, viscosifying, thickening, clouding, and binding agent.

How to Make Kefir?

The first step of making coconut milk kefir includes mixing of kefir grains in the coconut milk and stirring it with a non-metal spoon. Then, cover the mixture with a coffee filter or a cloth and secure it by a rubber band. It is then cultured at room temperature, between the range of 68°-85°F. Guar gum powder is added before the solution is kept for culture in place of other additives and sweeteners as they can be hard on the kefir grains. Start checking the condition of culture after 12 hours. Once the coconut kefir has achieved the required consistency remove the milk kefir grains from it.

The Bottom Line: Guar gum powder is the most preferred additive in making Kefir. It is used as a thickening agent and should be added to the solution (before being kept for culture) in place of other additives and sweeteners who have the tendency to be hard on kefir grains. Guar gum has the ability to be used as a gelling, viscosifying, thickening, clouding, and binding agent in numerous industries.

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Significance of Guar Gum Powder for Ice Cream & Other Food Industry

Guar is grown in several countries around the world. Countries like India, Pakistan, USA, Australia and Africa grow Guar. However, it is believed over 80% of the Guar production is from India. Guar Gum Powder that is grown in these countries has several useful properties and applications.

The important properties include thickening, stabilizing and its high low-shear viscosity. This make is optimal for several industries like food, textile, oil & gas industry, and many more.

Some of the common applications include usage as a natural thickener, emulsifier, bonding agent, stabiliser, hydrocolloid, soil stabiliser, gelling agent, soil stabiliser, natural fibre, fracturing agent and flocculants.

This article goes on to describe the use of Guar Gum in the food industry and several other industries and especially for Ice Cream.

Importance of Guar Gum Powder for Ice Cream

Guar Gum Powder is useful in the making of Ice Cream since it helps it increase mix viscosity. This helps create a smooth and creamy structure. This also help reduce the melting properties of an Ice Cream. The advantage of using Guar Gum is that it has a higher viscosity compared to other hydrocolloids.

The other properties that gives it an edge is a highly effective binder, plasticizer and stabilizer and emulsifier. The fact that it is a polysaccharide with high galactose and mannose is also of significance. These properties make it vital to the food industry, especially for Ice Cream.

As a stabilizer, Guar Gum Powder helps improve the creaminess and reduce wateriness in the Ice Cream besides which it has a water thickening capacity of up to eight times that of cornstarch. One of the other advantages being that it also reduced crystal growth, shrinkage, and melting during storage. It is also beneficial in decreasing the fat content and increasing water concentration in the formulation.

guar gum powder

Guar Gum Application in Other Food Products

It has several useful properties that make it invaluable to the food industry. For example, it is used as a moisture-preserving & fat retarding agent in the bakery. It also helps reducing water and aids oil separation sauces and salads. It is useful to produce high-grade confectionery, low-calorie beverages, and as a thickener in pet food.

Some of the popular applications in the food industry are listed here:

  • Increase in the shelf life bakery products and also helps improve texture, overall structure, crumb, moisture retention and dough yield.
  • Has better sheet formation of noodles and improves moisture retention.
  • It is a good viscosifier thus is vital to the pet food industry.
  • Absorbs free water and prevents excessive stickiness in pastry ices.
  • Improves the texture and flavour of processed cheese. It is useful as a stabilizer.
  • Improves feel, shelf life, the viscosity of beverages.
  • Fulfils the soups requirements with its application as a thickener and stabilizer.
  • Useful as a  binder for sausages. It is useful for several meat products since it absorbs free water and improves the flow rate and also helps prevent separation and migration.
  • Improves the flow properties in dressings and sauces and also helps as a thicker and emulsion stabilizer.

Guar Gum Powder is vital to several industries like the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It also has several applications like for oil well stimulation, mud drilling, oil well fracturing, water-based & brine-based drilling fluids. It helps reduce friction in drilling holes and reduce the power requirements. It is also useful for drilling aid in water drilling, oil well drilling and geological drilling, explosives, etc. It has the right set of properties that also make it perfect for Ice Cream as well.


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Application of Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum (HPG) in Construction

Guar Gum is a galactomannan polysaccharide that is extracted from guar beans. It has thickening & stabilizing properties and hence finds numerous application in the food, feed, and industries. Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum, also known as HPG, is formed by the etherification reaction with non-ionic propylene oxide reagent with guar gum. This modification of guar gum severely improves its properties, like- alkaline stability, hydrophobicity, solubility, biostability, etc. It is thus deemed suitable for construction applications.

HPG Properties:

  • Water Retention: HPG, the modified form of guar gum, has excellent water retention properties due to adequate molar substitution. The water retention is considered as the most important parameter in the construction application and helps in better setting of the binder. It also reduces the effect of plastic shrinking.
  • Consistency: HPG improves the consistency of the mortar. This avoids the sagging of plaster and improves the resistance to tile sagging when applied on vertical walls.
  • Rheology Modifying: The rheological properties of the mortar mixture is very important that depends on its constituents. The mixture of cement, sand, and water, lack such characteristics and hence HPG is used as an additive. This modified form of guar gum exhibits bonding characteristic and hence improves the rheological properties.

guar gum powder

Summary: Guar gum powder is extracted from the guar beans and is a galactomannan polysaccharide. Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum (HPG), which is a modified form of guar, is produced by etherification reaction with nonionic propylene oxide reagent with guar gum. It has several important properties, such as- water retention, consistency, etc., that makes it quite useful in construction


  • Dry cement based wall putty: HPG is widely preferred for use in dry cement based wall putty as it has good compatibility with different ingredients. It does not form any lumps and offers excellent water retention. The final mixture after the addition of modified guar gum powder shows good adhesion and smooth finishing.
  • Gypsum based plaster: On addition of HPG in the gypsum based plaster, it improves the setting time & open time of the mixture that ensures good workability. With the help of a hand plaster, smoother finishes are obtained.
  • Tile adhesives: The addition of HPG improves the adhesive strength, open time, and adjustable time of the final mixture. The workability is enhanced as well and it also makes sure that the mixture is easily applied.
  • Waterborne paints: The fact that HPG is a rheological modifier makes it an important additive for paint. It provides adequate viscosity and prevents spattering when the paint is applied with a roller.

Advantages of Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum:

  • HPG offers high and easier solubility in water as compared to cellulose.
  • Workability is significantly improved when HPG is mixed in a gypsum-based mortar.
  • Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum has the ability to replace cellulose ether when used in cement-based mortar. It imparts improved anti-sagging and thixotropy.
  • HPG can act as a substitute for cellulose ether for low viscosity applications since it has similar water retention ability.
  • HPG offers a cost-effective alternative as it is quite cheaply available.

Summary: HPG has multiple applications in- dry cement based wall putty, gypsum based plaster, tile adhesives, etc. It offers better solubility in water than cellulose and can replace it for low viscosity applications. HPG is a cost-effective alternative in the construction industry, available at a low cost.

The Bottom Line: Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum (HPG) is a modification of guar gum and exhibits improved properties of alkaline stability, hydrophobicity, solubility, biostability, etc. It is widely preferred for use in construction as it shows good water retention.

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Goma Guar Application in Food Industry in South America

While buying processed food, beverages or food items for yourself or for your loved ones, do you observe the contents of the products?  Well, if not then you should start doing that.

Today, most of the people are more concerned about the ingredients present in the food products. Buyers even check the amount of nutrition contained in a single packet of food.

Nowadays, Food industries have introduced the use of Goma Guar powder in its products. Goma guar is extricated from the guar plant which productively plays a role of stabilizer and emulsifier in a range of food items and cosmetic products.

Currently, this component plays an important role in some of the necessary procedures of different industries. Some important attributes of Guar Gum in the food industry are mentioned below, which will undoubtedly prove to be advantageous.

guar gum powder for food industry

Application in bakery products: The constituent helps to regain the curtness and texture of the article.

Soups and beverages: This constituent furnishes serviceable guidance in controlling thickness in beverages as well as fortify and viscosity agents in soups.

Application in Dairy products: This element also helps in sustaining effortless, creamy and perfect texture of milk eatables such as ice-cream.

Application in Meat Industry:  The amazing viscosity controlling property of this natural thickening powder makes it a perfect additive for canning as well as the smoking process of meat preparation. It reduces splashing by increasing viscosity and hence helps in accelerating the meat making process.

Application in Condiments and Package Mixes: The Goma Guar is used as addictive in canned gravies, bottled sauces, and instant mix products.

The powered content increases the shelf life of the condiments and packaged products.

Food industries in South America have vast reception for Guar gum as the pliability of thickness makes it perfect for preparing different food items. It is also concerned for reasons supporting productivity and economy. Latin American nations like Ecuador, Costa, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica etc where poultry and farming are the main sources of living, has a  great demand for animal feed preparations and food processing. When we talk about country-specific application, Guar gum or Goma guar called in Spanish is recognized to be an effective constituent in soups, dessert items, and preparation of sausages, cheese processing etc. By adding this component, it increases the production of processed food.

American countries have a great demand for Guar Gum items such as husk and germs, guar seeds etc. In South America, more than 60 percent of Goma guar is devoured for pharmaceutical and food industries. With the advancement in living standards of people residing in South America, the country has established a great market for processed food introducing guar gum as a great additive. The powdered content saves the shelf life of the food item and increases the quantity by its thickness property.

People in South America introduce Goma Guar in many food products to make it more delicious, crispy and unbeatable taste. Goma Guar application in Food industry in South America effects in a great way, as the restaurants easily increase their customers by providing them unforgettable taste using Goma Gaur. It has also boosted the hotel industries which no doubts help in improving the economy of the nation.

Adding Goma Gaur in the food items also helps in lowering blood sugar for diabetes, lowering cholesterol level and lowering blood pressure. The quality of thickening, Guar gum is acknowledged as a popular addictive product in products like puddings, ice-creams etc.

The Goma Gaur powder is clinically tested and approved that it is completely safe for consumption. So, this natural ingredient is one of the most economical additives in the Food industry.

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Guar Gummi Application in the Pet Food Industry

When it comes to the health of a pet, no pet-lover ever thinks of compromises with it. Today, most of the people are more concerned about the quality of food prepared for animals. They research about the ingredients used to prepare the meal and amount of nutrition provided by it.

Today the advancement in the pet food industry has introduced the enormous application of Guar Gummi.

Before accumulating knowledge on uses of Guar Gummi in the animal’s food industry, one should get familiar with Guar Gum.
Guar Gum is a galactomannan polysaccharide which is extracted from guar beans. It is popularly known as guaran. Its amazing property of thickening and stabilizing has increased its demand in food, cosmetics, and feed industries.

The free-flowing, off-white power is obtained by de-husking, hydrating, milling and screening of the guar seeds.

Guar Gum- Important Ingredient of Pet Food

The foremost requirement of pet food is that it should remain fresh until not served to pet animals.  The processed meat should be preserved until it is fed to the animal.
The Guma guar powder is used to reduce fat migration in pet food. It has an effective property which activates when gets in contact with water. It is a water-soluble gum.

Cassia Gum Powder into pet foodUses of Guar Gummi in bottled Pet food industry.
The guar gum is observed as an important ingredient of bottled food. It is used as an important ingredient for the production of gluten-free food varieties.

Benefits of Guar Gum application in Pet food industry:
Guar gum granules are clinically tested and approved as an effective ingredient in pet foods. The research and tests share that the endosperm of Guma guar seeds holds high-quality soluble fibres. It even helps in lowering the blood glucose level of animals.

Guar Gummi is healthy for pets. It improves amino acid digestibility and minimizes post-prandial plasma insulin. It even helps in lowering cholesterol. The tests reflect that Guar Gummi is safe for animals.

Getting Pure Guar Gummi is important!

It is very important to get pure Guma Gummi as any kind of adulteration in it may cause harmful effect to your pet.
There are certain aspects which one should not ignore while buying Guar Gummi.
The powder should be adulteration free and it should be of the good grade as well.
Guar Gummi is considered as best alternative for calf milk and is utilized for the preparation of special feed for pets.
The special properties acquired by guar Gummi make it a useful ingredient for the production of many products. It is used as a key ingredient or applied in combination with other agents.

Why Guar Gummi?

Its useful properties have introduced it as an additive in food preparation.
1) It has property to control viscosity
2) It has water-binding as well as thickening property
3) It has suspension and stabilizing property
4) It can improve the shelf life of products.

It’s very important to keep a check on the products which we are utilizing or feeding to our pet.
Animals or pets cannot share their problems and health issues; it’s our major responsibility to provide the best food and health care to our loving pets.

The uses of Guar Gummi have shown good improvement in the health of pets. Its fibrous property improves digestion.
Guar Gummi, is also the most economical and efficient alternative in comparison to other gum products. It is preferred for the preparation of bottled food or pet food for cats, dogs etc.
So, choosing a Guar Gummi for the production of pet food can never be a wrong decision.

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Guarkernmehl used in Food Industry in European Union

Guarkernmehl is known by many other names including Guar Gum. It is extracted from Guar Beans. It has several excellent properties that make it an invaluable ingredient in the food industry. There are a large number of applications in the food industry and it is in demand in many countries, including India, USA and even the European Union.

Unlike other countries around the world, especially European Union; India has a large production of guar gum hence it is also one of the largest exporters of it. High demand for this in the European Union is satisfied by imports mainly from India since Guarkernmehl has many applications in the food industry.

This article goes on to explain what Guarkernmehl is and why there is a high demand for it in several countries of the European Union.

What is Guarkernmehl?

The source of Guarkernmehl is Guar Seeds. This is also known as Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba. Main property of these seeds is that it has high shear viscosity and they are also effective thickeners and stabilizers. It is an effective binder, plasticizer and emulsifier. It is also high on galactose and mannose.

It is a better thickener than corn starch and can prevent growth of ice crystals. This makes it useful in many frozen food products, especially Ice cream. It has a large number of applications in several industries like mining, petroleum, drilling, textile, mining, drilling, explosives, confectioneries, etc. It has excellent nourishing properties and is an important product for humans as well as animals.

guar gum powder in India

Guarkernmehl market in European Union for food industry

The European Union is a union of 17 different countries with strong economies. It has a large number of food processing and manufacturing industries. Germany has one of the strongest economies and is also a big importer of Guar products (Guarkernmehl is a Guar product).

Several European countries have a large requirement for Guarkernmehl and they have to rely solely on imports since is produced from a tropical crop that mainly grows in several Asian countries including India.

These European nations have a high purchasing power since their per capita income is comparatively higher. As per several online researches Guarkernmehl is on a rise.

There is a high demand of Guarkernmehl in the European Union. There are many factors that contribute to this high demand as per the list below:

  • The fact that Guarkernmehl is an excellent thickener for foods means it is a better option compared to locust gum and xanthan gum.
  • It can produce better thickening in relatively smaller quantity.
  • Highest demand for Guar is in Germany followed second by Italy. Their main purpose is to use it for food processing.
  • United Kingdom also has a high demand for this and it ranked as the 4th largest importer of Guar in the world.

Facts and Statistics of Guarkernmehl

Some interesting market statistics and facts for Guarkernmehl:

  • India exports 90% of its production.
  • India exported 4,23,285 MT worth of this 467.9 Million USD in 2012.
  • India accounted for 52.3% of exports worldwide in 2017.
  • Global market size of Guarkernmehl is expected to rise to 1,115.8 Million USD by 2022.

Guarkernmehl has many applications in the food industry and several other industries like oil industry, gas industry, etc. This has several health benefits like being good for the digestive system, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. It also helps maintain weight; making it one of the most valuable products for food processing.

This also makes it one of the most sought after in many countries around the world like in the European Union, where it has to be imported since this plant is mainly grown in the Asian continent.

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Goma Guar Application in Oil Drilling Industry in Mexico

Guar is known by several names include cluster beans and Cyamposis tetragonoioba and many other things. This is mainly grown in India and Pakistan hence, the main source for Goma Guar (which is extracted from Guar) is in these Asian countries.

Guar has been around for several years and has been implemented in many ways. However due to further research into it, more number of applications is being found every day. Besides India and Pakistan, Guar is also produced in the USA and Brazil, although India does account for 80% of global production.

What is Goma Guar?

Goma Guar which is extracted from a guar plant has several good properties that allow it to be used as an emulsifier, stabilizer and even a thickener. These properties of Goma-Guar make it useful for use in food products. It acts as a good binding agent in as well. The rise of Goma-Guar has made it a vital ingredient in several industrial processes.

It has been in use since ancient times and has a long and unique history of usage. It has historically been used for a great many processes. Even today it is useful in a great many processes and continues to be a valuable resource.

Applications of Goma-Guar in the Oil Drilling Industry

This has several applications; however one of the most important applications is in the oil industry. It has several applications in the oil industry, for example, it is used for oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, industrial applications, mud drilling.

Besides this it also used in the oil drilling industry and has several applications as a stabilizer, thickener and a suspending agent. Mexico has large a petroleum industry (eleventh largest in the world) and has approximately 17 large oil reserves. Its oil industry is a one of the main sources of its economy.

The Mexican Oil drilling industry has big demand for Goma-Guar since it is invaluable and has many different applications as per this list here:

  • It is useful as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and a Deformer.
  • It is suitable for several rheological requirements for water-based and brine based drilling fluids.
  • Goma-Guar is fast hydrating dispersal and also diesel slurrible.
  • It has high viscosity hence it is useful as a drilling aid. It is also useful in other types of drilling like an oil well drilling, geological drilling and water drilling as well.
  • It is useful for the removing waste from deep drill holes. They are viscosifiers thus; help maintain the viscosity while drilling.
  • They are also useful in reducing friction in the holes, thus reducing wastage of power.

Other applications of Goma-Guar

Guar Gum has several applications in many different industries. Here is a brief list of applications it has:

  • It is a gelling agent, a natural fiber, and a soil stabilizer.
  • It is also a Hydrocolloid, Fracturing agent and Flocculant.
  • It is useful in the food and beverage industry, textile industry, paper and printing industry and oil-fields.
  • The other industries it is useful includes the explosive industry and fire control industry.
  • In the food industry as a thicker in sauces, dressings and drinks, as a binder or stabilizer (as a preservative) in ice cream.
  • Meat industry also utilizes this for sausages, canned animal food and other meat products.
  • As a food supplement since it is a rich source of soluble fiber.

Goma Guar has come a long way since ancient times to be in high demand in many different industries; especially in the oil drilling industry in Mexico. The Guar market is on the rise and is expected to get to 785.2 Million USD by the year 2025.

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How Hydrocolloids are used in Food Industry for Thickening Additives?

Hydrocolloids are been used in a wide range of food products as a thickening agent and have significant benefits. It contains a group of long-chain polymers that have the property of forming gels when dispersed in water. Studies showed that a large number of hydroxyl group increases the affinity rendering to form a hydrophilic compound.  Hence, they are appropriately been termed as ‘hydrophilic colloids’ or ‘hydrocolloids’.

Hydrocolloids are used in the food industry in order to modify the rheology of the food system. It includes with its two basic properties of food system namely as flow behavior and mechanical solid property. Various foods like sauces and toppings, salad dressings hydrocolloids are been used as a food additive so as to obtain desired viscosity and mouthfeel. Other than this they are also used in jellies, desserts, ice cream, and jams etc. so as to create the desired texture. Hydrocolloids used in baking increases shelf life, dough conditioning, prevents lump formation, retards staling of bread etc.

In the food industry, hydrocolloids have an array of functional properties as –

  • Thickening
  • Gelling
  • Emulsifying
  • Controlling Crystal Growth of Ice
  • Stabilization

Hydrocolloids in the Food Industry

The process of hydrocolloids been used as thickening agents involve the non-specific entanglement of conformationally disorder polymer chains. It acts as a polymer-solvent interaction. Hydrocolloids used in the food industry include starch, guar gum, locust bean gum etc. The thickening effect depends on the type of hydrocolloids, the food system in which it is used, pH value and food temperature of the food system.

Health Benefits of Hydrocolloids in Food

Along with these properties, there are also various health benefits of hydrocolloids that include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and help to treat type2 diabetes. Hydrocolloids contain dietary fibers, when taken in food reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease also lowering down the cholesterol level. Different hydrocolloids like guar gum, cassia gum (cassia tora powder), locust bean gum powder, Deoiled tamarind kernel powder (tamarind gum), fenugreek gum powder, linseed gum powder etc. can be taken as intake for high dietary fiber. Studies revealed that dietary fiber such as Psyllium, guar gum etc. helps to decrease the amount of glucose in the body when taken in a sufficient amount.

Other application of hydrocolloids is to be used to produce edible films on food surfaces as well as food components. This edible film acts as an inhibitor of moisture, gas and lipid migration. Hydrocolloids materials including polysaccharides are used in the formation of edible films and coatings.

Altrafine Gums is a leading manufacturer and exporter of products like guar gum powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, tamarind kernel powder, sesbania gum powder, fenugreek gum powder etc. Our products are been used as a thickening, gelling, additives in different industries like textile, food, cosmetics etc. We deliver the products with in-depth research providing cost-effective and outstanding services. For more information, contact us today and know about different hydrocolloids and how they are been used in different industries.

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Applications of Guar Gum Powder for Vegans

Guar gum powder is widely been used in the food industry. It includes different uses like making gluten-free pastries and ice cream. There are various benefits of using guar gum powder in vegans. Here are some of the applications where guar powder is used as vegans.

Salad Dressings, Soups, and Sauces

Guar Gum Powder is one of the most potent natural thickeners used in the food. This is the reason why the variety of industries uses guar gum powder.  When the guar gum powder is added to sauce it controls the thickness level giving a smooth and silky texture. You can add a ¼ teaspoon and stir it immediately in order to prevent clumps in the sauce. It can also be sprinkled into the salad dressing. For creamy and bean soups, guar gum powder added to soup benefits with its thickening ability. Stir well and mix it up fast in order to prevent clumsiness.

guar gum powder in India

Gluten-Free Baking

Guar Gum Powder is considered a highly efficient agent for perfect baking. It is used for gluten-free and vegan baking. When added with non-wheat flour, it makes your baked goods fluffy and soft. It also helps to increase the shelf life of the dough. Vegas can also use guar gum powder as a substitute for eggs.


Noodles are one of the yummiest eateries for all and mostly children. Guar gum powder, when added to noodles, helps to improve the texture as well as the shelf life of the noodles. It makes the process of making noodles faster and easier. Noodles, when boiled, won’t get runny and will be a better choice to eat.

Ice Cream

Guar Gum Powder in ice cream gives a smooth and creamy texture. Along with this, it also helps to reduce the rate of ice crystal formation. Due to this reason, it is also been used in frozen goods production.


Your day starts with your breakfast with your bread and jam. Guar gum powder is the common thickener been used in jams. It helps to increase the consistency of fruit jelly, fruity goodness smoother that will easily get spread on the toast or bread.

There are various other benefits for guar gum powder when added to a dish as it is pure water-soluble fiber. Its substance viscosity and thickening properties make it more interesting to be used in the food industry. Along with this guar gum powder has health benefits like it is a great source for fiber, reduces cholesterol level, and stabilizes your blood sugar and various other health benefits.

Altrafine Gums offers high-quality guar gum powder that is been used in different industries like food, textile and many more. Along with this, we also provide with fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, sesbania gum powder, and many more products. To know more about guar gum powder contact us today and get acquainted about their uses in different industries and also know about our other products as well.

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Application of Guar Gum Powder in Ice Cream Production

Guar Gum is derived from the guar seeds has a high viscosity as compared to other hydrocolloids. It is a polysaccharide that is of high galactose and mannose and is been an effective binder, plasticizer, stabilizer, and emulsifier in different industries. Different industries like food, animal feed, textile, pharmaceuticals, personal care use guar gum powder as stabilizer and thickeners
The primary purpose of guar gum powder in ice cream is to increase mix viscosity that helps to produce the smooth & creamy structure. There are many other functions that are been attributed to enhance the viscosity of the ice cream
Guar gum powder helps to increase the viscosity of ice cream. As the viscosity increases in ice cream, the smoothness of texture and resistance to melting increases.

General Medicinal Usages of Guar Seed Particles

  • Stabilizers in ice cream help to improve creaminess and reduce wateriness in ice cream
  • Guar gum is also been found economical as it has  higher water thickening potential up to eight times more than cornstarch
  • Provides resistance to melting and reduces ice and lactose crystal growth during storage
  • Prevents wheying off as well as shrinkage during storage. Wheying off can be defined as leakage of watery serum layer during the melting of the ice cream.
  • Research showed that guar gum as a polysaccharide used at a concentration of 0.2% produces good quality of ice cream
  • The mixer of a composition of stabilizer and other contents helps to maintain the viscosity of the ice cream
  • Guar gum contributes to good sensory qualities like a mouthfeel and helps to release flavor in ice cream.
  • It adds other functionality like slow and uniform meltdown, stiffness, prevents shrinkage, enhancing whip ability etc.
  • It also helps to decrease the fat content with increase in water concentration in the formulation

How much amount of guar gum powder is used in ice cream?

In order to get effective body, texture, meltdown and stability property, studies show that  0.2-0.5 % of guar gum powder as a stabilizer is been used in the ice cream mix
Special Properties of Guar Gum Powder in Food Industry

•    Thickening agent
•    Viscosity
•    Stabilizing agent
•    Emulsifier

Guar Gum Powder in Other Food Products

  • Used as moisture preserving & fat retarding agent in bakery
  • Helps in reducing water and oil separation in sauces and salads
  • Produces highest grade confectionary
  • Lower calories in beverages
  • Used as a thickener in pet food

There are also other different types of stabilizers available in the market, but one of the most commonly used is the guar gum powder. Apart from this, guar gum powder is also been used in medicinal purpose that includes slimming aids, anti-acid formulations, suspensions etc. and also been used in other industries as well. Altrafine Gum offers with high-quality guar gum powder to be used as a stabilizer in the production of ice cream. Along with guar gum powder, our other products include fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, sesbania gum powder, and many other products. To know more about guar gum powder, contact us today and get acquainted with our other products.

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