Psyllium Husk & Powder: Home Remedy to Regulate Cholesterol Levels

Psyllium husk or powder is been used for many of the medicinal purpose having its different nutritional values. What actually Psyllium husk is? Psyllium husk is mainly grown is India that is a soluble fiber derived from the seeds of Plantago ovate. It is usually been found in the form of husk, granules, capsules or powder. Psyllium husk is known as bulk forming, laxative as it is a soluble fiber that works by absorbing water in digestive tract. This process helps to stimulate digestion.
Psyllium husk is also been used to regulate the cholesterol levels. Following shows how it helps to balance for your cholesterol level having its properties.

  • Psyllium husk is a prebiotic edible soluble fiber that is also been referred as bulking fiber, once ingested get expands forming a gel- like mass by drawing water. This helps to promote easy and healthy elimination of waste of the body more quickly and efficiently.
  • It has a good and rich nutritional values which includes Proteins, Vitamin B1, Choline, Glycosides, Polysaccharides
  • Psyllium has the capability to bind up with the fat and bile acids which helps to promote excretion from your body.
  • In this process by replacing with the lost bile acids the liver used to produce more. Then, the blood cholesterol level decreases.
  • Research and study has found that the cholesterol level has been decreased in individuals when treated by 15 grams of Psyllium Husk powder daily for 40 days.
  • It helps to lower the cholesterol level in the body by promoting the removal of bile acids from the body.
  • To get with the best fiber supplement in the body is Psyllium. Psyllium is the pure and perfect natural way to get the fiber intake in the body on a daily basis. Psyllium husk is been considered as rich in fibers.
  • To reduce the problem for constipation Psyllium husk is main active ingredient generally been used.
  • Consuming 5 grams of Psyllium husk a day for six months helps to reduce the cholesterol level by 6.7 percent. This is one of the good home remedy which is helpful is balancing with the cholesterol level. You can take the Psyllium husk by adding it in milk or water. It can also be used as intake by adding in the foods been taken daily.

Not only reducing the cholesterol level, it is useful in curing other health problems. Other health problems include treating your diarrhea, lower with the blood sugar levels, boost with the weight loss, and are also good to cure all the heart problems. It also helps to cure with skin problems as well. Altrafine Gums is a leading manufacturer and exporter in providing with the Psyllium husk powder including Gaur Gum powder, Cassia Tora powder, Sesbania gum powder, Fenugreek gum powder and other products been used in the different industries.

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Psyllium Husk Powder: Gluten-free Product Boosts Brain Health

Psyllium Husk Powder: Gluten-free Product Boosts Brain Health

Do you often suffer from brain fog or fatigue? If yes, it’s a call for you to adopt a gluten-free diet as gluten which is mostly found in wheat and other processed foods can hamper your health, as it can cause Celiac disease, and some of its symptoms include diarrhea and/or constipation, nausea, heartburn, and gut inflammation. The gut inflammation may increase vulnerability to brain health as it may cause Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and even Depression.

What is Psyllium Husk Powder?

  • Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds. This plant is commonly grown in India. It sometimes goes by the name ispaghula or isabgol. It is a gluten-free product and it is beneficial for the patients of Celiac disease. Some of its health benefits are listed  below:
  • It’s effective as a mild laxative. Thus, it can regulate bowel movement and stimulate metabolism. It also contributes in weight loss.
  • It’s also heart-healthy.  It may be helpful in optimizing cholesterol ratios and promotes good heart health. It may also aid in lowering the risk for heart disease by decreasing blood pressure levels, improving lipid levels and strengthening the heart muscle.
  • It can also improve skin health. The dietary fiber can help move yeast and fungus out of body, instead of being excreted through skin, where it can cause acne and rashes.
  • It is considered as Paleo- friendly food, as it has beneficial prebiotic properties as a soluble fiber source.

Psyllium Husk for Brain Health

  • Psyllium Husk can Boosts Concentration – Psyllium Husk Powder helps to improve concentration and mental health. It can reduce fatigue and increase energy levels to perform any activities with utmost focus.
  • It may help Protect Healthy Brain FunctionIt can help you to think clearly. It may lessen the impact of Dementia.
  • It can Enhance Memory and Mood – It enhances the cognitive functions of brain which includes problem solving, judgment, thinking, planning and organizing; and for many aspects of personality and emotional makeup.
  • It may Reduce Neurological Disease – The gluten sensitivity has profound effect on nervous system which may cause neurological disease. The intake of psyllium may reduce the harmful effects of gluten. It may minimize the effects of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and even autism.

Applying Psyllium Husk Powder at Home

  • It’s also easy to increase your fibre intake by taking psyllium as a supplement in capsule form.
  •  Psyllium husk powder can be used by men, women (including before, during or after pregnancy, and nursing), children, and animals. Thus, it is a good idea for anyone trying to avoid gluten. It can be used as often as per requirement, and can also be included in or on foods.
  • Ideally, as per recommended dosage one should take 1-3 teaspoons twice daily (first thing in the morning and last thing at night) mixed well in a large glass of water or fresh fruit/veggie juice. You will need to drink it immediately as it will form a glutinous mass in the glass otherwise!
  • It is important to drink plenty of water with psyllium because it expands significantly.

These pieces of advice can improve your brain health, so open the doors to healthy life with psyllium husk powder. To give your brain an added boost you can include plenty of proven brain-healthy foods such as salmon, blueberries, kale, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, and green tea.

Altrafine Gums is one of the leading procurers, processors and suppliers of Psyllium Husk Powder in India since past 36 years. We are supplying quality products which include Psyllium Husk Powder, Guar Gum Powder, Cassia Tora Powder, Locust Bean Gum Powder, Indian Spices & Seeds, Animal Feeds Products, etc to various industries such as Food, Textile, Tobacco, etc successfully. Our R&D department constantly works on the product innovation, product diversification and in discovering new processing techniques, and makes sure to provide germ free products to our well-regarded customers to boost their trust in us. We have also received the reward for our consistent hard work in satisfying our clients’ specific requirements as we were awarded as the first winner of Gujarat as Biggest Exporters.

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Expansion of Psyllium Husk Powder Market

The busy lifestyle often forces one to intake processed foods on daily basis. The processed food contains gluten and very less fiber in it. And, consuming it regularly, has its own consequences to name some of them are weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, nausea, and many more.

But now, the times are changing so as the perception and choice of the people regarding food consumption around the world. The awareness about the necessity of fibers in diet is widened and it has given immense rise to the usage of psyllium husk powder.

What is Psyllium Husk Powder?

Psyllium husk powder is derived from the seeds of Plantago ovate. This is a medicinal herb plant, usually grown in India.
Pyslium is commonly known by the name of Isabgol. It contains two types of fibers in it viz. Soluble and Insouble, both of them are vital to maintain proper health.
The usage of psyllium can relieve constipation, diarrhea and may prevent colon cancer as it cleanses the colon. It can also control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Growth of Psyllium Husk Powder Market

  1. The market of Isabgol husk powder is expanding due to its versatile application which is clarified further in this article.
  2. The psyllium husk and industrial powder are majorly imported by countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Australia, France, Canada and many more.
  3. Amongst all the countries, USA is the largest buyer which imports 75% of total husk exported by India.
  4. And, Germany is the largest single importer of psyllium seeds.
  5. India dominates the world market in the production and export of psyllium. India provides approximately 80% of the psyllium available in the world market.
  6. According to DGFT data, India exported 29,343 tonnes of isabgol in 2011-12; 32,465 tonnes in 2013-14; and 32,325 tonnes in 2014-15. Since then, its export has been elevating at moderate scale.
  7. According to trader sources, about 90-95 per cent of India’s isabgol production is exported

Impact on Agriculture due to expansion of Isabgol Market

  1. The increasing demand of isabgol has given rise to strategic cultivation of psyllium in India.
  2. Various researches have been conducted by agriculture universities to improve its quantity and quality.
  3.  Resultantly, it was witnessed that its production was intensified in various states of India.
  4.  Gujarat itself contributes 35% of world production of psyllium Husk

Application in Varied Industries

As the customer has become conscious about their well-being, the producers also initiated use and application of psyllium in wider aspect in their production process. It is used for its excellent water solubility and probiotic properties.
It is available as fiber supplement in the form of powder, husk or even in capsule form. The industries which use it intensively are listed below:


  1. Psyllium is a healthy choice for people nowadays.
  2. This gluten-free substance is used as binding agent in bread making industries

Medical Applications

  1. It has massive health favored benefits.
  2. Its usage can boost heart and brain health. Thus, it is recommended by many health specialists to their patients.
  3. As it is considered as paleo-friendly food, it is used to control and reduce weight. Many dieticians also promote its utilization.
  4. It also serves as a good binder and disintegrants in making compressed tablets.


  1. Today, customers are not just looking for sweet indulgence in confectionary but also naturalness and health.
  2. So, the producers initiated producing low carb confectionaries with the help of psyllium. It is a natural gelling agent which can make sweets softer and enhance its natural color

Some other uses

  1. Psyllium seed husks are used as a base and for sizing purpose in cosmetic industry.
  2. It is also used as cattle and bird feed


The market of psyllium husk powder is expanding and to gratify its growing demand, Indian Government has asked to undertake its planned farming and also to innovate value-added products from isabgol.

If you are a producer, you may want to enhance your products using the best quality of psyllium or may be even your health if you are using it for personal care.
Altrafine Gums can provide you the best quality of psyllium husk and powder.

Who we are?
Altrafine Gums is a foremost producer, supplier and exporter of well-processed Pysllium Husk and Powder since 1982. We also offer supreme quality of Guar Gum Powder, Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder, Cassia Tora Powder, Sesbania Gum Powder, Guar Meal and many more. Our technological staff and efficient R&D department works constantly to satisfy our client’s specific demands by providing quality products and services at reasonable rates across the globe.

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Top Five Benefits of Using Psyllium Husk Powder

PlantagoPsyllium is a lenitive plant which is cultivated in India. Psyllium stalks contains very small seeds, which is known as psyllium. The seeds are covered by husk, which is used in foods. The husk contains glycosides and mucilages which are used in the food industry to form gels that give thickening and texture to the foods.


  • Psyllium Huskhas soluble fibers contentin much higher quantity than in the oats bran. Every 100 grams of psyllium provides 71 grams of soluble fiber.
  • It is fat free.

Benefits of using Psyllium Husk Powder

Psyllium Husk Powder stimulates metabolism

  • The soluble fiber of psyllium husk regulates bowel movement.
  • It reduces the fat absorption from the intestine. It helps in removing the toxic waste through colon in less time.
  • Thus, it can stimulate metabolism and keeps one active.

It can controls diet intake

  • The intake of psyllian husk powder can create bulk in the stomach.
  • It keeps one full for longer and it discourages the snacking. Thus, it can control your diet intake and ultimately helps in weight loss.

It may prevent Colon cancer

  • It helps in preventing the colon cancer by maintaining an optimal pH in intestines.
  • It prevents microbes to grow cancerous substances.

It can cure Piles(Hemorrhoids)

  • Hemorrhoids are common health problem emerging due to unhealthy lifestyle nowadays.
  •  They are swollen veins in the lowest part of the rectum and anus which leads to pain and bleeding during bowel movements.
  • The fibers present in psyllian husk are both insoluble and soluble in nature, thus it helps to clear the bowels effectively.
  •  It promotes easy and pain-free defecation by absorbing the water from the surrounding parts of intestine.

It can help in treatment of Hypercholesterolaemia

  • The major risk factor for coronary heart disease isHypercholesterolaemia.
  • It reduces the serum total cholesterol concentration.
  • Thus, it has long-term effectiveness in the treatment of primary Hypercholesterolaemia.
  • It reduces the risk ofcoronary heart disease.

Recommended dosage of Psyllium Husk Powder

  • Take 5g of it once a day in 6.78 fl oz of water.
  • Drink it prior it becomes gel.
  • Make sure to add enough water in it so that it you can gulp it down easily.


  • Do not exceed the recommend dosage.
  • Do not take it prior the bedtime.
  • Store it in cool and dry place.


  • The psyllium husk powder has bountiful benefits due to its distinct features.It isvery often used as a laxative in the food industry. Withal, it relieves constipation, diarrhea and helps in curing various other ailments.
  • Thus, it can be anexceptional fiber choice to add to your daily regime.

About Altrafine Gums

AltrafineGums came into existence in 1982. They are serving the quality goods and services since past 36 year.The company is supplyingproducts such as Guar Gum Powder, Psyllium Husk Powder, Cassia Tora Powder, Locust Bean Gum Powder, Indian Spices & Seeds, Animal Feeds Products, etc to various industries such as Food, Textile, Tobacco, etc successfully.The research and development department constantly works on the product innovation and product diversification. This department makes sure to providegerm free products to its customers.

There was always a huger of success which propelled them to explore and adapt new technologies in the company.The company received the reward for its hard work when it was awarded as the first winner of Biggest Exporters, Gujarat.

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Technical Specifications & Uses of Psyllium Husk Powder

Technical Specifications of Psyllium Husk Powder for Various Uses 

The psyllium husk is made up of the epidermis of the dried ripe seeds of the plantago Ovata F. The psylliyum powder is extracted from the seed of the plantago Ovata plant. It has a high level of soluble fibre. The beneficial bacteria make use of soluble fiber to energize the colon and thus help to enhance the natural elimination process of the body. A healthy colon system, like any other organ in the body requires energy. When the psyllium is consumed, it helps slow down the absorption of foods and aid in water retention thus supporting a healthy and well formed bowel movements.

Composition of the Psyllium Husk Powder

The fiber component in the plant can be divided into three main components

  • The highly fermentable component comprising from 15 – 20% of the total weight
  • The un fermentable component comprising approximately 10 – 15 % of the weight
  • Poorly fermentable and bulk forming component that goes as high as 55-60% of the psyllium weight.

From research, it has been recognized that the psyllium is very high in xylose – 59%, arabinose at 22.3 %, Uronic acid, galactose, glucose, rhamnose, mannose, and small levels of ribose. The un-fermentable portion of the powder is responsible for gel formation and fecal formation after supplementation with psyllium.

Management of appetite

Studies have shown that the psyllium husk meal when consumed before meal time and in the required dosages has the potential to cause a reduction in the appetite. 20 g of psyllium husk taken 3 hours prior to a full meal, and then immediately prior to the meal, significantly increased meal – induced satiety. This may eventually help people to reduce the energy intake by earlier termination of meals. This supplementation and the increased feeling of fullness also help reduce the fat intake.

Cardiovascular Health

The functional benefits of the psyllium are well recognized and various national agencies are following up on the use of the product in management of cardiovascular health.

Lowering Of Lipids

It has been observed that psyllium husk powder administered as the commercial bulk forming laxative has the effect of reducing the serum triglycerides. Repeated research has now shown that the powder effectively lowers the blood lipid levels and mainly the LDL cholesterol.

In young children the effect of the psyllium has been studied for the control of hypercholesterolemia. The process by which psyllium lowers the LDL cholesterol is on study. It has however been reported that this process is related to the ability to stimulate bile acid synthesis and loss.

Management of Diabetes  

In the management of the type 2 diabetes among patients, the main priority is the normalization of the blood glucose values. High fiber diets for these patients help in reducing the blood glucose, cholesterol as well as weight reduction and maintenance.

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Functional Benefits of Psyllium Fiber Supplementation

The psyllium plant has had a long history of use in various industries and mainly as a dietary fiber supplement. It is a gentle bulk forming laxative that has for a long time been used to promote the functioning of the large bowels of the body. Recent research has shown that the plant fiber has good effect on various conditions of the circulatory system.

There has been much international intrest by the public, research organizations and regulators in the medical application of foods with specific health benefits (functional foods), that favorably modify physiologic function of the body. The psyllium has been at the center of research on these kinds of foods.
There has also been a lot of interest by  psyllium husk manufacturers to produce these functional foods and ensure efficacy of action.

Gastrointestinal Regulation

The physiologically active component of the psyllium husk has been shown to be a highly branched, neutral arabinoxylan consisting of a xylose backbone and arabinose /xylose containing side chains. When compared to other cereals that are extensively fermented in the colon, the psyllium husk possesses a unique feature that prevents its fermentation by the typical colonic micro flora. The plant fiber is classified as the mucilaginous fiber due to its powerful ability to form a gel in water and research has shown that the gel forming fraction amounts to 55 – 60% of the husk. This component is responsible for the laxative properties of the psyllium husk powder.

Constipation and Diarrhea

The fiber promotes laxation through increasing the colonic contents and stimulates better propulsion. The unfermented fiber and accompanying moisture held are important in increasing the stool mass. They also provide a good substrate for microbial growth, hence a greater bacterial mass. Psyllium containing stools also contain an unfermented gel that acts as an emollient and lubricant for better stool passage.

Bowel Diseases

Supplementation of diet with psyllium is helpful in the treatment of irritable bowel diseases, inflammatory bowels disease and ulcerative colitis. The beneficial effects on colitis and inflammatory bowel disease have been observed to be due to the anti-constipation activity and increased levels of the short chain fatty acids called butyrate. Research has shown that the anaerobic fermentation of the psyllium fiber in the intestines results in considerable production of the short chain fatty acids acetate, propionate and the butyrate.

Effect on Colon Cancer

The short chained fatty acids and mainly butyric acid nourishes the colonocytes, which is important in colon cancer prevention. This chemical also exerts potent inhibition of inflammation and carcinogenesis to build more defenses against colon cancer.

Prebiotic Effects

Prebiotic foods are ingredients that selectively stimulate the growth and activity of the bifidobacteria and the lactobacilli in the gut and thus have great health benefits. Psyllium husk has been seen to promote growth of the bifidobacteria in the human gut and thus act as a pre-biotic.


Due to these characteristics of the Psyllium, various commercial uses have emerged for the product in food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Although dietary fiber is best obtained from consuming whole foods, fiber supplementation with the Psyllium husk powder is also recommended to close the fiber gap.

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Production, Processing, Export & Use of Psyllium Husk & Powder in India

Psyllium Production, Processing, Export & Use in India

Psyllium is a plant or rather herb as most people know it. It is also known as isabgol, ispaghula or isabgula. The herb is used in production of psyllium husk and psyllium powder. Ispaghula husk seeds are indigestible making them a source of soluble fiber. Psylliums high mucilage content makes it a true dietary fiber. Psyllium husk is the covering of seeds that grow in the plant .Psyllium powder is the end product after psyllium husk have been processed and crashed.

Psyllium Husk - Psyllium Husk Powder - 2

India dominates the world market in production and export of psyllium husk powder. It provides approximately 80% of psyllium husk powder in the world market. India has the upper hand when it comes to isabgol because of certain factors.

•             India’s light soils and warm temperate regions highly promote the crops growth. The crop grows well on light soils. Soils with poor drainage are not conducive for good growth of the plant.

•             It also thrives well in warm-temperate regions with cool and dry weather and most regions in India are characterized by this weather.

•             India’s large farms of up to 55,000 acres promote large scale farming of isabgula.

•             The countries high population level makes it easy and cheap to obtain labor force required in farming the crop.

•             India’s heavy investment in building irrigation schemes has also helped farmers grow ispaghula on a wider basis.

In India, production of psyllium husk and psyllium powder involves a series of steps.

•             Raw seed are cleaned by mechanical processes through various steps.

•             After cleaning seeds from the cleaning and pre cleaning chambers, de-husking processes begin. The process consists of crushing the seed with emery mills and separation of husk in a closed circuit of an automatic pneumatic aspiration system.

•             The psyllium seed husk is then separated from the remainder of the seed by using slight mechanic pressure. The seeds are crashed between rotating rollers and plates.

•             Psyllium husk is then purified by sieving the mixture to separate the husk from the remainder of the seed part.

•             To obtain high yield of pure quality psyllium seed husk, there is intact milling of psyllium seed in a mill which causes the husk to be fragmented by collision under certain conditions. The husk is fractured separating non-husk portion of the isabgol seed.

•             Psyllium powder is obtained through crashing the pure husk psyllium.

•             The products are then packaged under total hygienic control. Packaging includes uncoated and coated Uv stabilized PP woven fabric without liner, HDPE laminated paper bags with inner poly-liner, laminated PP woven bags with inner poly, fiber paper drum and silver plated ring with inner poly-liner.

The end products of isbagula are exported to countries such as United Kingdom, United States of America, Norway, Italy, France, Korea etc. India’s ispaghula farms are spread in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Farmers in Madhya Pradesh are also catching on. In India, there are various applications of psyllium and its products for medical and industry uses. In the country, the plant has been long known for its healing properties and traditional uses. It is a major component of Indian medicinal herbs used in ayurvedic and allopathic preparations. Indians also use it in remedying constipation problems. For more details on psyllium husk and powder please visit:

Ajit Patel

This Article has been written & posted by Ajit Patel.

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Psyllium Husk & Powder – An Important Product for Pharmaceutical & Health Care Industries

What is psyllium husk?

Psyllium husk also known as isabgol is the white fibrous material that is derived from the coating of the seeds of plantago ovata which grows natively in India. The plant is hygroscopic and expands to become mucilaginous. The indigestible husks are considered a pure source of dietary fibre, and are the only part of the psyllium plant used in manufacturing psyllium products.

Psyllium Husk - 2

The psyllium husks are used in whole or dried and chopped or powdered for easier consumption. Whichever of these forms one chooses to use, they have to take them by mixing them with water or any other fluid.

Psyllium Husk Powder

This is the fine powder that is derived from the grinding of psyllium husks .It is pulverized from the psyllium husks, and is a natural agent mainly used to provide dietary fiber.

Regions where it’s Highly Grown

The plant grows worldwide but flourishes well in the middle east and grows natively in India .It also grows in Madhya ,Pradesh and in some parts of Rajasthan .Each of these plants can produce up to 15000 tiny ,slightly gel-coated seeds from which the husks are removed. Favorable conditions for growth include good sun exposure, less frost and in well drained soils.

Properties of Psyllium Husks:

  • The husks have high affinity for water and other fluids.
  • Psyllium husks are toxic free. They are not contaminated.
  • They are gluten -free so people who are allergic to gluten can use them
  • The husks readily produce gel through water absorption.
  • The husks are chemically inert; hence act mechanically in the canals. They are not digested and therefore cannot be absorbed by the body.
  • Psyllium husk is 10.5 natural fiber and doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives.
  • Psyllium husk contains a soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol.

Nutritional Value of Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husks consist of about 30% mucilage, xyclose , arabanose and galacutronic acids. Additionally ,every 100 grams of contains 71 grams of soluble fiber. It also contains glycosides, proteins, vitamin B1 choline and polysaccharides .All these components contribute to the high quality of nutrition provided by the psyllium husks. Popular Names of Psyllium:

Psyllium plant is also commonly known as fleas seed, ispaghulla, psyllium seed, Indian plantago in India , spogel and sand plantanian.

Uses of Psyllium Husk for Pharmaceutical Industry

Psyllium is used in the pharmaceutical industry to making pharmaceutical formulations as a lubricating laxative, which is considered helpful in treating intestinal tract problems .

It is also used as a thickening agent during the formulation of capsules.

The psyllium husks are also used in the pharmaceutical industry for neutraceuticals , medicinal application.

How is Psyllium Powder used for Health Care?

Psyllium powder is known for its therapeutic and medicinal value. It is known to prevent and cure a wide range of medical conditions some of which include:

Reducing Risk of Heart Disease

Psyllium powder which is derived from psyllium husks reduces the risk of heart disease by reducing the cholesterol levels .The soluble fibers present in the psyllium powder binds with acids produced by bile which plays a vital role in the digestion of fats which are found in cholesterol . Through excretion of these fats this process helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the human body.

Relieving Constipation:

The psyllium seed powder contains hemicelluloses are used to relieve irritable bowel syndrome constipation and diarrhea and are used a a regular dietary supplement for purposes of improving and maintain regular GI transit.

Treating Diabetes:

The high fiber contained in psyllium powder derived from the husks helps lower insulin and blood sugar levels for diabetic people and reduces the chances of getting the disease for the people at risk of contracting the disease.


Doctors recommend psyllium powder which helps soften stool and reduces the pin associated with hemmorids.

High Blood Pressure:

Adding about 12 g of soluble psyllium powder to your diet helps to reduce blood pressure. In overweight people with hypertension psyllium powder helps reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


Psyllium powder helps in reducing the human appetite. This can be used as a therapy for obese people who are trying to watch their weight.

Other psyllium health care uses include treating inflammatory bowel disease, treating diarrhea and treating irritable bowel syndrome.

Psyllium Husk - Psyllium Husk Powder - 1

Available Forms:

Psyllium is available in dry seed or husk form as well as pysllium powder form. All these forms need to be accompanied with lots of water.

Psyllium husks and powder are renowned for their efficiency in treating medical conditions. It is used both as a natural home remedy and also available in capsules that are available in hospitals upon doctor’s recommendation. Apart from its medicinal value psyllium is also widely used in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Ajit Patel
To know more about Psyllium husks and powder please visit:

This Article has been written & posted by Ajit Patel.

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Important Uses of Psyllium Husk & Powder in Food & Pet Food

Psyllium Husk Powder Should Always be Part of a Healthy Eating Plan

Psyllium Husk - 1The psyllium or ispaghula husk comes from a herb which is known as Plantago ovata and is most commonly found in India where growing conditions are their most ideal. There are different species of psyllium husk, but it is the seed husks from Plantago ovata which have the highest fiber content. Isabgol is a natural plant laxative which is produced from psyllium, producing bulk in the bowels and allowing for easy elimination.

A Unique Functional Food to Ward of a Host of Ailments

The herb has so many extraordinary health benefits, and it is important to take in organic husks whenever possible. The husks can either be used whole in their natural state or they can be powdered as this makes for easier consumption. Make sure to buy psyllium husks with no harmful additives like sodium, cholesterol, sugar or fat as this will ensure you enjoy maximum health benefits.

Because psyllium husk is a source of soluble dietary fiber, it is excellent for relieving irritable bowel syndrome and constipation and is capable of protecting the colon and removing toxins. Recent research shows that it has numerous other health benefits like lowering cholesterol, treating obesity and diabetes and promoting general good health.

The Harvesting Process

The seed itself is tasteless, and after they are harvested the husk is removed by a grinding process after which purification takes place. They are cleaned and polished after which they go through grinding mills for the husk to be removed. Pure husk is achieved by processing and removing impurities with blowers, and always under extreme hygienic conditions. Psyllium husk powder is then produced by milling the processed husk to a required particle size. The beauty of this powder is that it disperses more easily in liquid than the husks, making it easier to drink.

Medicinal Applications of Psyllium Husk & Powder in Food

Psyllium husk as well as the seed can be consumed directly while the powder is often used as an ingredient in different medicinal applications. Some foods with at least 1.7 grams of psyllium in them even have a label stating that when consumed as part of a low-fat diet, psyllium husks can reduce the risk of heart disease. It is strange but true that psyllium is not only useful during diarrhea because of its binding qualities, it also has the ability to relieve chronic constipation.

As with humans, fiber is important in the nutrition of horses, dogs and cats. After surgery a cat or dog battles to eat normally, leading to constipation. Constipation is also listed as one of the side effects of medications after surgery. Adding fiber can certainly help to relieve constipation.

Know more applications of psyllium husk & powder please

Cats groom themselves, ingesting hair which then accumulates in the stomach and small intestine. These hair balls are then vomited up. To eliminate hair balls easily, psyllium husk fiber powder is added to the cat’s food and elimination of the hair balls is smooth and easy.

Other reasons why psyllium husk powder is so beneficial in pet food:

■it controls weight

■forms a gel with water in the colon and this in turn lubricates the stool, making it easier to pass

■for diarrhea in a pet, psyllium power absorbs excess water in the colon and makes the stool firmer

■the powder helps to satisfy the appetite of dogs and cats

Detoxifies the Body on an Ongoing Basis

Our health is affected by the foods we eat and healthy living can come naturally. Constipation is a constitutional problem and can be easily treated by using psyllium seed husks. It has so many health benefits and is excellent for flatulence as well as infrequent hard and painful stools in both pets and humans.

It can be a relief knowing that these problems, caused by our modern foods which are devoid of fiber, can be remedied by simply increasing the amount of fiber in the diet accompanied by plenty of water. You don’t have to resort to harmful medications when nature has provided us with a simple, natural and easy alternative.

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