Sesbania Gum Powder – A Unique Ingredient for Mining Industry and Explosive Industry from Altrafine Gums India

Sesbania gum powder is one among the important ingredients in the list of gum extracts. Basically extracted from sesbania seeds which bears its origin from china, this gum extract becomes white in color when processed into powder texture. It contains viscous property that is several times higher than guar gum or other types of gum powders. This product is applied in many industries for its highly thickening characteristic and sizing properties.

General Industrial Applications of Sesbania Gum Granules

1. Sesbania gum powder is particularly applied in textile industry as a thickening and sizing agent.

2. It acts as a flocculation chemical and stays a sufficient component in effective removal of wastes in wastewater treatment

3. It is also applied for its water resistance and reduction properties in oil industry.

4. Sesbania gum granule is also used in mining and explosive industries.

Applications of Sesbania Gum Powder

How Sesbania Gum find its Usability in Mining Industry?

Sesbania Gum powder is applied in mining industry as a powerful floatation agent. The process of separating minerals from gangue or waste particles is done with the help of using floatation agents as chemicals bearing that property helps in maximizing the waste separation process.

The Important Role of Floatation Process

Floatation process in fact is an important aspect in effective separation of minerals and proceeds with processing. This technology is applied in mining industries to segregate a big list of minerals including sulphides, oxides, carbonates, lead, zinc, gold, etc. It is only with the addition of compatible chemicals sorting out minerals from mining extraction becomes quite fast and easier. However, selection of floatation chemicals depends on the minerals or materials available in the mine and the blending property of the floatation agent.

Sesbania as a Depressant

In certain places, not all the chemicals react well as floatation agent in such situations naturally derived gum powders like guar gum and sesbania gum powder are applied. Comparing to guar gum powder, sesbania gum contains 10 to 15% higher viscous properties and it is applied as a depressant for enhancing the floatation process. It helps in increasing the mineral recovery rate.

Sesbania in Explosive Industry

The gum component from sesbania has excellent binding and thickening capacities and therefore it is applied in explosive industry as an effective composition. Water gel explosives which are widely used in mining industry for the kind of safe explosion possible are prepared by adding chemicals like sodium chloride. Sodium chloride on the other hand, acts as inhibitor. Apart from that sesbania gum powder is also added with sodium nitrate and the whole components are mixed into the solution which then after processing becomes gelatinous water gel explosive substance.  Water gel explosive obtained by adding sesbania gum powder contains good elasticity.


Altrafine manufactures and supplies sesbania gum powder in industrial grade suitable for mining industry, textile and explosive industries, etc. We are one of the leading suppliers of guar gum and other gum powders to different sectors and to different parts of the world.

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Trusted Gum Extracts from FSSC 22000 Certified Company in India – Altrafine Gums

Food Safety and Certification Schemes

Food certification schemes are proposed to obtain reliable standards which in turn remain safe for the consumers to make use of the food products and food ingredients reliably. FSSC 22000 is one of the highest certifications provided for food safety. It is internationally accepted certification that is based on existing ISO standards. Altrafine Gums is a leading gum powder manufacturer in India that works with proper FSSC 22000 Certification.

Advantages of FSSC 22000

It is ISO-based accreditation process that supports for improving business scope for food industries in development, manufacturing and distribution. Complete food safety, management auditing and subsequent certification helps for systematic business enhancement and consumer’s trust on the company.

Standard Norms Required to Obtain Documentation

Obtaining proper documentation for food industry over global acceptance is very important for both consumers and manufacturers. The certification standards include evaluation of various phases in the food industry starting from processing to application of consumable and safe ingredients, grading, packaging and distribution. Altrafine Gums has the privilege of being an ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 and FSSC 22000 certifications company in India as well that favors our products to hold good demand in world market.

FSSC 22000 Certified for food industries

Evaluation of Guar Gum and other Gum Extracts

Our Gum powder manufacturing process is subject to regular monitoring by ISOQAR through successfully completing auditing of food  and food ingredient safety and management systems. All our Gum powder varieties are tested for Performance Reaction Process prior to certification.

Steps involved prior to Certification Audit

It is the company’s responsibility to prepare for onsite auditing which includes ensuring good practice in manufacturing, packaging of food grades in accordance with transport safety, shelf life, and distribution of food products on time. When it comes to Gum powder preparation, it involves identification of the product into vegetable or animal product and processing the same under strict monitoring by ISOQAR.

Reviewing Process

Only licensed certification organizations that are linked to FSSC by all legal terms are eligible to issue FSSC documentation. The process includes analysis and verification of overall production unit under proposed regulatory accreditation bodies which in turn finalize the report by stating if the company has been ensured of all the regulations of FSSC. Altrafine Gums is monitored by ISOQAR that supports for reviewing and analysis.

Trusted Gum Extr froactsm FSSC 22000 Certified Company in India

ISOQR Accreditation

ISOQR is one of the independent certification bodies operating in UK which is accredited to FSSC 22000. It holds the power to conduct audit in organizations over diversified norms including quality, maintenance of production premises, production environment, food standards, etc.

Steps Involved in Obtaining Food Certification

There are some important steps involved in achieving FSSC 22000 certification. The first thing is to apply for registration by filling questionnaire which will be followed by judgment of FSSCC 22000. This is an additional qualification of food companies which already have obtained ISO 22000.

Maintaining Trust in Domestic and International Market

We maintain genuine methodology in processing endosperms and in obtaining higher grade of gum powders including, guar gum powder, cassia gum powder, tamarind gum powder, sesbania gum powder, fenugreek and psyllium husk powder etc.


FSSC 22000 is an ISO-based chain approach that serves companies that manufactures food products, food ingredients and end use food products like guar gum powder. It helps for maintain safety aspects of food products as well and remains an important feature to improve business in global market.

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