Guar Gum as a Treatment for Overweight

Guar gum is derived from the guar plant seed found in the regions of India and Pakistan. The Guar Gum powder is formed after several industrial processes and mainly used in different industries like pharmaceuticals, textile, cosmetics, food, mining etc. Nowadays, it has emerged in the field of health and nutrient because of its low-calorie and high fiber content so it is used for different health purposes.
Presently the people have become more health conscious. They spent their time maintaining a good health even with their busy schedule life. There are different methods by which individual health condition can be determined. The most common technique used is BMI (Body mass index). It helps us decide whether a person is healthy or unhealthy and have different categories that show the health status of a person. BMI greater than or equal to 30 is considered obese. BMI within the range of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight. BMI less than or equal to 24 is considered as healthy. The higher the BMI ranges increases the health risk of an individual and result in health disorder like obesity, a disorder in cholesterol and blood pressure level.

guar gum powder from indiaIn order to remain healthy and in a perfect figure people make use of so many different products that are available in the market. It helps them to maintain their proper figure and promotes weight loss. Out which Guar Gum has been evolved as an effective natural remedy that promotes weight loss. The main advantage of using a natural product is that it does not causes any side effect, does not require any medical prescription and can consume as per usage instruction are given on their packaging.

Use of Guar Gum for Weight loss

It does not require any complicated procedure while using it. Simply, suggested taking a tablespoon of Guar Gum powder an hour before the meal with a glass full of water regularly. This powder when consumed with a liquid expands in an intestine and become 10 to 20 times larger of its original size in the stomach which helps to give the feeling of a full stomach on consumption.

Health Effect of Guar Gum on Consumption

The various changes that can occur on an individual health on regular consumption are as follow

  • The feeling of hunger is reduced to a great extent.
  • Food quantity consumed also reduces.
  • Makes people feel more energetic.
  • Being natural it has no side effect.
  • It is one kind of fiber which helps in improving digestion.

There are several customers who have shared their procedure of eating Guar Gum on regular basis and have experience weight loss to a great extent by including it in their part of weight management routine. It has other health benefits like help in reducing problems likes constipation and diarrhea as it alters the digestion process by reducing its speed, and various diseases like diabetes, cholesterol level, high blood pressure are also reduced with the help of its consumption. It has another benefit like low cost, easy availability, and no toxic chemical composition.

The only precaution that is to be noted while Guar Gum consumption is done is to increase the amount of drinking water regularly and has emerged as a miraculous thing that helps in weight loss and maintains a healthy body.

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Global Market of Guar Gum and Its Growth Expectations

Guar gum is also known as guaran, guarkernmehl, goma guar, guar gummi etc. are extracted from guar beans. They have stabilizing and thickening properties, because of which they are highly used in food, feed, and industrial applications. Major importers are the countries like USA, Germany, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Russia, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, UAE, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Norway, Denmark, Saudi Arabia,  etc.
Guar gum is widely used in industries like Food, Feed, Pet Food, Cosmetics, Textile, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas well Drilling & Fracturing etc. for different applications like emulsifier, thickening agent, bonding agent, fracturing agent, and stabilizer etc.

Guar Gum Global Market Outlook

  • Europe and North America have the largest market for the guar gum powder due to their wide application as an additive in the food industry and also as a fracturing agent in oil industry. Their demands are increased in the USA due to increases in shale industry thus increasing its market growth in respective countries. And in Europe the widely used in the textile industry because of their other functional property.
  • The Asia Pacific regions have a smaller market share for the consumption of guar gum. However, 80% of world guar gum is produced by the regions like Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Haryana in India. And they are providing major raw material for guar seeds in the market. Presently they are used in food, textile and pharmaceutical industry in this region.
  • Africa is the small player in this market and is not expected to grow more in this sector in future period.
  • There is also a significant growth of guar gum in Latin America. There is an increase in the productivity of the processed food products like cheese, soups sausages and animal feed by addition of guar gum.
  • In Japan, they are basically used in the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry

guar gum powder in India

Expected Growth of Guar Gum in Future

  • Guar gum is considered, a novel agrochemical and is eligible for its usage in various food processing application. They are also helping in handling several health disorders such as diabetes, bowel movement, colon cancer, and cardiac disorder. Thus there is a rise in their use in the manufacturing of the drug using Guar Gum. These factors affect its growth in the market over upcoming years.
  • On the basis of the latest report published by Future Market Insights (FMI) their market is set to reach a valuation of above US$ 1,300 in 2026, there will be expansion in growth rate between 2018 and 2026.
  • In terms of revenue, Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate the global market in future. India being the largest producer of guar gum in the world possesses a significant control over the global guar gum market as they have the best climatic condition for its cultivation.
  • Hydrated gum oil drilling segment also remains attractive through its assessment period. At present this sector holds 68% of share in the global market. By the end of 2026, it is estimated to cross a valuation of US$ 800.
  • On the basis of end-use industry, the fracking segment will retain it leads by 2026 in their sector. At present, it holds two third of the market share and expected to have huge growth in future.
  • Being used as a binding agent it will have a drastic growth in overall market share and is expected to surpass a valuation of US$ 880.6 by 2026.

In future, it will have a wide growth in oil and gas industry (as a fracturing agent), in explosive industry (as an additive to dynamite), in food and beverage industry (as a thickener and stabilizer) and also in other different sector as they have a wide range of applications.

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