Fenugreek Gum Powder Review of Important Secondary Phytochemicals

The fenugreek plant is well adaptable to a wide range of atmospheric conditions, temperatures and soils and therefore it is adaptable to different habitats. The plant grows in more than 20 countries around the Asia continent, Europe, Africa and America.

Fenugreek Gum Powder

The fenugreek gum powder is extracted from the fenugreek seeds. The seeds are rectangular to oval in shape, dirty orange to golden color and they have two endosperms which are galactomanans in nature. The powder is obtained from the milled endosperm of these seeds. It is a unique galactomannan with a high rate of galactose substitution since the mannose to galactose ratio is 1:1. This makes it have more solubility in cold water compared to other galactomanans.

The fenugreek gum powder is obtained through a series of mechanical processes including;

  1. Washing and hydrating the splits
  2. Flaking using roller mills to obtain better solubility
  3. Drying
  4. Grinding
  5. Separation; done using sifters of 100 mesh,200 mesh and 300 mesh.
  6. Blending and packaging.

fenugreek gum powder and fenugreek seeds

Phytochemicals of Fenugreek Gum Powder

The main chemicals contained in the fenugreek gum powder are the galactomannans, steroidal sapogenins and isoleucine.

Recently, studies have been conducted that highlight the biological and therapeutic properties of the fenugreek plant. These are attributed to several active secondary metabolites present in the plant including alkaloids, flavanoids, steroids, and saponins. The presence of phytochemicals called diosgenin and steroidal saponins are seen to be the main contributors for the plant being used in the productions of steroidal hormones.

The alkaloids together with other volatile compounds are responsible for the bitter taste and characteristic aroma of fenugreek. It is also a significant source of vitamin B, iron, silicon, sodium, protein, amino acids, fatty acids and dietary fiber.  The fenugreek gum powder is also rich in soluble fiber, mucilage and the galactomannan that affect the uptake of bile salts and starch absorption.

The fenugreek plant is also a good source of antioxidants. Research has also reported that fenugreek fiber creates a satiety feeling in the body, has an effect on the blood glucose, insulin response and energy intake. The fenugreek fiber has also been observed to bind to and eliminate carcinogens in the intestines.


This is the most important of all the secondary metabolites found from the fenugreek gum powder. It has been found to have estrogenic activity and is also the most bioactive of the phytochemicals in the plant extracts. In industrial manufacturing, the compound is the active ingredient enabling large scale production of steroidal drugs and hormones such as testosterone, norethisterone, glucocorticoids and progesterone. It has also been seen to exhibit anti-cancer and anti-aging activities as well as cardioprotective and contraceptive action.

Other Industrial Applications of Fenugreek Gum Powder

Due to the effect of the fenugreek gum powder on the viscosity of fluids, it has gained various industrial applications in the food industry whereby it aids in texturization of baked goods, moisture retention and thickener in sauces. It also acts as a stabilizer in frozen products. The fenugreek gum powder is used as a food ingredient, flavoring agent, herb and spice.

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All You Need to Know about the Versatile Fenugreek Gum Powder

As a food additive, Fenugreek gum powder is an excellent choice for anyone concerned about the lipid content of their food. The substance is used to improve texture and control the sugar levels in their diet. It is the most soluble gum and can be milled or extruded into tablets. It is also beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight. In addition to its health benefits, Fenugreek gum is a good stabilizer, helping to increase the volume of foods and beverages.

Features of Fenugreek Gum Powder

Unlike other gum powders, fenugreek is tasteless and odourless. Its high ratio of galactose and mannose makes it a good choice for a wide range of products. It has a good shelf-life and is suitable for food preparations. The ingredient is used in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, bread, candies, pizza, pickles, and ice cream, among several others. The steroidal saponins in fenugreek are responsible for the bitter taste.

Several Benefits of Fenugreek Gum Powder

Studies have shown that fenugreek gum may be useful in the treatment of respiratory and intestinal disorders. Moreover, it is useful in the healing of wounds, as well. It contains vitamin B, A, and C and is used in traditional cuisines of India and the Middle East. As a polysaccharide, fenugreek is a natural prebiotic, making it a great addition to any diet.

The main benefits of Fenugreek are its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful in the food industry. Altrafine Gums is a renowned manufacturer of fenugreek gum powder. They have a reputation for excellence, and their quality is second to none. The company ensures the safety and quality of its products. You can rest assured that they have the best quality fenugreek gum powder in the market.

The most important benefit of fenugreek gum is its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been shown to prevent premature greying. Research has also found fenugreek to reduce cholesterol levels. It has a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. If you are worried about the safety of Fenugreek, consult your doctor first.

As a thickener, Fenugreek gum powder can help you control your cholesterol levels. It is an excellent choice for people with diabetes and hypertension. It is also used to reduce the risk of heart attacks. However, fenugreek gum powder has its share of side effects, but it is still a useful supplement. There are many benefits to Fenugreek Gum Powder, which can lower the risk of a heart attack and help control blood sugar.

It is a natural substance used in diet foods. Its high-galactose content helps control blood sugar and prevents diabetes. It is also a good option for diabetics and obese individuals. Increasing dietary fibre is important for lowering blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of a heart attack. Its benefits are many. In addition to lowering cholesterol, Fenugreek is an excellent choice for people with obesity or diabetes.

Its polysaccharides are a major ingredient in Fenugreek. These compounds are hydrophobic and are hydrophilic, making them an excellent additive in food and drink formulations. Additionally, fenugreek gum has antibacterial properties. It has antioxidant activity and is an excellent food additive. It can be used in a variety of ways. It is also a popular ingredient in many different recipes.

The Bottom Line

Fenugreek gum has many benefits for the body and is widely used in nutraceuticals and cosmetics. It has a diosgenin compound, which is helpful in treating acne, oily skin, and aging. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C and can improve the skin’s appearance by reducing inflammation and pimples. The powder also has antioxidant properties and can be used in a variety of ways, including face masks and face packs.

Fenugreek gum is an emulsifier and is a popular food ingredient. It works by dissolving oil particles in water. It has several health benefits. It also boosts male stamina and has a maple-like aroma. Its emollient properties make it an ideal ingredient in ice creams, pickles, and shampoos. Besides, it’s a great spice for Indian and Mediterranean dishes.

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Health Benefits of Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds

Plants have been used to cure chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypolipidemic, cancer, anti-arthritic, etc since ages. Plants cost a high amount of pharmacologically active molecules which make them perfect for the medication purpose worldwide. Trigonella foenum is the biological name of the Fenugreek crop plant. It is an herb cultivated mostly in Mediterranean countries as a flavoring agent and as medicine in the Ayurvedic system.

Nutrients composition of Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek is used as a spice in seed form, an herb in dried or fresh leaves, and vegetable in sprout form. The fenugreek sprouts taste delicious and have an excellent result on health & skin. They are a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. It contains photochemical in a high quantity like phenols, alkaloids, tannins, and flavonoids it is a proven remedy for diabetes, carcinogenic, hypo cholesterol. Many types of research have proven their antioxidant and immunity booster properties.

Nutrients composition of Fenugreek seeds

Sprouting of the seeds helps in the improvement of nutritional profile and the easy digestion of the germinated seeds. Also, sprouted seeds have better antidiabetic and antioxidant content than their boiled counterpart.

Health benefits

The sprouts are rich in compounds such as diosgenin, estrogen-like properties, and steroidal saponins. It is also very effective in the stimulation of the production of insulin in the system to counteract high sugar levels and a significant decrease in Type 2 diabetic patients. Its regular consumption can help in weight loss by creating a sense of fulness due to the presence of polysaccharide molecules. It also contains soluble fiber which discourages overeating. Researches have proved that the people who consume sprout sin daily basis have lower cholesterol level ultimately the lower risk of a heart attack. It can effectively reduce the level of fatty deposits in the blood called triglycerides which promotes cardiovascular problems. It contains a high amount of potassium which can help in the regulation of sodium level in the body thus balancing blood pressure and heart rate.

fenugreek gum powder and fenugreek seeds

Being a rich source of antioxidants it helps in combating free radicals which can damage our body cells, prevent cancer. It can also relieve premenstrual syndromes like hot flashes, mood swings, and discomforts and even in the regulation of cycle. Fenugreek seeds in limited quantity can even help in ease childbirth due to its ability to help stimulate uterine contractions and decrease labor pains. Sprouts contain a herbal galactagogue which boosts milk production in lactating mothers.

Health Benefits for skin and hair

Fenugreek Sprouts cools down the digestive system and relieves constipation which is the most common reason behind acne and pimples. Its high amount of antioxidant properties fights free radicals, the reason behind the cellular damage, cause of hair fall. It nourishes hair from the roots and combats follicular problem which promotes hair growth. The lecithin content helps fight against dandruff and dull hair. Due to its protein and nicotinic acid content, it helps in hair growth and repair damaged follicles.

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Treating Diabetes with Fenugreek Gum Powder

Diabetes is both a lifestyle as well as a genetic disease. Whatever may be the contributing reason, this disease is rampantly engulfing the world’s population. In 2018 around 500 million people were diagnosed with Diabetes worldwide and is estimated to accelerate in the coming years. So it has become a must to keep a check on our health and dietary necessities. People often tend to adapt a natural and ayurvedic therapy, which has lesser side effects than the allopathic medicines. One such natural treatment is Fenugreek seeds.

All About Fenugreek

Fenugreek more commonly known as methi in Indian culture has been a routine spice to be used in our diet. It is used as a herb, spice, medicine, vegetable, etc. There is a peculiar smell in this plant and it is due to the presence of a chemical called Sotolon.

In Indian subcontinent cuisines, Turkish, Iranian and several other cuisines, fenugreek seeds observe a lot of culinary usage. It has a high calorific value and is a rich source of energy, microminerals, and vitamins. It is used in treating symptoms of several diseases like Eczema, Diabetes, Indigestion, stomach ailments, etc.

fenugreek gum powder and fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek Gum powder is obtained by heating and dehusking the fenugreek seeds which are orange to golden in colour. The seeds are rectangular in shape and have two endosperms in it. The endosperm is constituted of galactose and mannose in a 1:1 ratio. This type of constitution makes it easily soluble even in cold water. The powder thus obtained via the mechanical process is yellowish in color.

Fenugreek Seeds Benefits in Treating Diabetes

Fenugreek seeds scientifically named as Trigonella foenum graecum are rich in soluble fibers. These fibers have the potency to lower down the blood sugar level by slowing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in the body.  This implicates that it may be effective in treating people with diabetes.

Soluble fibers including galactomannan fibers present in fenugreek gum powder delay the intestinal absorption of Carbohydrates or sugars. To add to these, the alkaloids like Fenugrecin and Trigonelline have indicated explicit hypoglycemic action reducing the blood sugar level. The presence of 4-Hydroxyisoleucine, a type of amino acid, acts on the pancreas to fasten the secretion of insulin, which in turn helps to regulate the sugar level.

Research conducted to prove diabetes benefits

Multiple studies have been conducted to investigate the anti-diabetic benefits of fenugreek seeds. Several clinical trials have shown that these seeds have the power to regulate the blood glucose level and also enhance the glucose tolerance.
According to one study, researchers in India have found that upon addition of  100 grams of defatted fenugreek gum powder to the daily intake or diet of Type 1 diabetes patients significantly elevated their fasting blood glucose levels, improved glucose tolerance and also lowered total cholesterol, and triglycerides.

The Bottom Line

Altrafine Gums, a natural gum synthesizer and supplier of several types of natural gums, headquartered in the Gujarat state of India, has established itself in the domestic as well as International decades for around three decades. Best in class infrastructure, reliable products and massive product range in every segment has been the statement of success for this company.

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Application of Fenugreek Gum Powder in Dietary Fibre Food

Today’s youth is conscious and more concerned about its health and diet chart. Its no way wrong, If one is not physically healthy, would lag behind the people of his/her own age group. Being healthy doesn’t mean gaining weight and fat but it is measured on the basis of active life he or she is breathing in. The introduction of new diet chart has made an effective change in the living style and health of people. It’s no more surprising if someone has changed its regular diet with Dietary fibre food.

What is Dietary fibre food?

Well, Dietary fibre food is very different from other foods.  It is also referred to as bulk or roughage which is obtained from the parts of plant food. It is not digested by our body like other food component and just passes through your stomach, small intestine and colon and out of your body.
Fenugreek gum powder in dietary fibre food can intensify its benefit.
Fibre has been good for the digestive system and prevents constipation. It even lessens the chance of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and colorectal cancer. It even helps in decreasing or controlling the cholesterol level in a body.

Fenugreek seeds & Fenugreek Powder

What is fenugreek gum powder?

Fenugreek gum powder produced from fenugreek seeds is yellow-brownish in appearance which is tasteless and odourless. It contains approx 60-70 per cent of polysaccharide content. It changes into a gel when gets hydrated.
This beneficial powder is made from fenugreek seed. The botanical name of the same is Trigonella foenum-graecum. The common name used for it is “Methi”.

How does the addition of Fenugreek gum powder in Dietary food improve health?

Fenugreek gum contains galactomannan is made of galactose with a combination of mannan, which is a high molecular compound of mannose.
Galactomannan is in high proportion in fenugreek gum powder which helps in maintaining blood sugar and blood lipid.
The addition of this powder is even good for diabetic and obese patients.
In addition to this, the yellow-brownish powder even helps in lowering cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart attack and decreases hypertension.
Consuming a dietary fibre food, containing fenugreek gum powder can even make an influential change in your health by levelling down the sugar level in your body.
If you are planning to shed some weight and get back to your old gorgeous look then definitely introduce fenugreek gum powder in your dietary fibre food.
Many beneficial properties of fenugreek, has acknowledged its use in the medicinal world as well.
Fenugreek seeds even contain diosgenin which has phytoestrogen compound. The phytoestrogen helps in synthesizing the estrogen in the body.
Fenugreek has been used in different forms since the old days; it has been used as a natural hormone replacement therapy for women facing the menopausal phase of life.

The American Singer, songwriter and dancer, Usher Raymond IV has quoted “if you take care of your body, it’ll take care of you. The benefit obviously is that I’m protecting my body from being harmed. I did my best to prepare and condition my body over time. If I didn’t do this, I’d look a mess because of the lifestyle I live. I mean, the moment you go off [your fitness and eating plan], you notice the difference. You move slower.”

Eating healthy food should not be an option but it should change into compulsion. A good, planned and healthy diet can provide all necessary nutrition and can protect you from many life risks.
Fenugreek gum powder has been approved as a healthy additive in dietary food which can decline many health issues and grant a good life.
So, add fenugreek gum food in your dietary food to stay fit and glowing.

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Top 5 Uses of Fenugreek Powder for Hair & Beauty Care

Fenugreek seeds also known as Methi seeds, have found their place in almost every household. They are used for versatile culinary purposes for ages. There are several medicinal and beauty benefits of fenugreek powder. It is easily available in market at a cost-effective price.

fenugreek gum powder and fenugreek seeds

This 5-minute article focuses on quick easy ways of using fenugreek powder for your beauty and hair care:

For Hair Care

Fenugreek powder regulates Hair Fall
Fenugreek helps in controlling hair fall; hence it is used for preparing hair mask to regulate hair fall. Apply fenugreek hair mask on your scalp, keep it for a while and later, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo. Follow this treatment for at least a week to get maximum benefits.

It can make Hair Strong & Shiny
Fenugreek contains an emulsifying element called ‘lecithin’. It conditions hair and retains its natural shine. It also heals various issues related to hair follicles and makes hair strong and shiny.

It may help to Combat Pre-Mature Graying
Methi seeds have been used to prevent graying of hair for millennial. It has certain properties which can help to retain pigment and avoid graying of hair.

It removes Dandruff Effectively
Dandruff is an issue resulting from dead skin cells in the dry scalp. It can help to solve the problem by moisturizing the scalp. By applying a paste made of fenugreek powder and curd, one may get rid of dandruff easily.

It Cures Baldness
It has plenty of protein which can help for hair re-growth. Thus, fenugreek powder is considered great therapy for balding hair.

For Beauty Care

Fenugreek powder can provide Healthy Glow
Fenugreek powder can be used as a great homemade facial scrub. Its regular use can lead to a radiant skin as it removes dead cells as well as diminishes dark spots and blackheads. It can even moisturize the skin naturally.

It helps to reduce Signs of Aging
Fenugreek is rich in vitamin B3, which makes it as a natural anti-aging remedy. It can repair damaged skin cells and regenerate new ones. As a consequence, it helps to remove wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, etc.

It can treat Oily Skin
The oily skin makes face look shiny and greasy. The fenugreek powder can be used in face pack or face mask to remove greasiness and clear the clogged pores.

It can cure Acne
It contains a compound called diosgenin that has anti-bacterial properties which can treat acne effectively.

It reduces Skin Inflammation
Fenugreek is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Its powder can reduce skin inflammation caused due to wounds, eczema, burns, etc. and it also accelerates the healing procedure.

Fenugreek powder has bountiful benefits for hair, skin and health. Due to its exceptional attributes, it is profoundly used in nutraceuticals and cosmetics industry for preparing supplements and products.

The fenugreek gum powder, made from fenugreek seeds, is used as stabilizer and thickener in food and beverage industry.

About Altrafine Gums
Altrafine Gums is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Fenugreek Gum Powder. The company also caters to the demands of varied products such as Guar gum powder, Sesbania Gum Powder, Cassia Tora Powder, Psyllium Husk & Powder, Tamarind Kernel Powder, and many more effectively.

The organization has built a reputation for excellence and lead on the foundations of delivering consistently supreme grade, constantly expanding product portfolio, timely deliveries, and advanced manufacturing facilities which conforms to the most strict as well as demanding international standards.

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Fenugreek Gum Powder – Business Opportunities and Challenges

The fenugreek plant is among the important plants in industry and belongs to the family fabaceae. The plant is native to the area extending from Iran to northern India. It is also one of the oldest cultivated medicinal plants and therefore its main usage is in the pharmaceutical industry. In this industry, the plant has been found to contain several compounds such as;

• Diosgenin. These are hypolipidemic and antidiabetic action, as well as chemotherapeutic activity

• Saponins; these have been found to have hypocholesterolemic activity

• Flavanoids; Antioxidant activity

• Polyphenols: Antioxidant activity in the body

• Galactomanans; Anti-diabetic activity

Hydrocolloid Properties

fenugreek gum powder and fenugreek seeds

Research has shown that the fenugreek gum powder increases viscosity with increase in temperature. It has also been found to have the “non – Newtonian or sheer thinning” viscosity characteristics. This happens because its chemical structure has a fully substituted backbone, and therefore does not interact well with other hydrocolloids. This unique galactomannan has a mannose backbone grafted with galactose units in an average ratio of 1:1. The purified powder of the powder has very good interfacial activity compared to many other galactomanans.

This leads to formation of very good oil in water emulsions with smaller droplet sizes and longer term stability of the molecules. The fenugreek gum powder has been found to adsorb(precipitate) on the oil interface to form a relatively thick interfacial film leading to more stable emulsions than any other films from other galactomanans.
The fenugreek gum powder, unlike other types of hydrocolloids, is therefore unique in reducing the surface tension of the fluid. This particular property helps to prevent mixture of fluids against flocculation and coalescence. When this property is combined with the water holding ability of the gum, it has been found that the gum can be used in the manufacturing of cosmetics.

Food and Beverage Industry

Nutritional value; 100 g of seeds of the fenugreek have been found to provide more than 65% of the dietary fiber due to the high fiber content present in the food. It has been found to have a great ability to change the texture of the foods.

Food Stabilizer

In modern food technology, the powder is used as a stabilizer, adhesive and emulsifying agent due to the fibre, protein and gum content. Its protein has been found to be more soluble at alkaline PH of 11. Some of the proteins found in the fenugreek gum powder include the globulin, histidine, albumin and lecithin. In usage, the molecular weight of the fenugreek gum increases with increased gum concentration or reduction in the residual protein attached.


The fenugreek gum powder has gained popularity as a hydrocolloid with increasing usage in many industries in the world. Its main uses are in the food industry as a thickening and emulsifying agent. It is also useful as a source of many nutritional elements such as proteins, vitamins and a high source of fiber in the body. It is also used to add aroma to foods due to the presence of various aromatic compounds in their structure.

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Scientific Analysis of the Fenugreek Composition and Other Industrial Uses

The fenugreek also referred as the Trigonella Foenum – grecum L, has been marked as one of the most promising plant in terms of nutritional and medicinal value from the ancient times. The plant is an annual herb indigenous to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean regions and countries like the Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and morocco.

The fenugreek gum powder has bioactive compounds such as the galactomanans, diosgenin, stolone and many more. The fenugreek seed, like other galactomanans, is comprised of the mannose backbone linking to the single galactose side chains. There is a high ratio of galactose to mannose makes it easily dissolve in water to create a highly viscous solution at low concentrations. Some important chemical constituents include;

Steroid Saponins
The plant seeds contain steroids, sapogenins and diosgenin being major constituents. These sapogenins are glycone portion of plant steroid. These constituents occur as complex glycosides and not free molecules.

Poly Phenol
Recent research shows that the fenugreek seeds has up to five different types of flavonoids, which the vitexin , tricin, naringenin, quercetin and tricin. The seed has also been found to have strong antioxidants such as the quercentin, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor, anti-ulcer, and many other medicinal properties.

The gum contains trigonelline, and alkaloid which is a derivative of the nicotinic acid. This chemical has hypoglycemic and ant pellagra effect important in the management of diabetes and diseases affecting the central nervous system.

Nutraceutical Properties
The fenugreek also when consumed has an effect of refining the blood as a diaphoretic. It is able to pass on sweat and thus help to detoxify the body. As a lactation aid, the fenugreek has been found to be able to stimulate sweat production as it contains hormones which enhance milk production in the lactating mothers. This happens in duration of 24 – 72 hours after ingestion of the herb.

As an anti cancer aid it has been found that the diosgenin acts to reduce the growth of anti cancerous cells in the body.

Nutritional Composition
From a compositional research analysis, the fenugreek seeds have been seen to be high in carbohydrates but low in protein contents. A dried sample of the seed has been seen to contain a moisture content of approximately 10.9% while that of crude fat is about 6.3%. The seeds have been observed to contain vitamin B1, B2, B6B12, folic acid and vitamin c. The total amount of carbohydrates has been seen to be approximately 77.04 %. It has also been found to have an ash content of up to 2.99 %. The presence of stalone in the gum causes it to have flavor, which is important in some of the recipes.

Other Applications

In addition to the medicinal and nutritional applications, the fenugreek forms very stable colloids and for a long period of time. This hydration property makes the fenugreek an equal alternative to hydrocolloids. Since the product is widely grown in India and around the world, it can be used in place of other seed gums.

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Important and Essential Spices that Have Dominated the Indo Western Dishes

In the indo western cuisines, the fenugreek is one of those ingredients that distinguish between cooking and excellent cooking. In many instances, dishes with fenugreek act as a marker of what people will think when they think of that dish.

The aroma of fenugreek alone has made many people sampling the Indo western dishes to arrive to conclusion that this part of the world has some of the best traditional dishes. The fenugreek used as a spice in food adds to a complex sweetness and a bit of subtle bitterness to sauces that have an amazing taste.

fenugreek gum powder and fenugreek seeds

Action of Aromatics in Food
The use of aromatics in food has been practiced from long ago. Some of the basic aroma plants include the onions and garlic. They are herbs, spices and vegetables that are prepared in an oil base to enhance food flavor. The immersion in oil helps in releasing their inherent aroma and creating the foundational taste and smell to the food.

Fenugreek Combined with Aromatics
The fenugreek is a native crop to Asia and the Mediterranean regions and the seeds and leaves are edible.  When the powder is combined with aromatic compounds and spices, the maple syrup flavor is transformed to resemble the dark caramel, to make the cuisine feel complete. In the catering industry, there is no replacement for the product.

Special Culinary Application of the Fenugreek
In specialized catering, this product can be used both as an herb and spice. The plant leaves can be obtained as frozen, fresh or dried. These are then added as leafy greens in the sauces and curries such as with potatoes. The dried leaves are most preferred as they are able to retain most of the flavor.

The fenugreek seeds are the most preferred of these products. They are usually cooked for a longer period of time and therefore able to infuse well with other aromas and flavors. Most experts therefore prefer starting with the seeds and finishing with the leaves to refresh the spice and enhance the intended flavor.

The bitterness of the seeds is reduced by pan roasting then added to pickle brines and homemade curry powders. The fenugreek gum powder has also been seen to work best with strong flavors such as the coriander, cumin and paprika to create a great sauce. It is worth noting that caution is needed because too much of it may make the food overly bitter.

Nutritional Benefits
In addition to the culinary benefits, there are added benefits from the fenugreek gum powder. The powder is among the naturally occurring polysaccharides sought for usage as release modifiers in drug delivery methods due to their safety, non-toxicity and benefits to the body. The gum power has also been noted to have a positive effect of lowering blood glucose levels.

Bottom Line
The fenugreek gum powder is a popular spice and flavor in various recipes. This popularity has spread from the Asian regions to other global markets. The gum also has other nutritional values and industrial applications including therapeutic applications.

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Altrafine Gums – A Leading Hydrocolloids Manufacturer in India

Altrafine Gums is a company involved in the production and marketing of high quality natural gum products such as the guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, tamarind kennel powder, sesbania gum powder, fenugreek gum and other related products. The company has gained reputation as a market leader in quality gums production and sales.

We have been in existence for over 35 years now, and have a great wealth of experience in the products that the company manufactures.

The company’s success has been achieved through engaging in intensive research and innovation in extraction and processing methods that deliver high quality products and are cost effective.


The company aims to be a global leader in manufacturing and export of the gum extracts and many more products under research.  Our mission is to develop great relationships with our clients through excellent customer service, innovative and customized products that will address the real needs of the market.

We have a vision to provide high quality products to the international market to meet global needs for natural gums and contribute to the advancement of humanity. We believe in honesty, integrity and incorporation of the best business ethics in all our operations and this has helped the company grow in leaps and bounds.

The management team is composed of highly experienced directors led by Mr. Manibhai. B. Patel , who has been pivotal to the growth and success of the organization. A strong team of technical and marketing specialists supports him to ensure the strong growth trend is sustained. Some details of our products include-

Guar Gum & Natural Gum Products

Guar Gum Powder

It is extracted from the endosperm of the seeds of the guar plant. The usable form of the gum is as the guar gum powder and is widely used in industry primarily due to its ability to form a gel in solution. Guar Gum Powder is used as a thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer in various industries such as food and cosmetic production, petroleum, mining, papermaking and many other industries.

Cassia Gum Powder

The cassia gum powder is a natural polysaccharide that is a good thickener and stabilizer used in the food & pet food processing industry. It has been recognized as a safe product globally after intensive research, and has been classified as “Generally recognized as safe” in food when used according to the stipulated levels. The product has also been approved for use in most countries through official registration, such as in the European Union, USA, china, Japan and many more nations around the world.

Tamarind Kernel Powder

Tamarind kernel powder is derived from the seeds of a tree called Tamarindus indica linn, more specifically, the endosperm of the seeds. Tamarind gum powder has been applied in many industries, including pharmaceutical, textile and food industry, owing to its properties as an emulsifier, and its ability to form a gel or solution in water or change viscosity of a liquid (thickener). There are basically two different grades of tamarind gum powder which are used in specific industrial applications like pet food, cattle feed, textile and pharmaceutical industries. These are oiled tamarind kernel powder and the de-oiled tamarind kernel powder.

Sesbania Gum Powder

Sesbania gum powder is one among the important ingredients in the list of gum extracts. Basically extracted from sesbania seeds which bears its origin from china, this gum extract becomes white in color when processed into powder texture. It contains viscous property that is several times higher than guar gum or other types of gum powders. This product is applied in many industries for its highly thickening characteristic and sizing properties.

Fenugreek Gum Powder

Fenugreek seeds are processed to obtain the galactomannan and convert that to powder form. This extracted fenugreek gum powder is applied for medicinal and other industrial production purposes especially food industry.

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