Tamarind Kernel Powder is derived from the plant Tamarindus Indica. Tamarind is an evergreen tree.

The cotyledon or kernel in tamarind seeds is considered as a waste. However, the kernel contains starch and gum which is processed under different steps to transform into powder form. Tamarind Kernel powder has excellent water absorption property and high viscosity as well. It is applied as thickening agent in sizing process of textile industry and printing industry. It is also applied in pharma industry for its binding property.

Various grades are delegated to Tamarind Seeds following which these seeds are methodically ground to powder conserving their nutritious properties, than these seeds are roasted and decorticated. The kernels of these seeds are separated by color sorter to obtain, rich tamarind kernel powder.

Tamarind pulp is one of the souring agent in Indian curries. For the reason that of sugar and acid contents the tamarind pulp is used in kitchens for curries, sauces, syrups and other food beverages. Tamarind kernel powder-deoil and tamarind kernel powder-oil supply by Altrafine Gums.

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tamarind kernel seeds Tamarind Kernel Seeds
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Tamarind Seeds consist of

  • 35% Husk
  • 65 % White Kernel

The white kernel obtained of tamarind seeds are utilized for producing Tamarind Kernel Powder.

Tamarind kernel is rich in Protein, Carbohydrates, Fibers and Oils.

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Tamarind Kernel Powder is the combination of

  • Galactoxyloglucan polysaccharide (55-65%),
  • Lipids (6-10%)
  • Proteins (18-20%)
  • And a little amount of Fibers, Sugar etc.

The white kernel obtained of tamarind seeds are utilized for producing tamarind kernel powder.

Tamarind kernel is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibers and oils.

Properties of Tamarind Kernel Powder

Tamarind Kernel Powder consists of
  • D-mannose and D-galactose
  • This Powder is odorless and is creamish white in color
  • Moisture Content : 06 to 12 %
  • Crude Fibre : 01 to 02 %
  • Protein : 10 to 20 %
  • Viscosity : 2800 CPS in 3% solution
  • Color : light creamy
  • pH of 5% slurry : 6.0 to 7.0
  • Sieve Value : 100 mesh 100% w/w passing
  • Sieve Value : 200 mesh 99% w/w passing
  • Sieve Value : 300 mesh 99% w/w passing
  • Ash content : 01 to 03 %
  • Tamarind Kernel Powder has a high water absorption capacity.
  • And high viscosity over a broad range of pH
Tamarind Kernel Powder consists of
  • In textile industry as textile thickener and textile sizing
  • For sizing in dyeing industry
  • In printing industry
  • Jute sizing
  • Cotton wraps
  • Paper & industry
  • Soil stabilizer.
  • Manufacturing of plywood’s
  • In the production of wood works
  • Mining industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Oil drilling and gas industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Manufacturing of paints

Due to its rich content of carbohydrates and protein Tamarind Kernel Powder is also used in producing adhesives

Tamarind Kernel Powder is also used in various food processing industries and applied largely in Ketchups, Ice creams, sauces, sherbet, baked food, pet food, meat product and instant noodles. Tamarind kernel powder for textile industry is used for different types of dyes, fabrics and textile printing applications.

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Nutraceuticals, Noodles, Ice Cream, Bakery, Textile, Minning Industry,Paper Industry etc.
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