Characterization of Sesbania Gum Powder & Its Application in Textile Printing

Polysaccharides such as starch, cellulose, sesbania gum powder have now been extensively used in different industries and are used as water-soluble thickening agents in different industries that includes agriculture, oil industry, textile industry and many more. It is a white milky powder that is been extracted from sesbania seed. It is also used in incense.

Characterization of Sesbania Gum Powder

Sesbania Gum Powder is soluble in water, insoluble in ketones, alcohol, ethers and other organic solvents. In order to form a viscous solution, it can be dispersed into cold water that remains higher than other natural gum. It is anionic in nature and preserved easily due to its eco- friendly nature. It consists of some amount of concentration, having 5-7 pH value, with near about 10% moisture and 200 mesh of filtration.

Applications of Sesbania Gum Powder –

In the textile industry, sesbania gum powder is used as sizing agent and dye or coloring thickeners that has printing properties like good color yield, penetration, sharpness in prints, as well as it is cost effective. It plays a major role as a flocculant in water and waste-water treatment. It is also been used as a blocking agent, water resistance- reduction agent or tackifier in different industries.

Sesbania gum powder

Sesbania Gum Powder in Textile Industry –

Initially, sesbania gum is been separated from the seed with a certain process. For the phosphorylation of the gum, the dry gum powder is been mixed with the solution phosphate salt in water and has been prepared with standard methods.  The printing paste for printing in the textile industry is been prepared with the combination of acid dye, urea, boiling water, sesbania gum powder that is used as a thickener and other wetting agents.

With the help of conventional screen printing technique, this printing paste is applied to wool, fabrics etc. Once printed, fixation of the goods is been done with the help of steam at a certain temperature. Further, washing of the fixed printed goods is been done with cold water following with different stages with the finished product.

Sesbania Gum Powder shows with its fastness properties like color fastness to washing, light, crocking, perspiration etc. Hence, printed goods were dried and assessed with its overall fastness properties.

There is a growth of the textile industry, so is the increase with the demand in sesbania gum powder. Altrafine provides high-quality gum powder for different industries. We provide our best product with accurate composition, ph value, high viscosity, solubility, and excellent surface tension. To ensure flawlessness, our product is checked on the various grounds of the industry. Along with this, we also offer different products that include guar gum powder, cassia powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, Psyllium husk powder and many more. Like sesbania gum powder, they are also been used in different industries having its different properties and functionality. We are also the provider for Indian spices and seeds as well as animal feed products. For more information, contact us today and get acquainted with our other gum products.

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How Guar Meal Helps to Improve the Nutritive Value of Broiler?

As there is a growth in population, the demand of feeding products is increasing day by day for human and animals. Guar meal is mostly been used in feeding of the animals as well as broilers. Guar Meal is by-product of guar gum that is been extracted from guar seeds of leguminous plant. It contains good amino acid with nutritional factors like β-mannan), saponins and trypsin that has positive effects on bird health and performance.

The Guar Meal products for broilers are been manufactured through different processes like Roasting/Toasting, Micronization, Sterilization etc. that helps to enhance weight gain & immunity in the broilers.

Nutritive Values of Guar Meal for Broilers

  • Guar Meal is the left removal of guar gum i.e. the endosperm of both hull and germ of guar gum seed that is considered as potential alternative of high protein food in broilers
  • Studied showed that roasted guar meal contains more than 50% of protein, 5- 6 % of ether extract, crude fiber, total ash.
  • On the dry matter basis, it contains equal amount of calcium, phosphorous, and acid insoluble ash.
  • The crude protein of the guar meal includes contents of germ, hull and endosperm that equally contribute to the nutritional factors of guar gum. It also contains residual gum in different concentrations.
  • Guar Meal for broilers helps to improve the health by components in appropriate proportions that includes gum – 6-18%, saponins – 9-14 %, hydrocyanic acid – near about 100gm, also variable proportions of trypsin inhibitor, haemagglutinin and tannins
  • It is also a good source of essential amino acids like Proline, Tyrosine, Glutamic Acid and many more.
  • Guar Meal when toasted helps to neutralize the factors like trypsin inhibitor and urease activity
  • To reduce the intestinal viscosity and counteracted deleterious effects, enzyme supplementation and solid state fermentation are the techniques been used
  • Guar Meal Supplementation in the diet of broilers helps to improve the immune system and also reduces the cholesterol level as well as glucose level.
  • Properties of guar meal consist of different amount of moisture, crude protein, oil, fiber, ash as well as CHO (NFE)

Studies suggest that guar meal formed with different processes and enzyme supplementation can be supplemented to broilers in variable ratios gives a high protein feed without any adverse effects. It is also been used as a substitute of soya bean meal and corn gluten meal. Considering the requirements and various factors, Altrafine Gums provides high quality of guar meal that is widely used in poultry feeds, fish meal as well in animal feed.

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