About the Animal Feeds Products

Why Animals Need Special Feeds Products?

Animals too need healthy foods like human beings as they are vulnerable to many diseases like human beings. Especially domestic animals need special feeds products than those animals that live in forests. The major factor behind feeding animals with special food products is when the animals are raised for human utilizations. This is due to the fact that if we consume flesh of healthy animals, we can experience safe health; on the other hand, eating the flesh of diseased animals might result in developing several harmful factors also.  The animals that are grown for consumption purpose and security purpose requires routine and regular care and attention in terms of feeding healthy animal feeds and keeping them in hygienic condition. In addition, animals also entail higher level of resistance like human beings to stay safe from getting epidemic infections such as flu, mad cow, skin diseases, and other infections. Considering the necessity of hygienic factors in food products for the five sensed living things, many countries have imposed strict rules over maintain quality standards in adding appropriate animal feeds ingredients such as gum powders while producing different types of food products for suiting different animal feeds.

Ingredients present in Animal Feeds

Selecting the type of animal feeds remains a bit conscious process, as you cannot choose a product just for the sake of feeding your pet. Every animal will have different food requirements; say for horses, poultry pigs, for instance can be fed with cereal grains as main supplementary feeds. In addition, there are different types of animal feeds available suitable for different animal rearing. The animal feeds ingredients also play a prominent role in deciding the quality and health factor of the product.  Above all, while buying we need to pay attention to the animal feeds ingredients for getting better food format for the animals to consume comfortably. Some of them are:

  1. Guar Gum Powder– It is found to be one of the cost effective and reliable addictive used in food industry. As far as preparation of animal feeds is concerned, the guar gum has the capacity to transform into gel like substance which again keeps hold of the moisture content. In addition, guar powder is also used for its thickening and stabilising capacity it is mainly preferred as a suspending agent for animal feeds preparation.
  2. Cassia gum powder-It is used mainly for its gelling property. Foods prepared for cats and dogs such as canned meat will be preserved with the help of this gelling agent called cassia gum.
  3. Tamarind Gum Powder-It is used for a range of applications in the production of pet feeds especially in feeds for cattle, horse, sheep, etc. Its thickening capacity stays the main reason for several applications mainly as an addictive. In addition, it has good level of anti-bacterial function which will provide good resistance for animals
  4. Sesbania gum powder is used mainly as a stabilizing agent in animal feeds and it has relatively 5 to 10 times higher level of viscosity than other naturally available gums. Hence, applied as a thickening agent in animal feeds.
  5.  Fenugreek gum powder is one of the highly recommended and cost effective animal feeds ingredient that is applied for its medicinal value, stabilizing capacity and viscosity.

All Gums - All Powders - 1

What is the health benefits of Animal Feeds products?

Animal feeds products are beneficial in many ways. Some of the most important reasons to choose animal feeds products are

  1. Quality of food stays reliable
  2. Chances of toxic substance present in animal feeds products are very little
  3. Buying branded animal feeds products will be added advantage for hygienic and safety factor
  4. Good for animal health
  5. They are instantly available and hence, they are the best feeding solutions for pet animals with which we can stay free from preparing animal feeds for every time.

Recommended Feeds Products

It is always better to consider the nutrient factors present in the animal feeds products. The presence of rice bran pallet, the leftover of oil extraction of sunflower seeds, guar seeds, cotton seeds, etc are some of the recommended animal feeds products. While buying animal feeds product you can look for the list of ingredients and the food processing method as well as the type of food that suits your pet. To know more about animal feeds products please visit: https://www.altrafine.com/animal-feeds-products.

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The Popular Food Ingredient Exhibitions to happen Across the World

How branding can be developed with exhibitions?

If you are food ingredient supplier such as guar gum products supplier or guar gum manufacturer, you may have to establish your identity in the respective business through various marketing trends. Participating in commercial exhibitions for Food ingredients will stay a healthy marketing option. However, when you are intending to develop your business internationally, branding is a leading solution.  Branding is the means of creating an exclusive image or symbol for the products you supply or manufacture. People tend to identity a product initially by the brand name. In spite of good features and quality many products fail to come up in the market due to lack of branding. On the other hand, food ingredient exhibitions are a good source to establish your brand where there will be tough market competition as well as you will be exposed to limitless network opportunities.

Upcoming popular food ingredient exhibitions

Fi of Food Ingredient Exhibition is one of the popular exhibitors in the world who conduct shows all over the world. They have been conducting such food ingredient shows to make food ingredient manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world to take part and develop their business networks. Some of the upcoming events are

  • Fi Asia takes place from 11th to 13th September 2013 at Bangkok, Thailand.
  • In India Fi takes place between from 3rd to 5th October 2013 at Mumbai
  • In Japan, Fi Japan will be conducted from 9th October to 11th October at Tokyo will provide wonderful opportunity for guar gum suppliers to get a grip in Asian region.
  • Fi takes place in Frankfurt and Amsterdam between 19th November to 21st November 2014 and from 2ndto 4th December 2014 respectively representing European nation. This will stay a business gateway to European countries

By participating in events, where you have your business target will fetch good opportunities to meet relatively largest gathering of buyers who are interested in capturing the best ingredients. In addition, these exhibitions also favour development initiatives for your products.

Guar Gums Product Presentation in Exhibitions By Manufacturers

Guar Seed - Guar Gum Splits - Guar Gum PowderAppearing in exhibitions is not just enough to get an identity in the world market. Especially when it comes to guar gum manufacturers, where regulatory issues are still existing, offering product presentation will stay one of the smart ideas. The manufacturer or supplier of guar gum can develop a presentation where he can also include important certifications, images and videos of production methods, and the quality of service. This will certainly improve the scope of developing new business opportunity to global food ingredient industry.

Getting focus in the Exhibition

Exhibitions stay an important means of marketing the products to worldwide consumers. When it comes to the commercial aspects, presenting your products in a popular branded exhibition will provide the opportunity to get new export and import contracts between countries. In addition there are several other valuable reasons for which we can prefer participating in popular food ingredient exhibitions such as

  • Extensive commercial network
  • Keep up with the recent market development
  • You can choose target exhibitors in accordance with your business requirements
  • Develop your business network either targeting the specific country or worldwide.

Hence, planning the way you want to get focused for your business and products will certainly bring effective commercial results. For more information please visit: https://www.altrafine.com/about-us/.

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Certifications Necessary for a Natural Gums Processor & Supplier

Natural edible gums like Guar gum is one of the prominent ingredients applied in food industries as well as petrochemical industry. However, with the contamination issue that began in 2007, certain regulatory actions were imposed by other government over Indian Guar Seed - Guar Gum Splits - Guar Gum PowderGuar gum manufacturers as a warning to contamination identified in the product. It took some years to bring the regulatory acts to a compromise between countries that had to depend on India as it was the leading country where guar gum was available in plenty. However, the arrangement of certain important natural guar gum supplier certifications found to be very useful to meet the international challenges that exist in trade agreement between two countries.  Some of the important certifications have been listed below,

List of important Certifications

ISO 22000:2005 is a certification provided for comprehensive food safety management system. This certification is provided in terms of analysing various regulatory factors such as

  • Whether the controlling measures have been followed in manufacturing substance free from contamination and ensuring control of hazardous items present in the food
  • Operational plan verification  and validation results with no comments on presence of contamination
  • Presence of adequate monitoring and measuring devices in the manufacturing unit
  • Selection of industrial location in accordance with the type of edible item that is prepared.
  • Hazard analysis, hygiene and housekeeping management, cleaning, etc.

ISO 9001:2008 is a special certification recommended to ensure the quality of the product. This certification though stays common from the perspective of quality to any are of work or production, yet when it comes to food industry quality matters a lot in terms of purity and reliability of the product. As far as guar gum manufacturer is concerned getting an ISO 9001 certification will stay effective to ensure his quality to the customers as well as improve the quality management system.

HACCP certificate- It is elaborately termed as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point was incepted during 1960s in United States especially for the food safety under international standards that was meant for food preparation for Astronauts. However, bearing the norms in mind many countries accepted the regulations conveyed through this certification process to consider the same as internationally accepted procedure for maintaining food safety. It involves monitoring of control points in manufacturing and identification of hazards materials present in the food items.

Kosher Certificate- It is a certification given for quality and production of pre-processed foods. It is one of the main certifications provided by majority of European organisations; hence, obtaining Kosher certification will fetch more opportunities for guar gum suppliers especially, to develop trade relationship with European industries
FAMI QS certificate_ it is a special certification that can be obtained by maintaining minimum level of risk of presence of unsafe ingredients in feed, as well as presence of regulatory safety measures as per requirements. To know more about guar gum please visit: https://www.altrafine.com/guar-gum-tecnical/.

How to satisfy the customers other than obtaining certifications?

It is quiet tough to get the credits of customers easily. Though Indian manufacturers are many when compared to other manufacturers and suppliers from other countries, when it comes to natural gums processors, India has the majority resources of guar bean therefore demand is also there from Indian products. Hence, apart from certifications, certain other important things can be considered to stay successful guar gum suppliers such as

  • Sustaining the quality of products
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Protective packaging
  • Ability to respond to the customers whenever any issue raises with the product purity.

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Regulatory Information about Edible Gums

Properties of edible gums

Naturally obtained gums in the form of polysaccharides are found to be useful for a range of process. The naturally obtained gums are called edible gums as they are safe to use in various food preparation process. There are different types of gums available naturally that are be obtained from various natural sources such as seaweeds, trees, and a range of botanical products. Edible gums have the capacity to enhance the thickness of the food preparation or medicine in which it is added. In fact, even small quantity of gums can increase the viscosity of the product. The gums obtained from plants have several good properties for which they have been preferred in pharmaceutical and food industries. Some of its notable properties are

  • Non-toxic
  • Reliable and stabilising agent
  • Available naturally and obtained easily
  • Relatively less issues with regulations.
  • When compared to other thickening agent it is quiet cost effective.

Indian Regulations for Guar Gum

Guar Seed - 2Guar Gum is a type of naturally available gum from botanical source called guar beans where the guar seed husks are removed and milled to get the real texture of gum. It is highly used in fuel industry as a controlling agent and as an additive in food industries like bakeries. Hence, there is a good demand for guar gums. India had been the major producer of edible guar gums until there was a strict regulation imposed by Forwards Markets Commission during 2012 March on physical contracts due to the price rises on international standards. The price inflation was mainly due to the decrease in production as well as due to the demand of guar gums for international markets for fracking. The regulation also imposed restrictions over new gum trading, and also increases the pricing of the edible product. The impact of the regulations had a static effect on the guar market in terms of price reduction of the respective plant seeds as well as the final product.

International Regulations for Guar Gum

It was during April 2010 that there were certain regulatory issues imposed on Indian guar gum market by the European Commission in terms of requirement of proper certification of zero presence of dioxin contamination. The international guar gum regulatory began during the discovery that guar gums with relatively more amount of dioxin pentachlorophenol in packages sent to Europe. It was the time where no particular information was published from Indian perspective. Following that during 2008, it was also highlighted that Indian officials were not able to provide proper remedial solution to check the percentage of the dioxin level in guar gums. Hence, sampling of guar gum was demanded under the regulation act to analyse the level of contamination and control the same in future.

Contamination restrictions

Guar Gum Powder - 2

Concerning the contamination of guar gum powder from India in terms of dioxin pentachlorophenol content several edible gums regulatory restrictions were imposed to the Indian authorities with respect to this issue. Though the main reason of the contamination was not clearly identified as either from manufacturing or packaging, yet the rules were imposed such as

  • Sampling of guar gum from India
  • Analysis of contamination element in terms of  acceptable and unacceptable level of dioxin as that was found to cause cancer
  • Samples guar gum powder was supposed to be blocked and disposed.

How to get high quality guar gum?

In the midst of several contamination issues getting high quality guar powder is a tough thing. However, by choosing a public trading company product, which can offer sampled product with proper certification of purity, will stay a reliable option. For more information please visit: https://www.altrafine.com/guar-gum-powder.

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Increasing Market for Organic Guar Gum Powder

Demand for Organic products Around The World

Unlike in the earlier days when the consumer would believe in what the seller or manufacturer says, consumers are taking the initiative to question about the products they consume. Regulations in the food industry have also required food producers and processors to detail the contents of their products. The development of organic products was occasioned by constant rejection of products which showed high levels of certain chemicals. Consumer now require information about where and how their products were made, what inputs were used and even sample test results of the products. The consumption of organic products has required that even additives to food substances to be of organic origin therefore the increased demand for guar gum as a food thickener and stabilizer.

Importance Of Organic Hydrocolloids

Hydrocolloids are currently preferred over synthetic stabilizers and thickeners due to various factors such as being naturally occurring as well as health benefits. Artificial stabilizers must be produced through a chemical process meaning that they are more expensive and subject to availability of raw materials for their manufacture. Hydrocolloids are also known to have certain health benefits such as when consumed they lead to reduced risk of disease such as cardiovascular diseases. Hydrocolloids such as the guar gum have high % of soluble fiber. Tests have shown significant decrease in total cholesterol in the body by up to 5% with continued consumption of foods rich in soluble fibers such as hydrocolloids. The effect of guar gum on lipids metabolism have also been studied and shown to reduce blood cholesterol by up to 10 %.Another health benefit of the guar gum is in its ability to reduce the glucose and insulin effects on carbohydrates when consumed in sufficient amounts this is important for the management of type 2 Diabetes. Hydrocolloids are also useful as laxatives as well as anti diarrhea remedies.

Applications of Organic Guar Gum Powder

Guar Gum Powder - 2In the drugs manufacturing industry it is used as a tablet binder as well as a disintegrating agent. It also acts as a controlled release carrier. The thickening property of the guar gum powder probably makes it the most suitable thickening agent to use. Therefore it is used in various formulations .Its applications range from the food industry as a thickener, pharmaceutical industry as gelling agent; thickener in cosmetic industry and toothpaste manufacture, Flocculants in the mining industry, and even as a gelling agent in the manufacture of sausage type explosives. When used as an emulsifier it prevents oil droplets from combining together and as a stabilizer for preventing particles of solid from settling. In products which have freezing and thawing cycles it exhibits good stability by retarding crystals growth. In the baking industry this powder is used to assist in moisture preservation in the dough as well as reducing fat absorption. When used in pet food it is used for gels formation and suspension agent in veterinary drugs.

Future Market For Organic Products Such As Guar Gum Powder

The markets for organic products such as the guar gum and organic food continues to grow with more and more applications coming up. Guar gum has an application in almost all industries therefore continued production should be a priority. For more information please visit: https://www.altrafine.com/products/.

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Basic applications of fenugreek galactomannan (goma fenugreek) as an important food Additive

Galactomannan and gum powder of fenugreek

Fenugreek Gum - 1Fenugreek is one of the spice varieties that are found to have a lot of medicinal qualities. Fenugreek is a seed commonly used as a supplementary ingredient in Asian countries. In recent days the importance and functional qualities of fenugreek has been felt widely, for example, a water-soluble substance called galactomannan has been found to be obtained from fenugreek seeds by the process of isolation. Fenugreek galactomannan is a heteropolysaccharide which is soluble in water easily which is also found to be very effective in lowering the level of blood glucose level, and normalise the surface activities inside the small intestine. Galactomannan from goma fenugreek is more effective than other gums such as locust bean gum or guar gum and thus found to be excellent for treating LDL cholesterol increase.

Properties of galactomannans

The main benefit of galactomannans is that they are used in food products in order to increase the thickness of the water content. And another is the gum that is extracted from the surface of the fenugreek seeds contains good ratio of galactomannans. Wherein, galactomannans are polysaccharides that contain mannose and galactose in different ratios are found to be better in fenugreek gums. The fenugreek gum powder that is obtained from the seeds contains 80% of galactomannan is widely used in food industry. Since, the gum powder is a highly soluble one and with the presence of galactomannan it is preferred in food industry to gain better viscosity. This thickening or viscous quality favours preparation of food items like gravies, soups, ice cream, etc. The gum powder made from fenugreek acts as good emulsifiers that will transform your food to obtain excellent taste and quality.

Fenugreek for baking

Fenugreek Gum Powder - 1Fenugreek gum powder for food preparations can be explained in many ways.  Its emulsifying capacity helps in mixing water and oil hence found to be a very useful ingredient in food preparation. Adding gum powder prepared from fenugreek for the baking process will enhance the stability of the baked food preparations. When compared to other gums such as guar or bean gums, fenugreek gum powder has superior quality of thickening the food that can be preserved for quite some time. For more information please visit: https://www.altrafine.com/fenugreek-gum-powder.html.

Fenugreek for gravies and soups

We must be aware of the fact that fenugreek is an important spice variety that is used in food preparation in most of the Asian countries. In fact, the food these people prepare routinely contains minimum amount of fenugreek added either in seed form or in powder form. It is due to its viscosity, soups and other spicy gravies get some sort of thickness and unique flavour.

Fenugreek in chocolate preparation

The gum powder from this particular seed has the capacity to transform food preparations to bulky one. This is used in chocolate manufacturing industry where this gum powder helps in converting cocoa to a thick chocolate, which when dissolved in water becomes a thick gum like substance.

Fenugreek in ice cream preparation

Though fenugreek tastes bitter, the gum powder obtained from them are tasteless and odourless. The emulsifying property is applied in preparation of ice cream with which we get thickly formed ice creams.

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Physical, Biological & Rheological Properties of Tamarind Gum

Tamarind gum is a product of a seed of Tamarindus Indica also known as kernel. It has several functions that include functioning as a stabilizer or even as an emulsifier in the food, paper and textile industry. It can also be used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. However, in this case, it is used in the form of the tamarind gum powder. Tamarind gum is sourced from the tamarind seed; a byproduct of the tamarind pulp industry. The seeds are enclosed in pods. They range in quantity of between one to ten seeds per pod. The tamarind seeds morphology is irregular in shape, flat or in some cases they are rhomboid. They are also extremely hard. They have a shiny appearance, red in colour or in some cases purplish brown. These comprise of tannins and dyes in the seed coats that enhance the unsuitability of the seed for direct consumption. These dyes are harmful when consumed by man. These coatings however can be eliminated by soaking and boiling in water to enhance direct consumption. Tamarind seeds are the raw materials in the manufacture of tannins, adhesives as well as polysaccharides especially jellose. It is however insinuated that these seeds when roasted have more flavor than groundnuts.

Physical and Rheological Properties

Tamarind gum haTamarind Gum Powder (Tamarind Kernel Powder) - 1s a white and light yellow pigmentation with no taste when raw. It is highly hydrophilic and hence highly soluble depending on the type. There are two types. One species is soluble only in water that is over 80 degrees Celsius. This species is normally dispersive in cold water and may also swell. The second species is soluble in water of a low temperature of 20 degrees. It is also freely flow able. It also possesses a high resistance to high temperatures, salinity, thawing as well as freezing. It is thus these properties that offer the characteristic functions of stabilization, water keeping, gelatinization, emulsification and thickening. Tamarind gum is also insoluble in various organic solvents. It also has limited changes in viscosity even when under high temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius for half an hour.

Biological Properties

The tamarind gum obtained from seeds possesses a high relative antioxidant activity thus inhibits the growth of oxidants that spoil food. This property aids in the increasing of the shelf life of food products. This also aids in enabling the stability of lipids and thus prevents the diminishing of the nutritional quality and sensory effect by avoiding lipid peroxidation.

Tamarind gum also possesses anti inflammatory properties. This is because it inhibits reactions against the human neutrophil elastase. It functions as body defense mechanism especially when the neutrophils are attacked. To know more about tamarind gum please click on following link: https://altrafine.com/tamarind_kernel_powder.html.

Tamaind Seed - Tamarind Gum Powder (Tamarind Kernel Powder)The tamarind seeds or gum has anti microbial activity especially towards staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, most of which are harmful. The seeds also posses other significant properties such as: Anti-nematodal ability, cytotoxic ability, moluscicidal ability and anti-diabetic ability.

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Therapeutic Uses of Sickle Senna (Cassia Tora)

Cassia tora or The Sickle Senna is a leguminous herb that grows to a height of between 30 cm to 90cm. It is pinnate-leafed and has yellow flowers. It belongs to the family Fabaceae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae and the Genus Cassia. The plant grows in warm humid soil especially in the tropics. It has a number of common names which include: Sickle Pod, Tovara, Ringworm plant, Wild Senna, Coffee pod among others. Almost every part of the plant contains anthraquinone, a component used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The leaves, seeds and roots of Cassia tora are the mainly utilized parts of the plant. The seeds are either brown or rhombohedra in color and have a combined sweet, salty and bitter taste. They can be used while raw or after they have been roasted or fried.

Cassia Tora Splits - 1Cassia tora is sometimes used as a substitute for coffee hence the name Coffee pod. The coffee is very healthy and has a maturing action. It hydrates the colon and loosens the bowel. Other therapeutic uses are:

  1. Treatment of ring worms, itching, psoriasis and other skin ailments using a paste made from ground dried roots.
  2. Pounded leaves of Cassia tora produce an alcoholic maceration useful in externally treating dermatomycosis and eczema. The juice is used as an antidote in cases of poisoning.
  3. Cassia powder is used in blood purification, combating indigestion and toning up heart muscles.
  4. The leaves and seeds are useful in treatment of cardiac disorders, bronchitis, dyspepsia, cough, constipation, flatulence and leprosy.
  5. Treatment of eye problems using Cassia powder.

How Sickle Senna or Cassia Tora is used for treating eye related problems? (Sickle Senna as a treatment of Conjunctival Congestion and Blurred Vision)

The bitter and salty Cassia tora has been acknowledged as eyesight booster. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It improves the acuity of sight and vision. For treatment of Conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the Conjunctiva, it is used together with Cape jasmine fruit (Fructusgardenia). This combination is also good for photophobia treatment since it also cures the inflammation of the eyelids’ membrane and the forepart of the eyeball mainly caused by excess fire types in the liver. A combination of the Sickle Senna and milk vetch seed is used as a remedy for blurred vision. This is made possible by relieving yin deficiency in kidneys and livers which result in blurred vision. The retinoic acid contained in Cassia is also effective in improving vision especially when used together with other curative herbs such as dodder seeds. Conjunctival congestion (blood shot eyes) caused by liver fire can be treated using the extract from cassia tora. For better results, the extract is used in combination with a specific quantity of gentian root.

Constipation Treatment using Sickle Senna Powder

Cassia Tora Splits - Cassia Gum Powder (Cassia Tora Powder)Constipation is caused by dryness of the intestines. The anthroquinones contained in the leaves are used in preparation of weak decoctions for relieving constipation. A beverage made from Cassia helps to hydrate the large intestines thus enabling bowel movement. The extract works best when taken in its original form without boiling. The extract works by clearing heat and nourishing and hydrating the large intestines thus relieving constipation.

For more information please visit: https://www.altrafine.com/cassia_tora_seeds.html.

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