Applications of Food and Industrial Grade Guar Gum Powder

Introduction on Guar Gum Powder:

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Guar gum powder is white to yellowish in color derived from guar seeds or cyamopsis tetragonoloba and is not quite odorless. The Guar crop is a legume plant- a part of the pea plant family. The seeds have diverse viscosities when finely ground depending on the various levels of thickness developments and applications desired compared to other hydrocollids; an example is the locust bean gum. The major producers of these seeds are India, Pakistan, and US. Moreover, Guar gum not only does it have a high molecular weight but also composed of galactan and mannan units combined through glycosidic linkages, described chemically as galactomannan. Since it contains mannose and galactose units, it uniquely is able to hydrate without heating up thus making its very practical in industries and food applications.

Different Grades of Guar Gum:

The Guar gum powder grades categorized in two are food grade and industrial grade powder. The food grade is for processes such as baking, freezing, enhancing textures, beverages, canning, meat products, cheese production and much more. Meanwhile, the industrial grade is for processes such as explosive making, ore extraction, mining, textile printing, among others.

•             Food Grade Guar Gum Powder:

These depend on the particle size and viscosity variety. For instance, Particle size: 100 MESH has the viscosity range 3000-6000. Particle size 200 MESH has the viscosity range of 2000-9000

•             Industrial Grade Guar Gum Powder:

These depend on the particle size and viscosity variety. For instance, Particle size: 100 MESH has the viscosity range 3000. Particle size 200 MESH has the viscosity range of 2000-9000. Particle size 300 MESH has the viscosity range of 3500-5000.

Uses of Food Grade Guar Gum:

In baking, when mixed with the dough Guar gum increases the yield and gives greater resiliency; in addition, it improves texture and increases the products shelf life. Additionally, it provides firmness and steadiness to soft cheese in the dairy industry especially in cheese production. It acts as a thickener as well as improves the appearance in dressings and sauces. Its used as a stabilizer in chocolate drinks, fruit nectars, jams jelly and juices in the beverage industry. The gum is used in canned fish, sweet dessert, frozen foods, and enhances the texture of noodles especially the crystal formation of frozen noodles. In addition, it is used as a replacement to gluten and gelatin in binding meat products.

Industrial Applications of Guar Gum Powder:

The gum powder is used as a binder in the pharmaceutical industry for tablets production. Additionally, it is a thickening agent in textile printing, sizing, and finishing. In the mining industry, it is a froth or coagulation agent in ore processing as it is regarded as eco-friendly. It a mineral depressant especially in talc, calcite, and lead mining, also it is vital in copper-lead separation. The gum is used in water treatment and recycling, that is as Flocculation agent. In addition, it is used in the petroleum industry especially in drilling mud and fracturing fluids. It is a thickener in slurry-based explosives. In the cosmetics industry, it is a mixture stabilizer and surfactant.


In conclusion Guar Gum powder is vital in both the food application and industrial processes since its vital in thickening, stabilizing, depressant, hydrating, texturing during various processes. To know more about Guar Gum please visit:

Ajit Patel

This Article has been written & posted by Ajit Patel.

Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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