5 Best Reasons that Highlights Cassia Tora Popularity in Pet Food Sector

Basic Biological Nature and Impact on Industrial Usage of Cassia Tora Gum Powder 

Basic Biological Nature and Impact on Industrial Usage of Cassia Tora Gum Powder

Cassia tora belongs to weed family and it is used in different applications for the naturally gelling property present in it. It grows in hot, wet and tropical climate and grown for commercial usage also. One of the important applications includes pet food manufacturing however, the seeds of this crop are processed and used in split of gum powder form. Powder texture remains one of the important ingredients in the preparation of pet food. Apart from general properties like gelling and thickening agents, this ingredient has specific characteristics for which it stays very effective for mammal feed preparations. There five important factors which highlight its popularity in animal feed usage they are,

  1. No Toxicity

Cassia tora for pet food

There has been many research studies conducted to prove the lack of toxic substance present in cassia tora gum powder. It is for this safety assurance of usability in mammal feed of this product has been approved by authorities from around different nations like Europe, India, Japan, etc. In addition this product is recognized under GRAS catergory.

  1. Thickening and Gelling Agent

Thickening and Gelling Agent of cassia tora for Canned mammal feed

Canned mammal feed is prepared in several nations for those who prefer safe and hygienic diet for their domestic animals like cats and dogs. This ingredient works as an excellent stabilizer and thickener in the making of canned rations.

  1. As an Approved Binder

Cassia tora binds with other products

Cassia tora binds with other products and forms a uniform mixture. It is for this reason that this gum is currently preferred as binder in pet diet. The United States and European Union countries have also been doing analysis on the safety and permeability of this component when used as binder.

  1. Works in Combination with other Gum Powder

Works in Combination with other Gum Powder

It forms a good gelling agent when combined with kappa carrageenan and other natural constituents used in animal eatables.

  1. Comparatively More Percentage Permitted for Application

Food grade cassia tora gum powder contains

Food grade cassia tora gum powder contains less than 10ppm of chrysophanic acid which works very well during binding process and it is for this reason the limit has been set to 0.5% in the preparation of animal foodstuff which is comparatively higher than other forms of seed extracts. In addition, this limitation also provides good texture to the final product.

More about Buying Genuine Food Grade Quality

As far as buying bulk quantity of food grade gum powder is concerned, dealing with manufacturers who are well linked with direct farmers is a better way to obtain genuine product. Altrafine is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Guar gum powder and different types of plant seed extracts, has direct tie up with farmers in India. We are able to obtain first grade of seeds from them that helps us to achieve reliable results and purity of seed particles. Our technical arena is well equipped with the most recent forms of equipments with which our professionals are able to keep up with quality, grade and originality of extraction process and its by products. Consumers can get food grade powder directly from us for their industries at reasonable cost.


Cassia tora gum powder contains naturally gelling property and it binds well with other ingredients and forms a good stabilizer in pet feed preparation. Its safety of usage has also been approved by global nations when it comes to animal feed manufacturing.

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Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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