Roasted Guar Korma Meal with High Protein for Cattle & Animal Feed

The ruminants require a daily supply of proper nutritious food for maintenance, production of milk and making their younger ones. The high yielding animals often face a shortage supply of energy and protein, but it must be considered that it may affect the health of the animals.

The high protein content in the animal feed is profitable, as with its low consumption the animal will meet its entire protein requirement. The nutrition requirement of ruminant depends upon its age, weight and production levels.

Cattle Feed Preparation-Ingredients Used

About Roasted Guar Korma Meal

Guar seeds are processed for the production of guar gum and the by-products produced during this process are called Guar Korma Meal and Guar Meal Churi.The Guar Korma is available in granular form, whereas the Guar Churi is available in powder form.

The processed form of these products can be applied either in combination with other animal feed ingredients or directly given to animals as itis efficient nutritional food for them.

The advent of Guar Korma Meal has lessened worries of poultry feed manufacturers and livestock producers due to its high nutritious properties. It is reliable and safe for animal consumption.

Specification of Roasted Guar Korma Meal

Particulars Content Measure
Protein Approx. 55-58%
Silica Max. 1 %
Fiber Max. 5 %
Moisture Max. 8 %


Roasted Guar Korma Meal- Description about its Processing
The guar meal is originated from guar plant, the guar pods are harvested and dried on the field through which the seeds are obtained andtransported to the factory.
The seed components are then separated mechanically into hull, raw protein, and gum splits. Later on, the components are conveyed to the processing unit, roasting plant and factory respectively.

In the roasting plant, the pre-production testing of each raw protein batch is carried out. The approved raw protein goes under the rigorous refining stages which consist of following:

  • Screening: The screening process removes husk and silica from the product.
  • MTR Machine:Here, MTR machine is used to isolate Fibers and Galactomannan from it.
  • De-stoning:  In this stage, the protein is completely cleaned as the field stones are removed from it with the help of destoner.

The refined protein is then roasted in an oven at approx 130° Celsius for few minutes. The roasted guar Korma is refined further in gravity separator to remove burnt and cellulose parts.

The final obtained product is sent for lab testing and later to packaging process.

Why RoastedGuar Korma is considered the best for Animal & Cattle Feed?

  • Roasted guar korma is a non-GMO, plant-based protein supplement for animal feed.
  • It is the natural high protein source constituting 55%- 58% of protein, which particularly more than soybean meal.
  • It is relatively inexpensive than soybeanmeal. Hence, this makes it as an ideal choice for feed manufacturers.
  • It provides high energy and carbohydratesi.e. approx. 4050KCAL/KG to the animals.
  • It has natural pellet binding properties.
  • It also enhances palatability and digestibility among animals.

Demand of Roasted Guar Korma Meal

  • The roasted guar korma, a relatively cost effective protein additive, is demanded from several nations.
  • India enjoys the monopoly in export of guar products, by fulfilling 80% of its global demand.
  • Guar Korma is majorly demanded from many European countries, USA, China, Canada and many more.
  • The research and development in the guar meal sector has increased its demand substantially.
  • As a result, the export quantity of guar korma meal has been increasing since 2010-11 at the moderate rate.

Conclusion: Guar Korma is a new good source of protein for animal rations. It improves the productive performance of animals. It also improves economic efficiency for animal feed manufacturers.

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Written by Ajit Patel

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