Personal Care Product Industry and Guar Gum

The guar gum popularity in the personal care industry is rapidly increasing due to it health appeal. Many cosmetics and dermatologists are warning people to be cautious on the products they apply on their skin, and recommend a healthy approach.

Guar; the Plant Based Alternative to Silicon in Hair Care

A healthy life not only covers a healthy diet but also using personal care products that do not pose danger to our well-being. Despite silicon-based lotions being classified as safe, there are issues that still require clarification. A rubber like coating on your skin all day is not very healthy, considering the process sweating, and thermal regulation. It is reliefs to realize that guar based natural products are healthier than silicon based products.

Guar Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride

Guar Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride

This is the water-soluble derivative of the guar gum, which has gained global popularity in the hair care products. In use, it is mild to the skin and a very effective hair conditioner.

  • Shampoo thickening; Guar based shampoos are currently more preferred because apart from the nice thickening, it has the antistatic effect making the workability of the hair great.
  • Hair conditioning: Many hair care experts now have adopted guar gum based conditioners as it helps in detangling the hair as well as creating a good protective layer around the hair and preventing breakages.

Softening Properties of Guar for Hair Care Products

Users of the organic guar hair conditioners have also reported a unique softening quality of the gels, felt during application. It has also been noted that addition of guar gum powder to homemade hair products eliminates the straw like feeling due to the softening effect of the guar.

Carboxymethly Hydroxypropylated Guar for Hair and Skin Products

Carboxymethly Hydroxypropylated Guar for Hair and Skin Products

This is an anionic hair care product made from guar gum. It acts as a thickener for both the opaque and clear gels in the cosmetics industry. Its development has enhanced the move to more natural hair care products.

Cationic Guar in the Personal Care Industry

These are guar derivatives, which are rapidly gaining popularity in the hair care industry. It is used in the creation of great hair conditioners, lotions, creams and gels in the personal care industry. The cation charge is responsible for enhancing substantivity to the skin or hair.

Other Guar Blends In the Personal Care Industry

The multiple purpose of the guar gum as a thickener and a conditioner in personal care has prompted to even more research and usage to the galactomannans. Their exhibition of a longer flowing Rheology means they make for easier application of the active ingredient to the skin, while not affecting the normal biological processes of the skin.


The guar gum use in personal care products is rapidly becoming the norm. It is rapidly replacing silicon based lotions and products containing dimethicone. This is due to its health benefits and its unique properties. Manufacturers are blending of the guar with other polymers and active ingredients to develop naturally healthy personal care products.

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Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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