Cholesterol Metabolism Response to Dietary Fiber Consumption of Guar Gum Says Research

The level of cholesterol in the body is directly proportional to development of serious disorders such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A lot of research has been directed at ways in which cholesterol can be avoided in the body. What is of more concern is that accumulation of this compound is related to lifestyle. It is largely affected by the type of diet consumed, the activity of the body muscles and tissues.

Studies on Lipid Metabolism on Cholesterol Biosynthesis

Research has shown that Consumption of some dietary fibers has the ability of reducing the concentrations of cholesterol in the plasma and can be used as anti-atherogenic agents.

Soluble fibers such as those found in the guar gum to be good at lowering cholesterol concentrations in the serum and the liver.

Research has also proved that insoluble fibers are less effective in the reduction of blood cholesterol. It has also been proposed that soluble fibers have the ability to block or reduce the absorption of lipids (which contain cholesterol) from the digestive system.

Another mechanism of action is the reduction of endogenous production of cholesterol from the body. Fermentation of fibers results in the production of short-chained fatty acids (SCFA), which have been found to inhibit production of cholesterol from the body.

guar gum to be good at lowering cholesterol

Metabolic Process Preventing Build Up of Cholesterol

Inhibition of cholesterol production and blocking of the absorption of cholesterol from the gut are the primary mechanisms responsible for preventing build up. Modification of the lifestyle to include dietary fiber such as the guar gum and avoiding high cholesterol foods helps in preventing cholesterol build up.

Cholesterol and Bile Acid Synthesis

Bile acid synthesis is directly related to cholesterol production in the body. When the process interfered with, cholesterol levels can be managed in the body.

Components of Interest in Guar Dietary Fiber

Fiber is made up of various components, which have been subjects of interest and research. These include:

  • Arabinoxylan; this is a constituent of hemicelluloses and the component of the endosperm. It improves the mouth feel and the tenderness of baking products.
  • Inulin;this is a polymer from fructose units. It acts as a pre-biotic in the large intestines by restricting the growth of bacteria such as E-coli and salmonella.
  • β-glucan; It has the greatest effect on glucose metabolism and studies have shown that it is responsible in regulation of cholesterol levels in the body.

Others include Pectin Bran Cellulose and research is ongoing on the importance of each in the body.

Galactomannans and Glucose Tolerance in the Body

Conclusions from research show that guar gum has been found to be the most effective of all other dietary fibers in reducing the levels of glucose in the blood and a condition called glycosuria. In a certain study, individuals were given glucose in powder form after taking guar gum supplements. When the blood glucose was tested after 90 minutes, the glucose level was found to be significantly lower compared to those without guar supplements.


The guar gum has been instrumental in management of cholesterol the body. Various researches have effectively proved that the fiber in guar is able to lower lipid absorption in the digestive system thus effectively reducing blood cholesterol. There are many sources of food grade guar, the best being from Altrafine Gums.

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Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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