Applications of Sesbania Gum Powder & Tamarind Kernel Powder

Sesbania gum powder has many industrial and domestic applications, but its most notable use is in the oil industry. It is a highly viscous polymer that is soluble in water but not alcohol, ketones, or other organic solvents. The following characteristics of sesbania gum powder make it suitable for the oil and gas industry. The total plate count of sesbania gum is 5000 and with a negligible level of toxicity.

Applications of Sesbania Gum Powder

The gum powder is extracted from sesbania seeds and is an excellent colour thickener and flocculant. In addition, sesbania gum is a tackifier and plays a major role in water treatment. It is also a good blocker for oils and greases. The most common application of sesbania gum powder is in the oil industry, where it plays an important role as a tackifier in fluid cracking. It is also used in the textile and dye industries, where it acts as a sizing and dye thickening agent. While sesbania gum powder is insoluble in alcohol and ketones, it is soluble in water and is used in the oil and food industry.

Sesbania gum is produced from the seeds of the sesbania shrub. The seeds are light chestnut-coloured and are a source of food and medicine. It can grow up to two meters tall. The plant is native to Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim, and is a deciduous, annual shrub in China and the Philippines. It can reach a height of two meters.

The viscosity of sesbania is the reason it is used as a flocculant in water. Its viscosity is five to ten times higher than that of natural plant gum. As a result, it has a lower cost than guar gum powder.

About Tamarind Kernel Powder

Tamarind Kernel Powder is a cloudy white powder with a high water absorption capacity. It is a polymer composed of D-mannose and D-galactose units that forms a thick colloidal dispersion. It is used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Process of Obtaining Tamarind Kernel Powder

The powder made from tamarind seeds is a by-product of tamarind fruit processing. The seed is round and ovate with an irregular shape and is a 70% tamarind kernel. This material is used as an adhesive in food products and is odourless. In addition to its binding properties, tamarind kernel powder also has a high concentration of carbohydrates. The seeds are also used in a wide variety of industries.

The process of extracting tamarind kernel powder begins by removing the outer skin of the tamarind. This process is called hydrolysis. It is a chemical process that uses tamarind seeds to create a paste. This process is known as a “sour” product, which is a substance that contains high concentrations of sugar. During the extraction stage, a standardized tamarind seed is added. The resulting paste is a white or light yellow substance that contains a sugar-and-acid mixture.

Applications of Tamarind Kernel Powder

This is a biocompatible material that is suitable for food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications. Tamarind Kernel powder is a type of insoluble gum that contains protein, fibre, and oils. In food, it is used as a preservative, additive, and flavouring agent. Tamarind kernel powder is an important ingredient in many food products. It is an excellent stabilizer for tamarind sauces, as well. Its polysaccharide content makes it an excellent natural food additive. It is a natural source of dietary fibre and a great addition to many dishes.

Besides being used in food products, tamarind seed powder is also widely used in the textile and printing industries as an adhesion agent. Its superior water absorption property makes it an excellent thickening agent. Its high viscosity makes it a great binder for liquids and gels. Moreover, it is also used in the pharma industry as a binding agent. If you are looking for a thickening agent, you should check out Tamarind Kernel Powder.

Tamarind Kernel Powder is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. The dried tamarind seeds are highly beneficial in the manufacturing of medicines and cosmetics. While it contains high levels of protein and carbohydrates, it is also useful in the food and pharmaceutical industries, so if you’re looking for a powder, look for a product made from tamarind.

Bottom Line

Altrafine produces cassia gum powder and tamarind kernel powder, which are used for various manufacturing industries. In the case of tamarind seeds, the odour of tamarind is similar to that of other fruits. Nevertheless, there are differences in the taste and appearance of the pulps of the tamarind species. Cassia gum powder is an excellent choice for paper and textiles because it is highly compatible with many products. Its high-quality product will be suitable for a variety of applications, including the food industry. Availability of both cassia gum powder and tamarind kernel powder will appeal to both the food and textile industries.

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