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Bean Plants are of different varieties and beans seeds obtained from different bean plants have exclusive properties that make it applicable in several industrial applications. Locust bean is one among the bean types that possess high stabilizing property. Also known as Carob Bean and the botanical name of the locust bean tree is Ceratonia Sillisqud, Locust is a naturally available bean seed from Carob Tree. Carob trees are mainly grown in Mediterranean regions.

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Bean Gum Derived from Locust Bean

Locust bean gum derived from the seeds of locust bean. It is obtained through a series of several processes such as crushing the seeds, filtering the crushed seeds and then the endosperm present in the seeds is removed separately by grinding process. Later on the endosperm obtained from the bean seeds will be processed to get gum powder and then finally packed.

Properties of Locust Bean Gum

Locust bean gum powder contains the following properties,

  • Moisture controlling agent
  • Viscous agent
  • Stabilizer
  • Thickening agent
  • Improves Elasticity
  • Texture modifier, etc

These properties keep this derivative suitable for several industrial applications. However, though other types of gum powders are also available as viscous agents, the main difference in the application of Locust bean gum is that it gives out complete viscosity when applied after dispersing the gum powder in water.

Industrial Applications

The thickening and viscous property make this product stay suitable for several manufacturing industries and some of the important industrial applications of Locust extract are,

  • Food Industry - It is used in food processing industry to thicken food products such as ice creams, cheese condiments, bakery products, baby foods, desserts, sausages, salads, fruit extract syrup, etc. Cosmetic Industries- Cosmetic product production finds locust gum powder to be a best ingredient in making lotion, creams, etc.
  • Pet food - Locust gum powder is applied as a thickening agent in pet food production. It is considered as an important ingredient for the same.

Significant Applications of Locust Gum Product

Textile Printing-Textile industry applies locust seed powder as an important ingredient and sizing agent that helps to maintain the texture of natural fabrics. In addition, textile printing technology also make of locust product as a thickener of printing paste. This ingredient helps in obtaining the colouring in perfect and natural shade over the fabric. In addition, printing on the fabric penetrated deeply into the fabric which also avoids the print to spread outside the preferred area.

Health Advantages of Locust Seed Extract

Locust bean gum powder tastes similar to that of cocoa and many food industries which prepare special food items for diet conscious and diabetic people prefer this product as an alternative for cocoa. Hence, food recipes that contain cocoa as an ingredient apply locust extract as an alternative. This gum powder contains good quantity of natural fibre hence; it is also preferred as an alternative to reduce fat content. Food products containing Locus extract as a sweetener stays best for diabetic. Locust beans when added as alternative sweetener reduces the caloric value also.

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