Significance of Cassia Tora Meal in Cattle Feed Industry

Nutritional Needs required for Cattle

Significance of Cassia Tora Meal in Cattle Feed Industry

Generally cattle requires specific kind of nutritional needs including protein, vitamins, minerals and energy foods so that they can be grown with good health and maintained properly. Therefore diet of cattle should be a mixture of the above nutritional factors in addition to finding low fiber and high energy resources. These resources are chosen and added as ingredients. If the data on feeding cattle based on the percentage of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber content, etc can be maintained, it would be easier to check the growth and suitability of feed for the cattle.

Cattle Feed Preparation-Ingredients Used

Cattle Feed Preparation-Ingredients Used

Preparation of cattle feed is done by the farmers themselves in most of the places. The mix the ingredients proportionately to obtain the right quantity of texture they require. Animal feed is also prepared on the basis of the possibility of consumption by animals. When it comes to ingredients sunflower meal, groundnut oilcake, gingelly oilcake, cotton seed cake needs. Cake are some of the conventional things which are added in different amounts in the preparation of cattle feed. Each ingredient provides specific property to the animal feed and the in recent days alternative plant seed resources like cassia tora meal for animal feed has also been considered for better viscosity and productivity in animal feed production.

How and why Cassia Tora Meal is Preferred for Animal Feed Preparation?

Cassia Tora Meal Preferred for Animal Feed Preparation

The seeds of cassia tora are processed to remove the husk and germ from it. The removed husk and germ is called as cassia tora meal. This process is applied while splitting cassia gum and it contains about 30% of protein and 10% fiber content. It is for low fiber and high protein content cassia meal is chosen as an effective and nutritious ingredient in the preparation of cattle feed. Above all, there are other reasons that favors cassia meal in the place of traditional protein components used for cattle feed such as,

  • Cassia tora meal also contains comparatively considerable quantity of carbohydrates.
  • It is naturally obtained and there is no chemical required for processing or preparing cassia meal. Therefore it is safe for animals.
  • It can produce highly nutritious cattle feed product when combined with other conventional ingredients.
  • The fiber content is relatively less and this favors cattle to obtain more energy and stay healthy.
  • The seeds of cassia tora are processed at high temperature which helps to improve in nutritional value and this is one of the main reasons for including this as an ingredient not only in cattle feed but also in other forms of animal feeds.

Bulk Cattle Feed Preparation

Altrafine is a leading manufacturer and supplier of prominent seed extracts like Guar gum powder, cassia tora gum powder, sesbania gum powder, cassia meal, etc. Our products are processed as per FDA norms and supplied in different grades matching the industrial requirements. We supply 100% organic cassia meal for preparing bulk cattle feed products at a competitive price. Our consistent relationship directly with farmers helps us to bring the best quality of seeds to our factory for processing.


Cattle requires less fiber and protein rich diet to stay in healthy and active condition and Cassia tora meal is rich in protein and contains comparatively low fiber content which makes it applicable for preparing safe and healthy cattle feed.

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Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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