Application of Fenugreek Gum Powder in Dietary Fibre Food

Today’s youth is conscious and more concerned about its health and diet chart. Its no way wrong, If one is not physically healthy, would lag behind the people of his/her own age group. Being healthy doesn’t mean gaining weight and fat but it is measured on the basis of active life he or she is breathing in. The introduction of new diet chart has made an effective change in the living style and health of people. It’s no more surprising if someone has changed its regular diet with Dietary fibre food.

What is Dietary fibre food?

Well, Dietary fibre food is very different from other foods.  It is also referred to as bulk or roughage which is obtained from the parts of plant food. It is not digested by our body like other food component and just passes through your stomach, small intestine and colon and out of your body.
Fenugreek gum powder in dietary fibre food can intensify its benefit.
Fibre has been good for the digestive system and prevents constipation. It even lessens the chance of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and colorectal cancer. It even helps in decreasing or controlling the cholesterol level in a body.

Fenugreek seeds & Fenugreek Powder

What is fenugreek gum powder?

Fenugreek gum powder produced from fenugreek seeds is yellow-brownish in appearance which is tasteless and odourless. It contains approx 60-70 per cent of polysaccharide content. It changes into a gel when gets hydrated.
This beneficial powder is made from fenugreek seed. The botanical name of the same is Trigonella foenum-graecum. The common name used for it is “Methi”.

How does the addition of Fenugreek gum powder in Dietary food improve health?

Fenugreek gum contains galactomannan is made of galactose with a combination of mannan, which is a high molecular compound of mannose.
Galactomannan is in high proportion in fenugreek gum powder which helps in maintaining blood sugar and blood lipid.
The addition of this powder is even good for diabetic and obese patients.
In addition to this, the yellow-brownish powder even helps in lowering cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart attack and decreases hypertension.
Consuming a dietary fibre food, containing fenugreek gum powder can even make an influential change in your health by levelling down the sugar level in your body.
If you are planning to shed some weight and get back to your old gorgeous look then definitely introduce fenugreek gum powder in your dietary fibre food.
Many beneficial properties of fenugreek, has acknowledged its use in the medicinal world as well.
Fenugreek seeds even contain diosgenin which has phytoestrogen compound. The phytoestrogen helps in synthesizing the estrogen in the body.
Fenugreek has been used in different forms since the old days; it has been used as a natural hormone replacement therapy for women facing the menopausal phase of life.

The American Singer, songwriter and dancer, Usher Raymond IV has quoted “if you take care of your body, it’ll take care of you. The benefit obviously is that I’m protecting my body from being harmed. I did my best to prepare and condition my body over time. If I didn’t do this, I’d look a mess because of the lifestyle I live. I mean, the moment you go off [your fitness and eating plan], you notice the difference. You move slower.”

Eating healthy food should not be an option but it should change into compulsion. A good, planned and healthy diet can provide all necessary nutrition and can protect you from many life risks.
Fenugreek gum powder has been approved as a healthy additive in dietary food which can decline many health issues and grant a good life.
So, add fenugreek gum food in your dietary food to stay fit and glowing.

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Goma Guar Application in Food Industry in South America

While buying processed food, beverages or food items for yourself or for your loved ones, do you observe the contents of the products?  Well, if not then you should start doing that.

Today, most of the people are more concerned about the ingredients present in the food products. Buyers even check the amount of nutrition contained in a single packet of food.

Nowadays, Food industries have introduced the use of Goma Guar powder in its products. Goma guar is extricated from the guar plant which productively plays a role of stabilizer and emulsifier in a range of food items and cosmetic products.

Currently, this component plays an important role in some of the necessary procedures of different industries. Some important attributes of Guar Gum in the food industry are mentioned below, which will undoubtedly prove to be advantageous.

guar gum powder for food industry

Application in bakery products: The constituent helps to regain the curtness and texture of the article.

Soups and beverages: This constituent furnishes serviceable guidance in controlling thickness in beverages as well as fortify and viscosity agents in soups.

Application in Dairy products: This element also helps in sustaining effortless, creamy and perfect texture of milk eatables such as ice-cream.

Application in Meat Industry:  The amazing viscosity controlling property of this natural thickening powder makes it a perfect additive for canning as well as the smoking process of meat preparation. It reduces splashing by increasing viscosity and hence helps in accelerating the meat making process.

Application in Condiments and Package Mixes: The Goma Guar is used as addictive in canned gravies, bottled sauces, and instant mix products.

The powered content increases the shelf life of the condiments and packaged products.

Food industries in South America have vast reception for Guar gum as the pliability of thickness makes it perfect for preparing different food items. It is also concerned for reasons supporting productivity and economy. Latin American nations like Ecuador, Costa, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica etc where poultry and farming are the main sources of living, has a  great demand for animal feed preparations and food processing. When we talk about country-specific application, Guar gum or Goma guar called in Spanish is recognized to be an effective constituent in soups, dessert items, and preparation of sausages, cheese processing etc. By adding this component, it increases the production of processed food.

American countries have a great demand for Guar Gum items such as husk and germs, guar seeds etc. In South America, more than 60 percent of Goma guar is devoured for pharmaceutical and food industries. With the advancement in living standards of people residing in South America, the country has established a great market for processed food introducing guar gum as a great additive. The powdered content saves the shelf life of the food item and increases the quantity by its thickness property.

People in South America introduce Goma Guar in many food products to make it more delicious, crispy and unbeatable taste. Goma Guar application in Food industry in South America effects in a great way, as the restaurants easily increase their customers by providing them unforgettable taste using Goma Gaur. It has also boosted the hotel industries which no doubts help in improving the economy of the nation.

Adding Goma Gaur in the food items also helps in lowering blood sugar for diabetes, lowering cholesterol level and lowering blood pressure. The quality of thickening, Guar gum is acknowledged as a popular addictive product in products like puddings, ice-creams etc.

The Goma Gaur powder is clinically tested and approved that it is completely safe for consumption. So, this natural ingredient is one of the most economical additives in the Food industry.

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Application of Semi Refined Cassia Gum Powder in Cosmetic Industry

Looking beautiful is a wish of almost every human being. Today, the increased use of cosmetic products has boosted the cosmetic industries.
No doubt, people look for a good product and are more concerned about the contents used in making of cosmetic products. The approach toward natural products has declined the use of the chemical based product.

If you are already rooted in the cosmetic industry then should know about the wonderful natural seed which works as a natural thickening agent in cosmetic products. Cassia tora or popularly recognized as Senna tora is a dicot legume which belongs to a subfamily of Caesalpinioideae. This naturally thickening agent is also available in other names – tora, sicklepod, coffee pod, and foetid cassia

What is Cassia Gum?
It’s certainly important to know about the ingredient which you are adding in your cosmetic products. The Cassia powder or gum is a polymer of galactose and mannose sugar. Cassia gum is a powder obtained from the endosperm of the seeds of Cassia tora. It has water solubility property which remarks it as an important additive in the cosmetic products.

This naturally thickening agent is yellow to off-white colour in appearance. When this natural ingredient is dissolved in hot water it turns into a thick gel.
Cassia tora even turns into a gel when gets in contact with xanthan and carrageenan.

cassia powder in cosmetic industry

Uses of Semi Refined Cassia gum in the cosmetic world:

Addition in shampoos and conditioners:

  • The addition of Cassia tora powder in shampoos and conditioners provides softness and smoothness to the products.
  • Use of cassia gum enhances viscosity and provides a thick paste-like form which prevents overuse of product meanwhile preserves the hair from damages as well. It makes the product, easy to use and apply.
  • The natural ingredient develops a shielding film around the hairs to cover it from any kind of damage caused by other harmful chemicals.
  • The outer layer built around the hair and some product retained on the strands prevents from the damage caused by blow-drying or heat application on hair.

Addition in face creams and skin lotions:

  • Semi-refined Cassia Gum is added in creams and lotions to thicken them.
  • This additive agent shields the skin from dry air and provides a glowing look for a complete day.
  • The cassia powder is cationic in nature which binds with the anionic components of hair as well as skin. Hence it stays for a longer period of time.
  • The natural agent provides viscosity and increases the shelf life of the products.

Addition of this natural gum in shaving gels:

  • The use of a natural thickening agent provides creamlike texture to the shaving gels.
  • The cassia gum present in the shaving gel creates a stabilized thin layer on the skin which smoothen the movement of the razor on the skin.

Addition in soaps:

  • It is generally observed that the use of soap causes dryness on the skin which results in an itchy feeling.
  • Use of cassia powder as an additive to liquid soaps increases the gel formation and develops a protective layer around the skin which locks the moisture and protects it from dry air.
  • Cassia gum powder is also added in cosmetics like concealers, foundations etc to reduce surface tension and to provide a smooth texture to the product. It makes the product easy to use and allows the even spread over the face, ultimately providing a professional touch.
  • If you are a brand lover and always opt for the best cosmetic product of the market, then you are well aware of the fact that good makeup products are costly.
  • Addition of semi-refined cassia gum powder in cosmetic products increases the shelf life of the product. This additive is skin friendly and good for skin as well.
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Guar Gummi Application in the Pet Food Industry

When it comes to the health of a pet, no pet-lover ever thinks of compromises with it. Today, most of the people are more concerned about the quality of food prepared for animals. They research about the ingredients used to prepare the meal and amount of nutrition provided by it.

Today the advancement in the pet food industry has introduced the enormous application of Guar Gummi.

Before accumulating knowledge on uses of Guar Gummi in the animal’s food industry, one should get familiar with Guar Gum.
Guar Gum is a galactomannan polysaccharide which is extracted from guar beans. It is popularly known as guaran. Its amazing property of thickening and stabilizing has increased its demand in food, cosmetics, and feed industries.

The free-flowing, off-white power is obtained by de-husking, hydrating, milling and screening of the guar seeds.

Guar Gum- Important Ingredient of Pet Food

The foremost requirement of pet food is that it should remain fresh until not served to pet animals.  The processed meat should be preserved until it is fed to the animal.
The Guma guar powder is used to reduce fat migration in pet food. It has an effective property which activates when gets in contact with water. It is a water-soluble gum.

Cassia Gum Powder into pet foodUses of Guar Gummi in bottled Pet food industry.
The guar gum is observed as an important ingredient of bottled food. It is used as an important ingredient for the production of gluten-free food varieties.

Benefits of Guar Gum application in Pet food industry:
Guar gum granules are clinically tested and approved as an effective ingredient in pet foods. The research and tests share that the endosperm of Guma guar seeds holds high-quality soluble fibres. It even helps in lowering the blood glucose level of animals.

Guar Gummi is healthy for pets. It improves amino acid digestibility and minimizes post-prandial plasma insulin. It even helps in lowering cholesterol. The tests reflect that Guar Gummi is safe for animals.

Getting Pure Guar Gummi is important!

It is very important to get pure Guma Gummi as any kind of adulteration in it may cause harmful effect to your pet.
There are certain aspects which one should not ignore while buying Guar Gummi.
The powder should be adulteration free and it should be of the good grade as well.
Guar Gummi is considered as best alternative for calf milk and is utilized for the preparation of special feed for pets.
The special properties acquired by guar Gummi make it a useful ingredient for the production of many products. It is used as a key ingredient or applied in combination with other agents.

Why Guar Gummi?

Its useful properties have introduced it as an additive in food preparation.
1) It has property to control viscosity
2) It has water-binding as well as thickening property
3) It has suspension and stabilizing property
4) It can improve the shelf life of products.

It’s very important to keep a check on the products which we are utilizing or feeding to our pet.
Animals or pets cannot share their problems and health issues; it’s our major responsibility to provide the best food and health care to our loving pets.

The uses of Guar Gummi have shown good improvement in the health of pets. Its fibrous property improves digestion.
Guar Gummi, is also the most economical and efficient alternative in comparison to other gum products. It is preferred for the preparation of bottled food or pet food for cats, dogs etc.
So, choosing a Guar Gummi for the production of pet food can never be a wrong decision.

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Bulk Quantity Exporter of Cassia Torea Seed (Cassia Tora Seed) From India

Cassia Tora is obtained from a plant by the name Senna tora which mainly grows in the wild. This grows in the tropics and is also considered as a weed in some places. Central America is known for this plant and is a herbaceous annual fetid herb. It is also found in the tropical regions of India, for example in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The plant is from the Caesalpinaceae family and their seeds are very rough and hard. The seeds are small in size and of high quality and shiny. It has many applications including that in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Properties of Cassia Torea

  • Cassia has the ability to regulate liver, kidney and intestine channels.
  • The fresh seeds of cassia have chrysophanol, aurantio-obtusin and vitamin-A value.
  • It has several vital properties to help skin disease like antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, germicidal and anti-parasitic nature.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory property hence is useful in herbal formulations.

Important Significances of Cassiakernmehl in Canned Pet Food Preparation

Cassia Torea Seed Export stats and facts

  • India exports to more 80 countries around the globe.
  • Some of the countries India exports include Australia, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Brazil, Czech Republic, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, Scotland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.
  • This mainly grows in the Northern regions of the India.
  • India exports this to several countries like many European countries, Australia, USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, China, Dubai, Mexico, Korea & many others.
  • There is expected to be an average annual growth in of 6.3% per annum in demand for Cassia in the period up to 2025.
  • Growing Cassia Tora Seed generates a lot of jobs as well.
  • Depending on the type of seller (farmer, agent, etc.); Selling Cassia Tora Seeds internationally can fetch anywhere between 15% to 110% profit.
  • One of the biggest importers of this is China.
  • Demand for Cassia in the cosmetic segment is expected to rise by 48% by 2025.
  • There is a high demand in Western Europe as well and it is predicted to remain at 34.8 % market value.
  • There is an increase in use of Cassia in several markets especially cassia tora plant in the next 5 years.
  • The growth of global cassia seed extract market is mainly driven increasing demand for organic food.
  • Other factors driving the global cassia seed market are the growing economy, increasing per capita income, rapid rate of urbanization, and increase in employment rate.

Applications of Cassia Torea Seeds

Cassia Tora Seeds have many applications as per the list here:

  • It is good a protein feed for birds and livestock (especially good if dehydrated).
  • It has medicinal value as well; can treat snakebite, cure ringworm.
  • Cassia tora was also put to use by our ancestors to cure several skin problems like leprosy, ringworm. It was also useful for treating any disorder with the liver.
  • It has a gelling property and this makes it beneficial for cattle food and in the meat industry.
  • Improves Gastric Secretions thus helps digestion.

Thus, Cassia Tora often known as Senna Tora is a wild weed plant that grows in several countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. It has great medicinal value and help ailments in Kidney, Liver, etc. It can also help with skin diseases. There is an increasing demand for it and it is likely to rise in the near future.

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Guarkernmehl used in Food Industry in European Union

Guarkernmehl is known by many other names including Guar Gum. It is extracted from Guar Beans. It has several excellent properties that make it an invaluable ingredient in the food industry. There are a large number of applications in the food industry and it is in demand in many countries, including India, USA and even the European Union.

Unlike other countries around the world, especially European Union; India has a large production of guar gum hence it is also one of the largest exporters of it. High demand for this in the European Union is satisfied by imports mainly from India since Guarkernmehl has many applications in the food industry.

This article goes on to explain what Guarkernmehl is and why there is a high demand for it in several countries of the European Union.

What is Guarkernmehl?

The source of Guarkernmehl is Guar Seeds. This is also known as Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba. Main property of these seeds is that it has high shear viscosity and they are also effective thickeners and stabilizers. It is an effective binder, plasticizer and emulsifier. It is also high on galactose and mannose.

It is a better thickener than corn starch and can prevent growth of ice crystals. This makes it useful in many frozen food products, especially Ice cream. It has a large number of applications in several industries like mining, petroleum, drilling, textile, mining, drilling, explosives, confectioneries, etc. It has excellent nourishing properties and is an important product for humans as well as animals.

guar gum powder in India

Guarkernmehl market in European Union for food industry

The European Union is a union of 17 different countries with strong economies. It has a large number of food processing and manufacturing industries. Germany has one of the strongest economies and is also a big importer of Guar products (Guarkernmehl is a Guar product).

Several European countries have a large requirement for Guarkernmehl and they have to rely solely on imports since is produced from a tropical crop that mainly grows in several Asian countries including India.

These European nations have a high purchasing power since their per capita income is comparatively higher. As per several online researches Guarkernmehl is on a rise.

There is a high demand of Guarkernmehl in the European Union. There are many factors that contribute to this high demand as per the list below:

  • The fact that Guarkernmehl is an excellent thickener for foods means it is a better option compared to locust gum and xanthan gum.
  • It can produce better thickening in relatively smaller quantity.
  • Highest demand for Guar is in Germany followed second by Italy. Their main purpose is to use it for food processing.
  • United Kingdom also has a high demand for this and it ranked as the 4th largest importer of Guar in the world.

Facts and Statistics of Guarkernmehl

Some interesting market statistics and facts for Guarkernmehl:

  • India exports 90% of its production.
  • India exported 4,23,285 MT worth of this 467.9 Million USD in 2012.
  • India accounted for 52.3% of exports worldwide in 2017.
  • Global market size of Guarkernmehl is expected to rise to 1,115.8 Million USD by 2022.

Guarkernmehl has many applications in the food industry and several other industries like oil industry, gas industry, etc. This has several health benefits like being good for the digestive system, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. It also helps maintain weight; making it one of the most valuable products for food processing.

This also makes it one of the most sought after in many countries around the world like in the European Union, where it has to be imported since this plant is mainly grown in the Asian continent.

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Goma Guar Application in Oil Drilling Industry in Mexico

Guar is known by several names include cluster beans and Cyamposis tetragonoioba and many other things. This is mainly grown in India and Pakistan hence, the main source for Goma Guar (which is extracted from Guar) is in these Asian countries.

Guar has been around for several years and has been implemented in many ways. However due to further research into it, more number of applications is being found every day. Besides India and Pakistan, Guar is also produced in the USA and Brazil, although India does account for 80% of global production.

What is Goma Guar?

Goma Guar which is extracted from a guar plant has several good properties that allow it to be used as an emulsifier, stabilizer and even a thickener. These properties of Goma-Guar make it useful for use in food products. It acts as a good binding agent in as well. The rise of Goma-Guar has made it a vital ingredient in several industrial processes.

It has been in use since ancient times and has a long and unique history of usage. It has historically been used for a great many processes. Even today it is useful in a great many processes and continues to be a valuable resource.

Applications of Goma-Guar in the Oil Drilling Industry

This has several applications; however one of the most important applications is in the oil industry. It has several applications in the oil industry, for example, it is used for oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, industrial applications, mud drilling.

Besides this it also used in the oil drilling industry and has several applications as a stabilizer, thickener and a suspending agent. Mexico has large a petroleum industry (eleventh largest in the world) and has approximately 17 large oil reserves. Its oil industry is a one of the main sources of its economy.

The Mexican Oil drilling industry has big demand for Goma-Guar since it is invaluable and has many different applications as per this list here:

  • It is useful as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and a Deformer.
  • It is suitable for several rheological requirements for water-based and brine based drilling fluids.
  • Goma-Guar is fast hydrating dispersal and also diesel slurrible.
  • It has high viscosity hence it is useful as a drilling aid. It is also useful in other types of drilling like an oil well drilling, geological drilling and water drilling as well.
  • It is useful for the removing waste from deep drill holes. They are viscosifiers thus; help maintain the viscosity while drilling.
  • They are also useful in reducing friction in the holes, thus reducing wastage of power.

Other applications of Goma-Guar

Guar Gum has several applications in many different industries. Here is a brief list of applications it has:

  • It is a gelling agent, a natural fiber, and a soil stabilizer.
  • It is also a Hydrocolloid, Fracturing agent and Flocculant.
  • It is useful in the food and beverage industry, textile industry, paper and printing industry and oil-fields.
  • The other industries it is useful includes the explosive industry and fire control industry.
  • In the food industry as a thicker in sauces, dressings and drinks, as a binder or stabilizer (as a preservative) in ice cream.
  • Meat industry also utilizes this for sausages, canned animal food and other meat products.
  • As a food supplement since it is a rich source of soluble fiber.

Goma Guar has come a long way since ancient times to be in high demand in many different industries; especially in the oil drilling industry in Mexico. The Guar market is on the rise and is expected to get to 785.2 Million USD by the year 2025.

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Application of Sesbania Gum Powder in Mining Industry

Sesbania gum powder is an extract from seeds of Sesbania. These seeds are also known by several other names like Sesbania aculeate, etc. The Sesbania tree grows in several parts of Asia, China and in Africa. This is a plant that grows up to two meters in height, is fibrous, short stemmed, tough, and has long leaves and yellow flowers. This produces pods and has light brown beans.

The article goes on to describe Sesbania-Gum powder, its application in the mining industry and the many other applications it has.

What is Sesbania Gum Powder?

This is a polymer of the category galactomanna polysaccharide. It is highly soluble in water (hot or cold). It is a white or cream colored (milky powder) powder that can dissolve in water, but is not soluble in alcohol, ketones, ether, etc.

This creates a highly viscous liquid solution with a pH value ranging from 6 to 11 when mixed with water at room temperature. Thus, its viscosity is higher compared to other similar substances like Sodium Alginate.

This has many applications in the Mining industry and several other industries as well.

Applications in a Mining Industry

It is popular for its application in the mining industry as it servers several purposes. The mining industry often has a requirement for separation of minerals from gangue or waste particles using flotation agents. Since Sesbania Gum Powder is a powerful flotation agent; it comes in handy for this purpose. The fact that chemicals bearing this property help in maximizing the waste separation process is an added bonus.

There are several chemicals that can be useful for the purpose of a flotation agent, but not all of them are that efficient, since each one reacts differently. This contains 10% to 15% higher viscous property and is also useful as a depressant. Hence this helps enhance the flotation process and increase the mineral recovery rate as well.

The mining industry also makes use of water gel explosives; it is important that these explosions are safe and as controlled as possible. Hence several chemicals are utilized like Sodium chloride, Sesbania Gum powder, Sodium nitrate etc. While the sodium chloride is an inhibitor the aim adding Sesbania-Gum Powder is to add binding. All these substances are processed together to create a gelatinous water gel explosive.

The advantage of making use of Sesbania-Gum Powder is that it is an excellent binder and has a thickening property as well. Besides which it also has a good elasticity property which is useful for this type of an explosive.

Other Applications of Sesbania Gum Powder

It has a wide range of applications like domestic, commercial and industrial. Due to its unique properties, it is useful as a sizing agent as well as a dye thicker in the textile industry. It is useful to make incense and it is also of great value to the oil industry. It has several useful properties like being a blocking agent, reduction agent, being water resistant as well as a tackier for producing fluid cracking which in turn helps increase the rate of production of oil.

Besides this, it has several other applications like in the treatment of waste water (as a flocculant in water) and even a substitute for Guar Gum Powder. It has also has several household, business and mechanical applications. Thus, Sesbania-Gum Powder is of great value to the mining industry and also has several other applications.

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Roasted Guar Meal (Roasted Guar Korma) – An Animal and Cattle Feed Bulk Product Exporter from India

Roasted Guar Meal (Roasted Guar Korma) is an ideal source of protein for animal feeds that contains essential amino acids as well as high energy. It is an alternative source for animals to other expensive sources like groundnut, soya etc. This guar meal contains more percentage of the germ part of guar seeds.

The roasted guar meal is been processed with the help of heat and steam that enhances the protein as well as amino acid digestibility increasing the productivity of livestock and poultry. It is a 100% natural product that does not contain additional chemicals and is also rich in carbohydrates. For animal feed, guar meal can also be used in conjunction with other feedstuffs that gives a complete nutritional feed.

How Roasted Guar Meal is processed?

The husk and germ are been obtained during the manufacturing process of guar split. Guar meal is used in cattle feed and is a by-product of guar seed. The extracted guar meal is processed by toasting at high temperature and also removes trypsin inhibitor that improves nutritional value and total digestibility and hence forms the roasted guar meal. Before processing it carries with an odor that is not much pleasant and after purification and roasting it becomes odorless and is completely consumable by animals.

guar meal for animals and cattle feed

Roasted Guar Meal is used for –

  • Cattle
  • Aqua Culture
  • Poultry
  • Swine

Advantages of Roasted Guar Meal for Animal Feed

  • Roasted guar meal contains a higher amount of crude protein
  • Due to the removal of anti-nutritive factors, it has a higher percentage of digestibility
  • It has a balanced amino acid profile
  • Higher energy and less digestible fiber
  • It has higher palatability i.e. elimination of characteristic bean odor
  • It consists of a uniform fine particle size that gives a good water-binding ability
  • It is a pure Non- GMO product
  • Increases the milk giving capacity in animals like cattle, sheep etc.
  • It is a good source of digestion

Studies showed that roasted guar meal added as a constituent to food in animals improves the growth performance and nutrient digestibility with any adverse effect to animals. Hence it can also be used as a conventional food ingredient in animals.

Altrafine Gums, bulk exporter of roasted guar meal for animal and cattle feed. We offer high-quality guar meal product that helps to improve the nutritive value of the animals. We first clean with the guar seeds and then are further processed for roasting. This is just because we believe in quality. Along with this, we are also manufacturer and exporter of different products that include cassia tora powder, tamarind kernel powder, sesbania gum powder, fenugreek gum powder Psyllium husk & powder, and many more products. These products are widely been used in different industries having its own benefits.

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Bulk Quantity Exporter of Fenugreek Seed from India

Fenugreek seeds are known for its different properties like antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-diabetic etc. They are also used as a thickening agent as well as an emulsifier. It is widely been used in the food industry as a spice and flavoring agent in pickles and cheese. Studies show that fenugreek seed is going towards a growth path due to its high nutritional profile and is also been used as a medicinal herb. Nowadays, consumer awareness towards healthy living is increased and hence there is a demand for the fenugreek seed.

fenugreek gum powder and fenugreek seeds
Here are some of the factors responsible for growing demand for fenugreek that benefits to bulk quantity exporter of fenugreek seeds

  • Fenugreek seeds are rich in soluble fiber that helps to lower the glucose level in the body and slows down the carbohydrate absorption.
  • These seeds contain amino acids that directly stimulate insulin secretion, in turn, reducing insulin resistance.
  • Along with this, it promotes good heart health and helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • Fenugreek seed also has a diverse benefit on skin and hair. It helps to overcome skin problems with its anti-aging effect, cures acne and also moisturizes the skin.
  • For hairs, this fenugreek seeds adds shine to your hairs preventing hair loss, premature graying and fights against dandruff.
  • There are also other health benefits like it helps to prevent heart attack, cancer as well as also reduces the pain due to arthritis.
  • It cures with the digestion problem, stomach inflammation, and constipation making your immune system stronger.
  • It has a huge application in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry due to its various health benefits and is also been used in the preparation of perfumes, soaps, and more products.
  • There are many more other health benefits that make you healthier and more energetic.

Due to all the health benefits and its use in different industries, the demands of fenugreek seeds are growing overseas as well as globally. Its benefits and pleasant flavor triggers to use fenugreek seeds in India in their daily diet. These seeds are commonly found in Indian kitchens and are mostly been used in every regular dish. Thus fenugreek seed plays an important role in healthy living.

Altrafine Gums, a bulk exporter of fenugreek seed provides with a high quality of seeds that are been used in different industrial application. Our fenugreek seed is of high nutritive value and pure in quality. Along with this we also offer with our other products like guar gum powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia tora powder, sesbania gum powder, and many more products. These products are been used by various industries having different applications. For more information about different products contact us today and also know about the different applications of the product used in industries.

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