How actually is Tamarind Kernel or Tamarind Gum Powder Manufactured in Industries?

What is Tamarind Kernel Powder?

Tamarind Gum Powder (Tamarind Kernel Powder) - 1Tamarind kernel powder is a substance derived from the seeds of the tamarind tree botanically referred to as “Tamarindus Indica”.The tamarind tree is an evergreen tree that has its origin in Africa but is very abundant in the Indian region. The tamarind tree is drought resistant hence will do quite well in semi arid areas that experience minimal precipitation , the tree usually grows to a height of 5 metres but is also known to reach heights of up to 25 metres (80 feet). The seeds are contained in kernel or pods that are 3 to 6 inches long with each pod containing approximately 8 to 10 seeds. A full grown tamarind tree usually yields between 175 and 250 kilograms of kernel/seed. To know applications of tamarind kernel powder please visit:

How Tamarind Kernel Powder is processed?

Tamarind seed powder is produced as a byproduct of the tamarind seeds through a very complex process that entails the following:

• Harvesting: – Upon maturity, the pods or kernels are harvested from the mature tree

• Sorting: – The harvested pods are broken open to remove the seeds which are further separated by removing rotten seeds, debris, stones and keeping the good seeds.

• Roasting: The Good seeds are passed through heat which roasts the seeds; this process makes the seed coat brittle while having little effect on the endosperm.

• Stripping: After the roasting process, it becomes easy to separate the seed coats from the endosperm through a process referred to as stripping.

• Grinding: The endosperm is then milled or ground to separate the endosperm from the germ hence creating the tamarind kernel powder.

• Screening: The tamarind seed powder is further screened to produce the fine powder which is later mixed with a solvent to form Tamarind gum powder or goma tamarind in Spanish.

Composition of Tamarind Kernel Powder

Powder from the tamarind seed or kernel has some outstanding properties that make Tamarind gum powder or goma tamarind highly sought in many manufacturing processes. The gum from the tamarind seed or tamarind kernel powder is used in sectors such as textiles, paper making, jute industries, food industries and other industries as a sizing agent, thickening, souring substance and binding among other uses. Powder from the Tamarind seed will be derived from either regular seed or deoiled seed which has been pressed to extract tamarind oil. Components in the tamarind seed powder that make the powder from the tamarind kernel effect comprise of the following:

• Moisture which is about 7.1%

• Insoluble acid:-ash 0.4% (regular) and 0.3% (deoiled).

• Polysaccharide: – 51.0% (regular), 55% (deoiled)

• Total ash:-3.9% (regular), 3.4 %( deoiled).

• Crude fibre:-1.2 %( regular), 1.1% (deoiled).

• Protein:-7.6 %( regular), 19.0% (deoiled).

The above components are what give gum or powder from tamarind seeds the binding, thickening, film forming and gelling properties which are ideal in the various chemical processes.


Statistics show that the demand for gum or powder processed from tamarind seeds or kernel is on the increase as more industries crop up leading to the upsurge in demand. The increase is experienced both locally as well as internationally; this has led to people turning into tamarind tree cultivation in order to cope with the demand hence boosting production.

Ajit PatelThis Article has been written & posted by Ajit Patel.

Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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