Guarkernmehl – Unlock the Unrealized Thickening Potential

Research into the composition of natural hydrocolloids has opened great opportunities with the discovery of special properties of the plant Guarkernmehl (Guar Gum).

Did You Know, Natural Thickeners Have Great Health Benefits?

The discovery of the nutritional health benefits of the Guarkernmehl has caused deeper interest among nutritionists on this product. Apart from its thickening properties, research has shown that it has high soluble fiber content, which is critical in reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestines.

Research has also shown that consuming 5 grams of the product daily can reduce the blood glucose levels by up to 17%, which is a very important observation in the management of diabetes. Partial hydrolyzation of Guarkernmehl reduces its thickening properties. This reduced form is used to manage incidences of diarrhea in hospital patients.

Using Guarkernmehl in Baking

The Organic Foods Trends

The world is quickly moving from the mineral and synthetic foods to the organic or natural foods. In the Americas alone, market analysts reported a 14% growth in the organic foods sector and greater growth is expected. Guarkernmehl is widely accepted as an organic food ingredient globally.

 Purification Levels of Guarkernmehl for Thickening

For food ingredients, it is used in its purest form. In the processing of Guarkernmehl, the quality of product is actually determined by the purification level. The form used in food processing has a viscosity of 2500- 6500 cps and the particle size must go through the 100 to 400 mesh. This pure form is available from few outlets such as “” which has specialized in production of food grade gums.

Common Problems in Baking Bread, Biscuits, Cakes

One of the most common problems occurring during backing is the release of water held in the dough during preparation, reducing the yield of the dough. Guarkernmehl is used to prevent this as well as keep the dough dry. It reduces uneven cracking and crumbling of biscuits.

Using Guarkernmehl in Baking

  • In breads, it enhances moisture holding of the dough as well improving the cellular structure.
  • Enhance stability and smoothness of dough.
  • Eliminates cracking, stickiness, and enhances moisture retention in flour and corn products.
  • Improves structural stability of and uniformity of baked products:

Strengthening the Structure of Cheese and Reducing Syneresis

Cheese made from cream is also susceptible to the problem of water release from the chemical structure. Guarkernmehl is used in binding the moisture and improving the overall texture of the cheese.


According to research, Guarkernmehl is a great and vital natural health food ingredient and has been classified as a functional food ingredient. The world is moving towards organic foods and this has caused increased interest in the Guarkernmehl due to its natural ingredients and its impact on our health.

It is used in health plans as a way of managing the blood sugar as well as reducing the uptake of cholesterol from the small intestines.

The food industry consumes highest quality guar gum which is by a measure of viscosity. It is also used in the baking process to reduce syneresis and improve texture of dough.

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Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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