Goma Guar Application in Oil Drilling Industry in Mexico

Guar is known by several names include cluster beans and Cyamposis tetragonoioba and many other things. This is mainly grown in India and Pakistan hence, the main source for Goma Guar (which is extracted from Guar) is in these Asian countries.

Guar has been around for several years and has been implemented in many ways. However due to further research into it, more number of applications is being found every day. Besides India and Pakistan, Guar is also produced in the USA and Brazil, although India does account for 80% of global production.

What is Goma Guar?

Goma Guar which is extracted from a guar plant has several good properties that allow it to be used as an emulsifier, stabilizer and even a thickener. These properties of Goma-Guar make it useful for use in food products. It acts as a good binding agent in as well. The rise of Goma-Guar has made it a vital ingredient in several industrial processes.

It has been in use since ancient times and has a long and unique history of usage. It has historically been used for a great many processes. Even today it is useful in a great many processes and continues to be a valuable resource.

Applications of Goma-Guar in the Oil Drilling Industry

This has several applications; however one of the most important applications is in the oil industry. It has several applications in the oil industry, for example, it is used for oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, industrial applications, mud drilling.

Besides this it also used in the oil drilling industry and has several applications as a stabilizer, thickener and a suspending agent. Mexico has large a petroleum industry (eleventh largest in the world) and has approximately 17 large oil reserves. Its oil industry is a one of the main sources of its economy.

The Mexican Oil drilling industry has big demand for Goma-Guar since it is invaluable and has many different applications as per this list here:

  • It is useful as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and a Deformer.
  • It is suitable for several rheological requirements for water-based and brine based drilling fluids.
  • Goma-Guar is fast hydrating dispersal and also diesel slurrible.
  • It has high viscosity hence it is useful as a drilling aid. It is also useful in other types of drilling like an oil well drilling, geological drilling and water drilling as well.
  • It is useful for the removing waste from deep drill holes. They are viscosifiers thus; help maintain the viscosity while drilling.
  • They are also useful in reducing friction in the holes, thus reducing wastage of power.

Other applications of Goma-Guar

Guar Gum has several applications in many different industries. Here is a brief list of applications it has:

  • It is a gelling agent, a natural fiber, and a soil stabilizer.
  • It is also a Hydrocolloid, Fracturing agent and Flocculant.
  • It is useful in the food and beverage industry, textile industry, paper and printing industry and oil-fields.
  • The other industries it is useful includes the explosive industry and fire control industry.
  • In the food industry as a thicker in sauces, dressings and drinks, as a binder or stabilizer (as a preservative) in ice cream.
  • Meat industry also utilizes this for sausages, canned animal food and other meat products.
  • As a food supplement since it is a rich source of soluble fiber.

Goma Guar has come a long way since ancient times to be in high demand in many different industries; especially in the oil drilling industry in Mexico. The Guar market is on the rise and is expected to get to 785.2 Million USD by the year 2025.

Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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