Cassia Gum Powder and Its Synergy with Uses

Gel (synergy) with Carrageenan or Xanthan Gum

cassia_gum_powderCassia gum forms firm, thermoplastic gels with carrageenan. As the level of cassia gum is increased, the gel strength of carrageenan solutions is also increase. Cassia gum and carrageenan gel is stable due to the excellent retorting stability of cassia gum.

Cassia gum and xanthan gum, on their own, do not have the ability to form gels. But cassia gum combined with xanthan gum, aqueous dispersions of cassia gum form cohesive, elastic gels. As with carrageenan, cassia is more efficient at forming gels with xanthan gum than other galactomannans, enabling lower total hydrocolloid levels in finished formulations. This is due to the unique branched polysaccharide galactose/mannose structure of cassia gum.

Cassia gum is manufactured from the endosperm of Senna obtusifolia or Cassia obtusifolia or Cassia Tora or Cassia Occidentalis). It is mainly used as a thickener and gelling agent in foods and pet foods. Cassia grows mainly in subtropical regions and is grows mostly wild and occasionally cultivated.

Cassia Gum is comprised of at least 75% polysaccharide consisting primarily of a linear backbone chain of mannose with side galactose units The ratio of Mannose : Galactose is about 5: 1.

Cassia gum, like LBG can form gels with other colloids like Carrageenan and Xanthan and is therefore used in the manufacture of gels in the food and pet food applications in combination of other colloids.
Cassia Tora has natural gelling properties. It can be used as a substitute for coffee.

Some of the other applications of Cassia Powder include

Food for Pet (E499)
Cassia is used as a food for pets substituting locust bean gum or carob gum. It is used with the combination of Kapa Carrageenan as wet canned pet food.

Food Additive (E427)
In many industries it is used as a food additive. It is a natural additive.

Cassia is a gelling agent used as an air freshener in the form of gels.

Along with above, Cassia Tora powder has other applications used especially in food industries as it has an excellent gelling property as compared to other colloids used. It is also used for emulsification, foam stabilization and for the purpose of moisture retention.

Medicinal uses
Cassia tora powder has properties, useful in healing skin diseases like ring worm, psoriasis and itch.

Altrafine Gums, a manufacturer and exporter of producing an extensive range of gum that includes Cassia Tora Powder for pet food and Cassia Tora Powder for food additives With additional natural gelling property Cassia Tora is also useful as gelling additives.

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