Applications of Tamarind Gum Powder as Food & Pet Food Additive

What is Tamarind Gum Powder?

Tamarind Gum Powder (Tamarind Kernel Powder) - 1Tamarind gum is a gum that is derived from the endosperm of the roasted seeds of the tamarind treeTamarindus Indica .The temperature conditions maintained for roasting the seeds are 130, 160, and 180 degrees. The tamarind seeds are about 1.6cm in length and 0.7 cm thick. The pods are 3-6 inches long with around eight seeds in each pod. It is used both as a stabilizer and emulsifier in the food industry.

Regions where it’s Highly Grown

Tamarind seeds are commonly grown in India Bangladesh, Shrilanka ,Burma and other parts of the world but are native to South India and Africa. The tamarind trees are evergreen trees that grow to a height of about four meters and bear fruits after 13 years with an average of 180 kg for a full grown tree.

Properties of Tamarind that make it useful to use in Food and Pet Food

Tamarind gum powder has specific properties that have made it be popular in the food and pet food industry some of which include:

Tamarind gum powder has sweet and acidic contents: it is best described as having a sweet and sour taste and is high in vitamins and acids .It is therefore used as a souring agent in preparing curries. It is also used for making sauces, syrups, and other food beverages. The acids are also anti oxidants which help protect the body from harmful radicals.

It contains polysaccharides which contain dietary fibers .The dietary fibers prevent constipation by augmenting the bowels. The fiber also binds toxins in the food which helps protect the colon from cancer-causing chemicals.

It contains vitamins including thiamin which help in enzyme metabolism inside the body.

Chemical Composition and Nutritional Value

The nutritional composition of tamarind seed which is the source of the gum powder consists of :

• 15.4% protein.

• 7.5% oil

• 8.2% crude fiber.

• 72.2 % non fiber carbohydrates

• 3.3% ash

Chemically, tamarind gum powder is a highly branched carbohydrate polymer ,consisting of D-glucose units that are joined with 1-4 linkages that are similar to that of cellulos. It also has a pH of 6.0

The exact distribution of branches along the main chain is still uncertain.

Uses of Tamarind Gum Powder in Food

Tamarind Seed - 1Tamarind gum powder is used in food production industries and applies largely in making sauces, baked food meat product ketchups and instant noodles.

Also, tamarind pulp made from tamarind gum powder is used a souring agent in Indian curries due to its sugar and acidic contents.

The tamarind gum powder is also used in food preservation with or without acids and gelatinizes with sugar concentrates even in milk and cold water.

The Swahili people in southern Kenya use it for garnishing of legumes and for making juices. In Mexico, it is used to add flavor to rice.

It is also used as a stabilizer in ice creams, cheese and mayonnaise.

Uses of Tamarind Gum as Pet Food Additive

The tamarind gum powder has a high ability to control viscosities when added in solutions and therefore makes up for a great supplement to add in pet foods.

It is also a thickening agent. For this reason it is used in manufacture of canned pet foods.

Finally tamarind gum powder has great nutritional value and contains fibers which help in improving digestion in the pets. To know more about Pet food additive by view this video –

Making the Tamarind Gum Powder

The production process of tamarind powder starts with first cleaning the tamarind fruit to remove the seeds and dirt.

The fiber is then removed to the maximum extent possible.

Followed by the shredding of the pulp which then dried and mixed with starch to 20% level and then the mix is ground in a pin mill to form a coarse powder like mass.

The powder is then packed in pouches and cartons before distribution. It is used in a variety of food items like Chutneys, Sauces, rasams etc.

Future Market of Tamarind Gum Powder in Food Industry

Tamarind gum powder has high nutritional value that makes it popular in the food industry. Additionally, its chemical composition gives it incredible soluble properties that are widely used in the food industry. As well as being renowned as a souring agent in curries it is also used in making ketchup ,ice-cream etc all which are growing industries and as they grow then the demand for tamarind gum also keeps on growing.

The future of tamarind gum in the food industry is bound to keep growing as more and more companies embrace the nutritional value of the tamarind gum powder. For more information please visit:

Ajit Patel

This Article has been written & posted by Ajit Patel.

Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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