Applications and Benefits of Buying Cassia Tora Meal from Indian Manufacturer and Bulk Supplier

Cassia Tora Seeds-Botanical Information

Cassia tora is a plant that belongs to the Caesulpinaceae family. The seeds of this plant are brown in color and it contains good nutrient value. The seeds of this plant are found to be very useful for which they are processed and obtained in different forms for different applications. Apart from that, the seeds are highly influential in nature as they contain excellent medicinal properties and applied to treat skin diseases, flatulence, cardiac disorders, etc.

Different Types of Extracts from Cassia Tora Seeds

The initial step before processing the seeds is to choose the best quality seeds. These are then washed and cleaned before sending for extraction process. As far as cassia seeds are concerned they are transformed into different categories namely,

  • Cassia tora splits
  • Cassia Toa gum powder and
  • Cassia tora meal.

Industrial Significances

Cassia Tora Splits-The endosperm of cassia tora seed is called as split. It is an important ingredient that is separated from the seeds to process further to obtain gum powder. The splits of cassia tora contain polysaccharides that supports in the extraction of gum powder.

Cassia Tora Gum Powder-Cassia tora gum powder contains good viscous capacity that can be obtained only after heating the gum to get dissolved completely in water. It is widely applied as gelling, thickening, emulsifying or stabilizing agent.

Cassia Tora Meal –This by product contains a blend of crude fibre, crude protein, silica, fat and moisture content which make it suitable for animal feed application. It is regarded for its good binding property and stays effecting for obtaining nutritious animal feed.

Advantages of Adding Cassia Tora Meal

Bulk Supplier in India

How about buying from Bulk Supplier in India?

Cassia tora is irrigated in northern part of India particularly in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. India leads the role in processing and supplying cassia tora extracts to different parts of the country and to different nations aborad. There is a high demand for Indian products as the climate and

irrigation procedure remain suitable factors for growing cassia plant. Altrafine supplied variety of plant seeds and their extracts in different grades suitable for industrial applications. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers who supply bulk quantity of cassia tora meal, seeds, etc to several countries abroad. Consumers who approach for bulk order can benefits in multiple ways such as,

  • Since we can get raw materials from our own country we are able to find the best quality seeds which we process and bring out in desired form.
  • Buying naturally available ingredient is a great way of saving money.
  • With the best and latest research and development facilities we are able to supply good quality and reliable cassia tora extracts in bulk.


Cassia tora seeds are processed to obtain different forms of products including splits, meal and gum powder. These are applicable for variety of industrial processes. It is highly irrigated in northern parts of India and buying in bulk quantity from Indian supplier is a profitable option.

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Written by Ajit Patel

This article has been posted by Ajit Patel.

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