Processor and Exporter of Sesame oil and Sesame seeds in all varieties including hulled sesame seeds, natural white sesame seeds and black sesame seeds to all the parts of the globe including Asia, US, Europe, Australia, Canada and to other premium markets. We process sesame seeds by using automated equipments for cleaning, hulling, crushing, powdering and for other processes ultimately to produce a quality oriented sesame product. Our technical experts will pay much attention in detail to retain the original nutritional values with the end product.

Along with the sesame seeds, we also supply constant quality sesame paste, sesame oil and other sesame products at best possible price. More information on Sesame, its properties and technical specifications are furnished below:

Natural White Sesame Seeds

Sesame is a flowering plant in the genus sesamum. It is an annual plant growing to 50 to 100 cm (2-3 feet) tall. The word sesame is from Latin word “Sesamum Indicum”. The colour of seeds varies from pure black to creamy white to pure white and red. The size of the seed, its hardness, taste, color, oil content and power of resistance to pests entirely depends on the variety of seed. Generally, we import the raw sesame seeds from skilled and efficient crop cultivators within Gujarat. As these natural sesame seeds will originate from best quality soils and will be rich in proteins and minerals. Natural sesame seeds are cholesterol free and are helpful to improve the health and nourishment.

Hulled sesame seeds are nothing but the sesame seeds without outer husk. We specialize in exporting hulled sesame seeds which are nutritious and rich in proteins, minerals. Before handling this hulling process, we will conduct various stages of cleaning process on the raw product. The further process is carried on ultra modern equipment ensuring germ-free and hygienic end product. Mechanically hulled sesame seeds are mostly used in breads, burgers, cereals, candies, soups and in other confectionary products. Hulled sesame seeds are rich in proteins, minerals including calcium, iron and phosphorus. These sesame seeds are useful to control the digestive system of human beings.

Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are a good source for calcium as they contain heavy amounts of protein, manganese, iron, copper and phosphorus. Black sesame seeds contain sweet, neutral and strong medicinal properties and are associated with kidney and liver meridians. Black sesame seeds are mostly used as an ingredient in the food provided to patients. This helps them to recover quickly from their illness. Some beauty conscious people use these sesame seeds to keep their hair dark.

Black sesame powder is mostly used on fish, salads, breads, sauces and flavoring of bakery items. We offer natural black sesame seeds which are rich in vitamin B. They can serve the rich flavors to add a dramatic garnish to your foods when sprinkled on them. As we are importing these sesame seeds directly from crop cultivators, you can expect least possible rates.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is said to be the queen of oils with rich minerals. Sesame oil is also popular as “gingelly oil or til oil”. It is the most popular vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. In most of the Asian countries, sesame oil is generally used for the purpose of cooking, as it is one of the best oil for nutrition. Sesame oil comes in two varieties. First variety is cold pressed by mixing the golden color and some flavor. The other variety of sesame oil is prepared from roasted oil seeds which is intensive in flavor. This second variety is most common in Asian markets. It is a raw fact that sesame oil has a longer shelf life and is highly resistant to rancidity. Best for cooking, body massage, hair treatment, food manufacture, drug manufacture and for other industrial uses.

Sesame Paste

We assure that it is highly impossible to justify the aroma and flavor of our processed sesame paste. It resembles peanut butter in terms of colour and texture. The process in producing sesame paste is carried out through several steps: selecting the raw material, cleaning, hulling, toasting and then paste. Our custom technique in processing the sesame seeds helps us to serve our clients with natural flavor and aroma even after different steps of processing. Sesame paste should be stored in the refrigerator, so that it will last for several months.

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